Peace – “My Poetry Lover” @WANPOETRY

– I tried to write a love poem but I had trouble finding a muse. Finding someone worth this weight in words other than my daughter, but since a romantical
obsession with her is unhealthy, at the end of all these love poems I’m still left with nothing. I tried to write a love
poem for past lovers and I felt my tongue betray itself. Like this is how you feel right now but this isn’t how you really feel. My mouth was empty Like I gave all I had to someone and didn’t get even half
that shit in return. My pen is full of ink but this page be so empty. A sad excuse for a writer I thought. The only relationship I can
stay in is one with poetry. Even with lack of productivity
there is still growth. Damn, thinking about it, this is probably the healthiest relationship I’ve been in. She allows me my space, is always there to lend a listening ear, never judging for the harsh tone I may use in between the lines of her lips, she just kisses my pen a smooth, “It’s okay, leave your
dark thoughts on my tongue “and I will kiss you a peaceful healing.” She understands that my words be loud, my pen be loud, yet she always be so soft. When my words hit her cheek
they soften into a cloud. This is what it feels like
to be in love with poetry. To be in love with a woman who
has had the harshest things said to her but still
knows that she is the shit, still loves herself like she is the shit ’cause can’t nobody love her like her. She is what others want to be like but don’t really want to be like. Like hip hop, like rap, like country, even adding a banjo to that shit you can’t cover up the poetry. It is always there. Probably the reason your ass
is sitting here right now. – [Audience Members] Yeah, yeah. – ‘Cause she understands that sometimes people love to hate her, as much as they can’t stand to love her. Poetry is a mirror showing you the pain and the truth and the
beauty that is in you and last I checked can’t no
human do no shit like that. Poetry is far from human. In the deepest part of your
heart she lies dormant, only playing the role in
which you allow her to ’cause she don’t need to brag or boast about the power of her presence, she understands that sometimes
people love to hate her. Even herself. When I practice poetry
I look into a mirror. She is always looking back at me, I will never leave nor forsake you. The longest relationship I have
been in is one with myself. I break up with me from time to time but since no other lover
can do me like I do me I’m back in the arms of poetry. (audience clapping) Myself a martyr in the
radical war of self-love, I tried to write a love poem but I couldn’t find the words. The words walk in every step I take because I am the most powerful love poem that has yet to be written and there is so much
goddamn love in that. (audience clapping and cheering)

6 thoughts on “Peace – “My Poetry Lover” @WANPOETRY

  1. “The longest relationship I’ve been in is with myself” this poem hit hard for me. I don’t think we love ourselves enough the way we should. Thank you for this reminder, thank you for your words 💜

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