Pangaea Poetry Slam 2016

hello and welcome to Pangaea poetry where a group of spoken word artists from around the world using digital technology to bring poetry to more people every year we run an online global Poetry Slam right here on YouTube free for everyone open to anyone last year we received more than 130 entries and this July were hopeful even more the slam runs in four weekly rounds with rounds opening at midnight July 4 July 11 July 18th and July 25th the slam runs on a point system rather than a knockout system which means people who arrive late can still take part and you’re never at risk of being knocked out at the slam due to not performing well during around points are scored according to the number of new likes scored during each round and at the end of all four rounds the top ten poets according to public vote get forwarded to our panel of professional judges they’re nice people really non-judgmental each of the five winners receives 300 pounds to develop their poetry as well as a host of other prizes from our partners around the world you can submit your poetry to the slam in any language that you choose I’ve done an arbor Penzias mission the controller Fontana Manish Park and in English you possess to find out more about submitting your transcript in another language the slam click here we also run workshops through a website called campus in writing editing and performing your poetry as well as learning about how to market your work fundraise and a host of other useful activities you can find out more about campus by clicking the link here every year we’re reaching more and more people in the slam we’re building a community that transcends countries languages ages and genders all around something that we’re passionate the power of poetry the Pangea purchase lamb 2016 tell us your story the Pantheon Poetry Slam is proudly brought to you by our partners and sponsors creative alliance are the leading provider of creative apprenticeships in the West Midlands giving young people their first steps into the creative industries the poetry school are the ingenious minds behind canvas providing affordable poetry education to people in the UK and around the world apples and snakes are the leading spoken word development organisation in the UK supporting artists venues in schools to bring quality poetry to a wider audience Matt Birmingham is the Midlands leading Arts Center sporting of cinema 3 theatre spaces a staggering number of affordable creative workshop and a whole host of activities for young people in the creative industries called next generation thank you once again to all of our partners and sponsors you can find more information about them and their brilliant projects that you can get involved in in the description thank you to our volunteers thank you to you for watching this video if you would like to find out more about the slam there are links to our website in the description along with links to campus and links to the video explaining how to submit your transcript in another language you

3 thoughts on “Pangaea Poetry Slam 2016

  1. Really got no idea why there are no comments on this video, I'm going to give this a go!

  2. This seems super fun, I'm definitely going to be a part of this (:

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