Patriotism poem (English) for kids “I am Indian first” Class 1 – 2 English Poem Recitation

Hello friends, thanks for appreciating my
last poem on Independence Day With your feedback I realized that the poem was a bit difficult for the younger children of class 1 & 2 So here is a short and crisp poem on patriotism so that our little friends can also be a part of the celebrations here goes the poem….. I come from land of sages,
With culture rich from ages. I know value of Zero,
My soldiers are my Hero. The martyrs paid the cost,
I love my country most. With Golden Sparrow’s flights,
I’ll take it to new heights. Not Pandit, nor Jatt,
I am Indian first. Jai Hind! Thanks for watching. If you’re looking for a specific poem, let us know through comments or email And if you’re new to this channel, consider subscribing. Till then, Bye!!

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