Part 2 – Introduction to my books with other authors and illustrators

this is another introductory video looking this time at some of the books that I didn't both write and illustrate either just in the pictures or I just did the words so let's take a look at some of the books on the desk behind me let's start up here with jitterbug jam now this is a book that I did the pictures for it's written by a lady called Barbra Jean Hicks and it's about this little monster Bobo now Bobo is very very scared because every night some creature creeps under his bed and he's terrified that it might be a boy that's right Bobo the monster is scared of boys and this is a story about what happens when he tries to overcome that fear and get the courage to meet boy here's another story that I've done the pictures for and this one is quite an old story it was published well over a hundred years ago it's written by an author called Oscar Wilde who's a very famous playwright for adults but he also wrote several stories for young children including this one the Selfish Giant now this is the story about this character a Selfish Giant and The Selfish Giant has a beautiful garden and he's very protective of this garden but he's away visiting I think his cousin I can't remember which relative anyway he gets back and he finds that the garden is full of children that's right they've crept in while he's been away and they're having a wonderful time in this beautiful amazing garden well the giant gets furious and he kicks all the children out and guess what that year when winter comes it stays forever in his garden and the giant cannot figure out what he's done wrong to make winter want to stay in his garden all the while well he discovered that it was about his selfishness and that's why the winter wouldn't go away you'll have to read the story to find out ok so those are the stories for young children that I just drew the pictures let's take a look at free where I wrote the words these are all done with my friend fish ponds and I think you'll like the first one is a place to call home and this is about seven little what are they Biff says they're hamsters I think you could decide for yourself let's call them hamsters anyway these little hamsters they grow up in a small dark hole where they feel very cozy and safe but they grow and they grow and they get bigger and bigger and bigger until one day they don't fit in the hole anymore so they have to go out into the world and find a new home will they somehow find the courage to get out their tiny little safe home and find somewhere where they can all live it's gonna be very scary and you'll have to find out what happens on the journey by reading the book the next story is called cheese belongs to you this is a story about rats and rats love cheese but there's one other thing you should know about rats they don't really care about rules the only rule that makes any difference to Iraq is if you're bigger or stronger or quicker or faster or dirtier or hairier then you get to do whatever you want and this is a story about what happens when you live in a world where no one cares about rules and the last store you were going to look at hopefully without causing a massive landslide year is I am Henry Finch and this is a story about this little character who's a bird called Henry and Henry lives in a great flock of finches and they're super noisy all day long every day they're going there like good morning good afternoon good evening no one can ever hear anything that they're thinking that's right they have hundreds of thoughts and they never hear any of them but one day Henry wakes up on his own and nobody's speaking and for the first time in his life he has a thought and he is and this is all about what happens when little Henry begins thinking for himself so I hope you've enjoyed that little introduction to the stories that I wrote and the stories that I Illustrated and I look forward to coming into your school to meet some of you and work with some of these stories in person goodbye everybody

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