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hello everyone and welcome to the pop culture kaboom a YouTube channel a novel segment I have compiled the best possible list of novels that are being released each week however I cannot talk about them all so I think a lot of you you might be interested in as recommended reads that is if you're interested in fantasy science fiction action adventure and old horror I will give you the name of the book the author's name and tell you the synopsis with a little satirical commentary that was released for the book of what the book is about first up is children of a ruin by Adrian – Kowski I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly thousands of years ago Earth's terraforming program took to the stars on the world they called it nod scientist nod off like not asleep scientists discovered alien life but it was their mission to override it with the memory of Earth what then humanity's great Empire fell and the program's decisions were lost to time eons later humanity and its new Spider allies detected fragment fragmentary radio signals between the stars they dispatch an exploration vessel hoping to find cousins from old earth but those ancient teller terraformers awoke of something on an odd we've better left undisturbed and it's been waiting for them haha next up is the night window by Dean Koontz a visionary a young filmmaker hunted for sport across a vast Colorado ranch by this celebrated billionaire at the heart of a monstrous cabal the brilliant come a brilliant computer hacker slipping the through top-secret flipping through top-secret databases a whisper a head of security trackers gathering the facts to fight the all-powerful perpetrators of mass murder a pair of brutal operators methodically a shadowing their targets with every every cutting-edge tool in the arsenal of today's surveillance state a sequence of quite heroes everyday citizens stepping up stepping forward and stepping out on the town no I'm just kidding intent on countering the advancing darkness it Vegas mob mob team this is just like a bunch of sentences like thoughts hi I swear the Vegas mob Bop teamed with a homicidal sociopath circling a beloved boy and his protectors aiming to secure him as leverage against his fugitive mother and that fugitive mother herself ex agent and Jane hawk closing in on the malevolent architects of ruin she has a stalk as they stalk her prepared to sacrifice herself to finally bring them down these are the people in circumstances of the night window the thrilling new novel and Dean Koontz is acclaimed at Jane Hawk series replete and then some with the ingenious twists the spellbinding action the resident themes the sheer heart that have characterized Jane's journeys from the start the night window follows its extraordinary heroine to her long sought objective in a stunning unforgettable finale so I guess is the last one or is that just me into the unforgettable finale of the book who knows I guess we gotta read and find out the Dragons discovery by Jessie Donovan the Department of Dragon Affairs sends dr. Qian Barnes to lock a guard with a group of human women open to having dragon mates hey now she's supposed to help them adjust to being around dragon shifters while also what is this with all these books about people who shape-shifting the Dragons also observing how the clan works on a day-to-day basis are they you know sue she most definitely isn't supposed to notice how one look from a certain that dragon man teacher says her skin on fire like literally that's kind of like spontaneous combustion let alone ask him to kiss her in a weak moment I was gonna say in a weak spot given her past Alastair Boyd seemed spends most of his time in the clans archives searching for a solution to fulfill the vow he made to himself three years ago however you won't know what that is until a guess you read it however when his clan leader orders him to educate the latest group of humans to come to lock guard he has no choice but to cut back and do his clan duty one of the females in particular catches his eye but he tries to resist her I must resist after all he made an important valve which unless you read the book one that includes staying away from all females until it's complete one weak moment results in a kiss that changes both Keanu and allister's lives forever unfortunately a clan emergency means keeping allister's dragons silent okay four more days in he lag while allister's duty to clan end up harming his dragon and pushing away the woman he is he is who is his second chance or will he beat the clock and have everything he didn't want no he wanted the accomplice by John Grissom Theo has been worried about his good friend woody Lim Bart woody is struggling at school and making bad choices but when woody is arrested I guess it made a really bad choice at that point an unwitting accomplice to armed robbery yeah there's no such thing actually Thea knows he is innocent racing the clock while woody sits in jail Theo will do everything in his power to help his friend and save woody from an unforgiving system where justice is not equal for all brimming with the intrigue and suspense that made John Grissom a number 1 international bestseller an undisputed master of the modern legal thriller Theodore Boone's trials and truth triumphs will keep readers hooked until the very last page and last but not least fallen an Academy a year for by Laius stone Lucifer isn't happy about Braley's escape from hell and he plans to make that known to the inhabitants of earth chaos has descended on Angel City and the Fallen Army needs to do everything they can to keep it from falling fallen army falling okay meanwhile Bailey is training for the fight of a lifetime she's ready to fill fulfill the prophecy Lucy's going down yeah you're an author especially an independent author and having novel coming out in the near future by all means email me at the email below put it in the subject line upcoming novel and in the email body include the title of your book your name since you're the author it breeze synapses of your book and when it will be released so that I can let everyone know what you have come out please also include the a jpeg of the books cover if you would like me to also include it as they recommended read for everyone else thank you for tuning in and if you would be so kind as to give this video a thumbs up it would be greatly appreciated if I missed a novel that came out this week that you think I should that should be on this list then let me know in the comments below and also be soaked if you could be so kind as to subscribe to this here youtube channel please also like and follow pop pop sugar boom on the facebook for up-to-the-minute author and novel news and information and tune in the 95.1 8 FM KMBC if you live in the great across the city slice Reno area every Sunday night 7 to 9 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time 4 they live pop culture kaboom a radio show the number one show on 95.1 FM KNBC if you do not live in the area don't be sad you can simultaneously listen to the show live as it is streamed to the world that came VCI bored guy do these three things and you all get everything you want everything you need and pop culture entertainment and now for that compiled list of novels coming out this week [Applause]

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