42 thoughts on “"Outlander" author and actors on transition from books to TV series

  1. I couldn’t believe that one of the presenters did so little research that she kept mispronouncing Catriona’s name. Glad it was eventually corrected

  2. I cringed when she said Cait’s name wrong and I cringed so hard my skin fell off when she talked about looking up Sam’s kilt like that was beyond inappropriate and awkward. It’s very personal thing and it’s not ok at all

  3. She’s ok but I think Claire isn’t portrayed well by the actress. I’d consider a reading the books first instead of watching the show

  4. Diana did a wonderful job of remaining classy while pissing on the stupid questions ♥

  5. In one of the episodes there was reference to "gypsies", Scotland doesn't have Gypsies but tinkers, If Diana Gabaldon is going to do research then do it right get the proper people who knows the highlands the Highlands of Scotland to keep her right.

  6. Outlander Book by Diana Gabaldon (Summary – Review – Order Book)
    : https://www.toevolution.com/blogs/3315-outlander-book-by-diana-gabaldon-summary

  7. Gayle didn’t even pronounce Caitriona’s name correctly the first two times she says it. I’m very unimpressed with her in general. I also agree with another commenter that she should never nave brought up what is or isn’t under the kilt. Very unprofessional. This interview and the three people doing it failed miserably. 👎 Diana Gabaldon seems somewhat irritated with some of their questions, and I find that hilarious.

  8. Too bad that woman couldn't pronounce names correctly several times, so bad.

  9. Wow…three highly intelligent individuals interviewed by completely rude TV hosts who have a wonderful opportunity before them and dont take advantage of it and instead sexually harass Sam Heughan and mispronounce Caitriona's name. Diana seems sooo annoyed. Like, do some research for this kind of interview. LOL.

  10. He's very cute, but I always pictured someone bigger and brawnier than he playing Jamie.

  11. If a male interviewer were to speak to a female guest in the same manner that this female host is speaking to Sam Heughan, the internet would demand blood, and he would likely lose his job. It made me very uncomfortable.

  12. Listened 2 all of the audio books 4 free on YouTube, after watching the 1st season even Moby

  13. I love that they have so much chemistry on screen that really matters. I love the show they've done so good.

  14. This series is beyond words!!! I´ve just watched some episodes from season 1 and from the very first I became a staunch fan. I don´t know if I will ever be able to read the novel´s volumes , as I have too many reading prioritities in line. Anyway, I often prefer the dramatization of novels than the written works themselves, which, I consider more as starting points for the dramatization pieces, which can have endless and varied versions to be enjoyed in differetn decades by different actors, approaches, etc. However, I intend to make a posting on my edublogs about the series and this author, after reading some good articles on her work. From what I´ve seen so far in the series, she is incredibly gifted in my opinion, and I guess the written work must be even more substantial in many aspects.

  15. He is like the feeling of ice cubes melting over your hot body in the sun in the middle of a beach day,, he is like the feeling of your warm bed when you’ve been freezing after too long in the snow.. he is like the feeling of the sun on your face after a long winter , like the feeling of the wind in your hair after a long still lonesome silence .. he is fknnnn awesome… haha

  16. Such double standards, imagine if Rose asked Caitriona if he could get a look up her skirt. The usual casual sexism in today's society, Tiresome. Ladies need to practise what they preach.

  17. I have not obsessed on any series… Movies …Since star trek next generation. Battlestar Galactica…So well driven..
    Beautifully filmed and adaptation

  18. OMG, "feminism" has to stop, those female interviewers harras the male actor… Yet noone is concerned.

  19. Stars would lose a tremendous amount of subscribers, and I would cancel also, Outlander is the only reason I have Stars.

  20. What the author meant when she said these are "people share their lives for 50 years 6:06 " ?!! I mean clare and jaimy lived together for 3 years !!

  21. Sam's still sexy as himself, in my opinion. I'm totally in love with his accent.

  22. Caitriona Balfe's name is pronounced "cuh tree nuh" — I never nit pick these type of interview mistakes but you just think that the interviewer would have done enough research and commitment to be able to pronounce this actors name correctly. Seems unprofessional.

  23. It would be nice to have them on again and maybe say their names correctly. (wGaAsIL) Out of respect watch an episode,recognize their talents and a little less meat market. It is one of the best series I have seen. A perfect time would be September for Season 3.

  24. I think it's rude of that interviewer lady to express curiosity about what's under Sam's skirt, while she doesn't even know him. Like bordering sexual intimidation. If anyone asked that of a lady they would think it's rude, men have feelings too!

  25. Love, love love this cast, book series and show!!! Oh no not until August????

  26. o, Ron D. Moore produced dis? o, I'm gonna watch the FUCK outta this show now.

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