Paterson Movie CLIP – Love Poem (2016) – Adam Driver Movie

hello darling oh honey I'm painting hello Marvin I see that what do you think doesn't make everything more interesting yeah it's very interesting how was your day usual getting you riding done I did a little yeah working on a poem for you love farm yeah I guess if it's for you it's a love poem it's kind of inspired by our Ohio blue tip matches really does it mention the little megaphone shape the letters make yeah actually it does how beautiful I can't wait to read it and it's done I also painted new shower curtains you should see them okay you know what else I did today you planted an unusual vegetable garden in the back yeah silly but you have to learn the spring No

19 thoughts on “Paterson Movie CLIP – Love Poem (2016) – Adam Driver Movie

  1. when i saw this i thought that they were living in anapart ment

  2. The subtle music and the autumn sound effects create a very different atmosphere.

  3. The fact that this scene is so pleasant must mean that something really fucked up ends up happening.

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