Patti Smith: Poem about Arthur Rimbaud (Subtitulado)

a face pressed to mine a black hole planting of kiss and a bra rias cry it was not cruelty not even insult but a quirky form of universal love an impulsive great narcotic joy I thought my kind and found none how you rescued me your peasant hands reaching through time wrapping my young heart your poems found installed by the Greyhound station I dogged dreaming of escape words I could not comprehend and yet deciphered by blood illuminated adolescence I wrote with the image of you above my worktable Valley one day to trace your steps dressed in the watch cap and coat of my present self this morning pulling into your town I walked the streets that you despised the streets I love for you having despised them I will go to the strange station in Roche I will touch the remains of the walls of the farmhouse where you wept a season in hell while your sisters harvested the fields I will walk the road you raced as a sturdy limb boy the road you were carried on with one leg face down on a litter flanked by misery who loved no company I will be there at the train station I will piss in the urinal you pissed in a young man cursing existence and then a dying man I will squat and rise I will stand I will give you my limbs no longer young but sturdy all the same I project from the urinal to Marseille that you gave glory and they just tossed it away into the river a discarded wreath or rats it using it for a nest a Rimbaud the rat poet laureate a rat is all I have been scurrying through the streets of the city of brotherly love I am here my brother I am here where you were and I feel as if I could find you waiting everyone wears a corpse around their wrists just a bit of twine but a corpse all the same a dead thing proclaiming I have you knew I would snip all these things and hurl all rings in the yarn or you knelt in your tears needed overflow all the sewage covered the station and made you shudder that was as close as a laugh as you could get to the image of a covered wagon you stood clad and white trembling this is what I know I am here for a purpose the purpose changes gifts that are not my children who are not mine an angel who is not mine and this to meet you at the urinal and draw you up right in my arms I am still sturdy this memory may enter me and I will realign the clay of my being will be you muscle shall be ours all limbs intact all brutal mirrors cracked I am here and that is something I am here my friend and have always been as much as for any that anything

39 thoughts on “Patti Smith: Poem about Arthur Rimbaud (Subtitulado)

  1. es genial , muy buen video , larga vida a rimbaud , rockero antes de los rockeros

  2. es genial, los subtitulos son un aporte muy bueno, gracias por compartir esto! saludos!

  3. cierto, el fue el primer rockero, el primer punketo, de verdad. Rimbaud es un golpe a la boca del estómago y una caricia en el rostro a un tiempo, es inexplicable lo que siento con su poesía; es algo muy grande. Gracias por los subtitulos

  4. Hay tantos tesoros escondidos en la música que no conocemos porque estamos sordos, y cada vez más solos, aunque parezcamos acompañados. Gracias por subir este material extraordinario. Patti Smith más que música de culto.

  5. Gracias por compartir esta traducción, es excelente la calidad de la imagen y el sonido, muchas gracias :D!

  6. our death laughs when he sees me
    you can't save him from living
    you can't bring him a believe
    he's crying in front of the freak watching his own malice
    they 're absurd
    they live

  7. Actualy Ribaud, whom this poem is about, totaly disparaged other poets.
    Good poets can kind of be dicks sometimes. Patty Smith is a great poet, though.

  8. My comment is very old… I wrote it because once Verlaine took Rimbaud to a meeting in a cafe in Paris, and because Rimbaud didn't think one of Verlaine poet friend – who was reciting one of his poems – was good enough. He started shouting at him and laughing, then he stepped up the table and started peeing all over the poets who had attended the meeting. By the way, the poets that were there were Léon Velade, Ernest d'Hervilly and five othe poets I can't recall at the moment.

  9. Lol @ the comment that poets don't denigrate one another's work given that Rimbaud trashed everyone with few exceptions. Patti is so talented. Thanks for this.

  10. Patti wears such a heart on her sleeve, one that turns feelings into such beauty…

    "…I'm still sturdy
    This memory may enter me,
    And I will realign the clay of my being.
    Will be you,
    Muscles shall be ours,
    All limbs intact,
    All brutal mirrors cracked.
    I am here,
    And that is something,
    I am here my friend,
    And have always been
    As much as for any
    Living thing…"

    Floors me every fucking time. <3

  11. I am not a french but living in france , from the first day when i read this incredible poet , im in love with his work and words n all💗💗💗💗

  12. DYLAND- Patty Smith su gran música hecha poesía. Alabó tu gusto; coincidimos en ello. Además está mujer me la descubrió mi primo francés d'Bordeaux MARC!!. ya fallecido……

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