PAIN || Free Verse Poem

yo whatup friends this video that you’re
about to watch is just a freestyle spoken word rap that I just wrote kind
of a prayer to God but it’s not high quality it’s not highly
produced like most of my videos but I thought this would be a blessing and
encouragement to you if it is please let me know in the comments love you and
hope this is an encouragement to you yo yo Lord Lord Here I am again I feel
like pain is my only friends and I know that’s a lie and I know it’s not true
but sometimes I wonder if anyone feels the pain that I’m going through but I
try and I try again and I look to you you say you are my friend
God here I am I walk these streets tonight
remember a year and a half ago when I walked them that night and I felt like
everything came crashing in I cried again and I hope is true when I hope
you’re faithful again like you’ve always been and you always do seems like the
last year it’s been a story your pain and depth like everything I wanted goes
way like my breath I look for love and I look for peace and I find these pieces
and I know it’s only rest I need but where are you when these stormy seas
when you were here when you walk this earth the disciples asked the same
questions and they wondered what you were worth if you were really God can you
take away the pain could you make these sea waves break and stay you felt it God
you felt it too Jesus you know is actually the pain I’m
going through you walk this way and you’ve walked it before you’re you have
lost loved ones you felt this pain and even more you went to the cross and
there you died you took my standing you took my pride and you proved you’re
faithful and you never lie so when I feel like I’m losing everything and I
want to die I know you’re the faithful one and I don’t have to doubt because I
know why it’s always only you you’re the only one I need when everything can fall
in through so God I go to bed tonight I’ll look to you knowing you’re
always right and I’ll pray and your faithfulness and I’ll pray through this
pain I know it’s you you’re the one who
always remains spoken word pain free verse poetry poem rap freestyle

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