Overlord Pandora's Actor – Volume 10 – The Ruler of Conspiracy – Light Novel

one of the major things that I really loved about volume 10 of Overlord was the interactions between irons and Pandora's actor because Pandora's actor is a character that we don't get to see heaps off and we've seen some moments for him to shine and he's definitely had some fun interactions with irons and other characters and there are other characters of course in the tomb that get even less screen time or writing time then of course Pandora's actor and he is a major key character he has a great importance in the term he does a lot of key stuff behind the scenes he doesn't seem as important but he is quite important in the grand scheme of things in helping irons there's some of the minor stuff that goes on and more so now in volume 9 and 10 he is a bigger key role when sort of putting on the persona of of course Merman Pandora's actor is a major key player in the story but we don't get to see heaps of him in the main spotlight and that is something that is always disappointed me about Overlord is not really getting to sleep heaps of him because I just think he's a fun character he's a character that kind of represents what Islands used to be a stage that irons went through a bit of a phase so to say and so seen irons and Pandora's actor have the interactions they do have in volume 10 is something that I really love really enjoyed seeing their little cute interaction River of course Pandora's actors saying hey eyes can I call you dad and eyes of course being that sort of heart father role model bit that he plays out where he sits and he says of course you can but if these things happen I'm going to prioritize them over you and of course Pandora's actually is very understanding I think you know Pandora's out to understand what Irons is trying to do where his over objective is and I think Pandora's actor understands finds the best because again handlers actor understands the Irons is not perfect at least from how I've always interpreted the light novels I've always seen that Pandora's actor sees ions in a different light and that is something that our better and deme have always been envious of is because of course ions made Pandora's actor and they kind of are a little reminiscing of wanting to be closer to ions of course Demi is always been very fond of his master and his creator but there is also that little bit of an envious of Pandora's actor and how close ions and Pandora's actor seemed to be even though there are definitely contradicting moments where Irons is very much embarrassed by some of the things Honduras actor does and say but still nonetheless that's what adds to the charm of Pandora's actor and ions and that fun chemistry that goes on between them but Riv all that as I was mentioning before panders actor understands a lot of what mind is trying to do he understands that Minds is not perfect you can definitely see some of those interactions and those little hints that Pandora's actor has a deep understanding of that and handles actor is not a stupid character he is one of the most intelligent individuals in the tomb of course one of the most intelligent in the new world a long-lived Emmy and how better but again just because they're super intelligent doesn't mean they're intelligent in all aspects I think Pandora's actor has a lot of intelligence in other areas that have caused Emmy and how better are lacking in they all have their own specialization strengths and weaknesses and this is something that I've mentioned in many other videos is the strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their intelligence even though they are all free very intelligent individuals they all have their own specializations in those areas and I think Pandora's actor definitely has some quirks and areas that he is far more better at especially when it comes to sort of understanding different things going on Andras actor is a fun character he's someone that I really loved and it's something that I hope to see more of in the further volumes is something like a roof heat of volume 10 because that was one scene that I really loved and seen that little interaction was absolutely heartwarming but overall I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment section down below what are your favorite parts about volume 10 what are your thoughts about the interaction between irons and panderers actor and definitely by the physical release of volume 10 of overlord the light novel series and support the official release as it is an amazing light novel animes series as a whole but if you liked this video hit the like button subscribe for more anime content and I'll see you beautiful nerds in the next video

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  1. Wanted to talk about Pandora's Actors part in volume 10 but never did in the review it self.
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  2. Bro your amazing every topic on your channel are what I been looking for thank you for talking about things I need to know. Definitely gonnna sub❤️

  3. This quality? This delivery? This somewhat squeaky voice? And the god forsaken Youtube algorithm? Subbed. Your light novel reviews also looks really good. Looking forwards to watching through them one by one.

  4. not sure about the dark magic book which ainz rode last timne ingame and gave now to fluder …
    but im sure the gardians as crewations of the 41 beings inherited some of theirr soul … kinda way.. & pandoras actor resembles ainz rollplaying love beeing a doppelgägner and beeing a loyal soldier gives his identety another big roll to play i mean having this experienced only in rollplay i think only if you fully give in your role and act like a propper guard people woulkdnt respect your stance .
    since his doppelgänger abilitys are just too many im realy exited how his leadership & craftmanshipskills will work out i mean pandoras charakter is pretty strukture loving too^^

  5. Now that I think of it, could ainz use shooting star to summon his old comrades to the new world? Or with the power of world items?

  6. I wonder if Pandora can be used to scare the new world heroes by pretending to be the other supreme beings to spread fake news that Ainz ain't alone ruling the Sorcerer Kingdom making it a suicide to enter a lion's den knowing this fake information.

  7. A big thing is that he is the only one to question ainz not because he disagrees but because he was created by him he feels a deeper need than even albedo and Demi to understand what ainz means and to better help his “father” something I hope plays into what might happen if a player from nazarik is ever found and albedo sends the “dream team” to deal with it as PA would probably contradict albedo orders to kill them as he is probably apart from ainz himself the only one who knows how lonely he can be , just a small thing but I find it cool

  8. "Wenn es meines Gottes Wille…Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz-sama!!!!" – Pandora's Actor

  9. I want to remind everyone that pandora's actor is basically an unstoppable npc. How and why?

    1.) He's intelligent can rival both Albedo and Demuirge
    2.) He can literally transform into all of the 41 Supreme beings, including Touch Me
    3.) Has extensive knowledge of almost all of yggdrasil magic items, including WCIs
    4.) Racial and Class restriction wont do anything to him because he can just transform
    5.) As a very high ranking doppelganger he can copy, modify, and alter fighting moves from other peoples, and using his intelligence he might be even create new type of fighting styles for himself.

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