Pay With A Poem Milan Party May 2017

Poetry definitely changed my life when I had realized how important the form of the words was. It is essential to my work because having to do with writing, with calligraphy, what I do is principally give shape to words, to concepts. It would be beautiful if people came closer to poetry which often is considered hard, difficult, scholastic while it is connected to every day life. Poetry is succeeding no matter the difficulties, making it with surprises, getting amazed by what one manages to do. It takes in everything: music, poetry, all arts but also all day. Poetry helps us go on our day to day lives. My day is lived a little bit like poetry, I try to put together lots of things that make me happy, that help me live in a poetic, harmonious way. Everything that is done with heart, with soul, from one's head, from one's thought is poetry. It should be part of us always in every moment of our day.

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