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Hi, I’m Ramya Pandyan. I also go by the
name idea Smith. Writer hun main, so.. ..words and paper are very important to me. And today I’m going to show you how a sheet of paper can save your life. How to make a paper plane. Start with a sheet of paper and pick one that means something to you. A love letter from somebody who doesn’t love you anymore. An invitation to a wedding that got
canceled. A page from a book that was a gift from somebody you don’t want to
remember. Things to do list from that Wednesday in July when you last met
them. Oh, this has a lot of things. Pay bills, refuel car, buy milk, renew
library membership and every item is neatly ticked off. Every item except one. Return alive. So you take a sheet of paper just like this one that has all these messy emotions that refuse to stay contained in a list and threaten to mess
up your life, take that sheet of paper and let’s start. This is a lot of things
this is testimony to what they used to call your OCD and what you call life. Okay, so let’s fold it over and then let’s fold it over one more
time so you’ve got to bury this deep down inside with all the things in your
life that do work there’s already milk in your fridge there’s petrol in your car your library books are not overdue nothing’s pending. so let’s.. let’s push this down further and make one more fold and hope that some of these messes in
your life start to work and now you take that last excuse from
your pocket. you know which one I’m talking about.
this is the one that has you saying but he actually loves me she is my best friend we are mostly happy in this relationship I think I have a good life you take that excuse it’s been holding your story together now you use it to
hold your paper plane together and then fold it over one more time messy messy so fold it now you pull up all those undigested shocks that are twisting
inside your gut all those unexpressed feelings that you never never had the
heart to, the courage to, the chance to bring up and actually express. take all of those things that are twisting your insides and put that twisting into your
paper plane. twist it over. give it wings. now bring up all those breaths that
catch in your throat all those words that you are not able to scrub out all those memories, all those kisses that you’re not able to get rid off no matter
how many times you brush all those status updates that you only ever formed inside your own mind all those relationships that never made it out all those breaths that you never exhaled put them all into your paper plane. tell
it your secrets. and now take a look at what you created you made it so pretty you made it so good you took all those messes inside your soul and you turned it into art so you take one last look at your beautiful paper plane and then you
just let it go

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