Owen Ovadoz [P.O.E.M.Ⅱ] Art Film Episode. 03

One day, around about the time the weather was getting warmer, I met a girl of 100% To be honest, she wasn’t a particularly pretty girl Neither, did she look like my favorite actor Nor, did she have any striking features She was just a common girl who could be found anywhere It was like a normal girl. Nevertheless, I could feel that She was a 100% girl even from a distance Maybe for all of us, there is such a thing like a person’s favorite type Like a girl with pretty hands I don’t know why But one might be attracted to a girl who walks slowly There would be uncountably many different preferences But I don’t remember how her lips Or how her eyes looked like I think nobody can make a 100% girl float in the mind My confidence grows As I get closer to her But we pass each other in an instant We cross each other without words and disappear among the crowds Without even knowing her name

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