Penguin Presents: Authors Stand Up for Free Speech

so the first time I realized that was being censored a bunch of kids in Washington State and they were all sixth graders and they were writing to the publisher to tell the publisher why this book shouldn't be published the letters had so many typos and that I just thought okay let's teach him how to write first before we teach him how to try and silence other people but but that was the first time I knew that a book of mine was being censored what are the following have in common Ulysses by James Joyce Conde by Voltaire Moll Flanders Tom Sawyer the Bible Quran King Lear by William Shakespeare and even Harry Potter the answer is at one time they were all censored or banned it's incredible really but there are always loonies around the world who want to ban or repress something but they don't believe in young minds young brains mean stories and ideas like the ones in those books in order to grow they need ideas that you disagree with they need ideas that I disagree with they'll never be able to figure out what ideas they agree with free speech matters to me free speech matters to me five of my novels for teenagers have been banned over the past decade and my book feed has been banned and challenged free speech matters to me free speech matters to me my books have been banned in school districts around the country every time you take a book out of a school library you deny someone hearing that particular voice free speech matters to me free speech matters to me somehow my name has become synonymous with censorship when did that happen freedom of speech is a fundamental human right and that's why freedom of speech matters to me currently it is an active denial of this year one of the best things you can do for young people is give them entry points to conversations about difficult things and to listen to them have something to tell us free speech matters to me free speech matters to me every every week I get an email from somebody saying they're trying to take the book off the shelf and at least three of my books have been banned all of my books have been van der censored somewhere and I've had many books challenged free speech matters to me free speech matters to me free speech matters to me free speech matters to make free speech matters to me people have challenged or attempted to censor almost every team book I've written that's okay this is America we have the freedom to read here we have the freedom to think here I'm very very proud to live in a country that protects my rights and yours censorship is the loss of freedom censorship sucks censorship is sterile it's empty it's repressive censorship is like the common cold common and I think censorship is a bunch of they bleeped that didn't they well how can you believe that it's an anti censorship thing for God's sakes censorship is Shh censorship is being awful censorship is sexy not censorship is just depressing the truth is that we all have as writers have the responsibility to write the best truest books that we can free speech matters to me should matter to you too when I was a freshman in high school I went to the library one day and my librarian was sticking books inside a box and I asked her well what are you dealing with those books she said well these books have been banned they can no longer be on library shelves so she took books from the shelf put them inside the box and then she looked at me very pointedly and she pushed the box toward me and then she turned around she was telling me to take one of those books and so I did I reached inside the box I pulled out a copy of Catcher in the Rye and I ran out of the library that librarian changed my life forever you

21 thoughts on “Penguin Presents: Authors Stand Up for Free Speech

  1. If you don't hear people that disagree with you then you have a perfect environment for stupidity and ignorance.

  2. it is so strange that all these people are just ordinary people yet they are somehow able to change lives . something so so strong lies in the power of the word! dftba

  3. They're all just so articulate and logical.  Pound sign sarcasm overload.

  4. Sadly this issue isn't an issue of left or right, the core problem is control vs freedom.

    So here is the question, how many people in this video look at what is going on in universities across the country would come to the defense of those who would censor others because those they censor happen to have a different ideology.

    So for many, remember this. Censorship by Academics are just as bad as Moralist. Censorship by the Right is just as bad as that from the Left. And today the worst censorship is coming from spaces were we should have open dialogue, because we worry about "feelings" more than freedom. It's no different than the concept of censorship for "moral" sake.

    Here is a simple truth. We have the right to offend, and people have the right to be offended. But no one has the right to silence others.

  5. I love freedom of speech as well because we have the right to say of what we want to say to anybody, but what really counts is how you speak it and i choose to be very respected with my speech.

  6. I'm an aspiring author. Everything that I've written to date, I publish for free on websites so I can receive feedback and opinions on my writing. If something that I were proud of was taken down from one of these websites, I would be outraged. Writing to me is about voicing an opinion in a creative outlet, for an opinion of mine to be completely disregarded because it is something someone doesn't agree with, then that i completely taking away the point of writing to me.

  7. At my school there are certain books that can only be read by the older students.

  8. Woah, we're still living in the dark ages? Somehow all this has passed me by… o__o

  9. Gah!!! So many people I look up to in one video!
    I agree though, the school I just completed my final year at recently changed leadership and my librarian spent the last week getting rid of all the wonderful books in the library.

  10. Man, I'm very lucky. I go to a school where they very much express free speech and allow kids to live in an environment where they can be comfortable with their sexual orientation.

  11. Banning a book is banning words, and banning someone's words is banning someone's voice. That should never be okay.

  12. If you don't like the books don't read them and let others enjoy theml

  13. It amazes me, the books people will ban, for ever-increasingly stupid reasons. I mean, seriously, Tiger Eyes? James and the Giant Peach? Bridge to Terabintha? Blood and Chocolate? Okay, if kids can't read any of that sort of stuff, what exactly do they EXPECT the poor darlings to read? Lame "See Jane Run" pictures books? God, it's no WONDER kids today think they hate reading. They've probably never been allowed to TOUCH a real book!

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