| Paper Inspiration #406 – Relaxing RheinRevue Accordian-Fold Book

Hi everybody, I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. Good design can impress. Great design can transport you into a different world, or give you a fresh
perspective of this one. RheinRevue, a self- initiated book by German photographer
Christiane Haid, utilizes clever folds and 71 insightful snapshots to create the sense
of travel alongside one of the world’s most famous waterways. Over the course of three years, Christiane took snapshots all the way from the source of the River
Rhine in Switzerland to its mouth in Hoek van Holland. Determined to share that
feeling of discovery in print, she teamed up with designers Ulrich Pohl and Gerald Geffert to help her bring her ambitious idea to life. Offset printed CMYK by Ruksaldruck on Juwel Premium Preprint, the cover features a photograph that sets
the dreamy, thoughtful tone: two people on a bench gazing out over the river. A
closer look at the “R –– N” on the cover reveals a visual representation of
the river itself, symbolizing the route the water takes and how it changes along
the way. The color gradient is based on the green water in the first picture (the
source of the river) and the blue color from the water in the last picture (the mouth). Closed, the 80 page book resembles a large version of those
ubiquitous fold-out DVD boxsets; open it and you discover a gatefold, and within
those gates two panels. The left panel lists words to stimulate reflection and
that reflect the history of the River Rhine (all in German, of course), such as
“rock,” “wine” and “nature reserve.” The panel opposite expresses a more poetic
rumination on the river, including the description “longing and transience against a backdrop of time and nature.” Printed on uncoated PlanoArt for that natural
touch and hand bound by the photographer herself, the accordion fold serves two
purposes. First, by unfolding each section you see one image after another pass
before your eyes, simulating the feeling of drifting down the river. And by bordering two accordion folds side by side, the viewer
can literally scroll from the center in two directions: to the source or the mouth
of the river. The result is a flowing portrait that packs excerpts of the 1,233
kilometers of river into a 12 meter long fold-out book. The main lesson Christiane
learned during the production of this book: “Stay calm and create a dummy so
that everybody can follow your vision.” I love the way the two accordion
folds were used to invite the viewer to take a stroll along this very long and
famous river. There are so many ways in which you can utilize an accordion fold
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  1. Congratulations Christiane Haid. Beautiful photographs presented with great imagination, insight and style.

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