Parkour 3Run – Flow Presents Poetry in Motion 2 | Creators Invade London

in a stolen moment of stillness, a breath of
escape from the chaos of life, I find a space. A place to hit pause. Contemplate, reflect, and dream. Where am I going? And how do I get there? In these moments,
I realize it’s not the destination
that is important, or even the route I take,
but the journey itself. Journeys present challenges,
physical and mental. My strength is tested
in both body and mind. Physically, I am prepared. Fear must be conquered. Doubt erased with
focus locked in. I don’t buy into a
journey of self-discovery. You don’t find out who
you are, because you are who you want to be. It’s about choice. Choices we make determine
the life we lead. With my body and mind,
I have all the tools I could ever require. To not use what
I have been given would be the biggest
tragedy of all. My surroundings
are my inspiration. My body is the tool for my art. Movement of my [INAUDIBLE]. Everyone has a story to tell. I illustrate mine with shifts
in position, posture, and speed. My actions describe my feelings. My mood dictates the style,
the orientation, and finesse. Within my movement, there
is purpose, not confined by physical constraints
like walls or stairwells. I place obstacles in my
way, and I will simply adapt and overcome them. And so this is how I
choose to express myself. Leaping from concrete to rail,
no wall is too high to climb. With every fiber
of my being poised, my muscles detonate
through every movement. No half measures,
and no holding back. For every action, there is an
equal and opposite reaction. Acceleration into launch. Taking flight. Pounding brick and stone. Core bracing, impacting to land. Once more, solid
ground consuming every quantum of energy I have. With a deep breath,
I find my senses. And once again,
time stands still. From rooftop to rooftop,
I’m on top of the world. The adrenaline-fueled
elation resurges within. It’s addictive. It’s what keeps me
hooked, keeps me training, and keeps me constantly striving
towards greater heights. Once again, I find myself
in territory familiar, yet subtle differences
alert my receptors, momentarily casting doubt
on the rounds of fear. The jumps may alter
in appearance, but beyond the
surface, they are just as low as I have faced
and conquered before. My lines are carefully learned. In my head, I’ve
blocked my moves in preparation for this war. Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail. Foundations must be
solid and grounded feet. My objective? To be strong. To be useful. To be free. And to be the best I can be. I aspire to achieve. I dream to feel wholly alive. And my actions show
those who doubt I have the means to follow the
path of happiness and success. With my mind and physique
aligned, my lens of perception cleansed, there is no wall
too high and no gap too vast. The world is mine.

100 thoughts on “Parkour 3Run – Flow Presents Poetry in Motion 2 | Creators Invade London

  1. This is class but I have to ask, do you ever get halfway through a jump and think shit I'm not gonna make this? Or is it all carefully planned for a route?

  2. It is one thought all practitioners work on avoiding as much as possible. That's why we'd rather rely on our basic instincts and subconscious training rather than think mid-flight : even if it can go wrong.

  3. I cried a little bit… you think im kidding but im serious this was breathtaking

  4. Not gonna lie, this kind of made parkour pretty gay for me. Why'd you have to go on and gay it up man?

  5. this is by far my favorite parkour/freerunning video on youtube. probobly my favorite video on the internet. This was pure detication and inpiration.

  6. It's impressive, but the author just doesn't understand half the stuff he's talking about. There's metaphor and there's misconception.

  7. shut up u stupid doochebag iknow your just jealous of what he can do because you dont have the balls to hmm. go ahead and hate any video you want but at the same time your every way possible going to be hated so just be careful.

  8. This line summarizes the epitome of parkour for me…"Place an obstacle in my way, and I will simple adapt and overcome it"

  9. Dude this is pro! cant wait till you make the third Poetry in motion

  10. I watch this video almost everyday! You inspire me so much. My channels called Archie dunham by the way!

  11. Now try to imagine this guy actually doing something that would warrant him being chased.

  12. Nice video in all. Nice parkour session, with none of those impossible flips or things over the human possibilities to do, just some fluid parkour tricks. Nice talk, very introspective. Nice route very well prepared. I liked

  13. I think I only heard the first and last 10 seconds of the poem =)

  14. Incredible! I wish I could be capable of these things! Love watching this! The music and poem combined with the parkour was simply epic!

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