Penn & Teller – Smoking/Sleight of Hand Trick

This is not intended to glorify smoking. That said, looks simple, doesn’t it? But when you’re dealing with a master of sleight of hand like my partner Teller, even the simplest activity may be a complex deception. Let’s watch that routine again. Is he really crushing out his cigarette? Is he really adjusting his hat? Is he really pulling out a fresh cigarette? Is he really bothered by that itch in his
left eye? Is he really just lighting a cigarette? To understand the complexity of Teller’s life, you need to know the seven basic principles of magic. One: Palm – to hold an object in
an apparently empty hand. Two: Ditch – To secretly dispose of an unneeded object. Three: Steal – The opposite of Ditch. To secretly obtain a needed object. Four: Load – To secretly
move the needed object to where it’s needed. Five: Simulation – To give the impression
that something that hasn’t happened has. Six: Misdirection – To lead attention away from the secret move. And Seven: Switch – To secretly exchange one object for another. Teller needs nothing but a pencil, one lit cigarette and a flashlight. Let’s watch that original routine
again, but this time, from the other side. He palms the cigarette. He simulates crushing it out. He steals the palmed lit cigarette and ditches the lit cigarette in his ear. He exhales smoke to misdirect from the smoke coming out from around his hat. He steals the pencil. He simulates taking the pencil, which is simulating a cigarette from the non-existent cigarette pack and puts the simulated cigarette in his mouth. He rubs his eye to misdirect as he loads the burning cigarette from his ear. He simulates a lighter with a flashlight
and switches the lit cigarette for the unlit pencil under cover of misdirection from the flashlight. Palm. Simulation. Steal. Ditch. Misdirection. Steal. Simulation. Misdirection. Load. Simulation. Switch. Misdirection. Looks simple, doesn’t it?

100 thoughts on “Penn & Teller – Smoking/Sleight of Hand Trick

  1. this trick cannot be done with regular cigarette… magic 1 O 1. mimic product… sorry.. P&T you guys taught me alot😅

  2. I don't get it, so what if he switched the cig and faked crushing it? It seems irrelevant :-/ I like the bass playing and explanation though, props to Penn I didn't know he was that talented or tasteful in music!

  3. Teller can actually be good if he has given the opportunitynto be charlie chaplin

  4. These guys are getting old after seeing some of these modern day magicians. Sorry guys. Just keep voting Democrat so the kids still think you're "hip."

  5. Am i only the one who think the bass player look like the guys who try to sell encyclopedia to joey in Friends

  6. I watched a Penn and teller ad before the Penn and teller video xD

  7. Teller looks so suave and gorgeous here! And that broad cheesy smile at the end!

  8. Interesting enough, that was one of their first live tricks

  9. Wait, I don't get it
    Can't they do that by just having two cigarettes and a real lighter? Whats the trick here? That can be done normally can't it?

  10. Believe it or not, but I've been using the "palm the cigarette and pretend to step on it" bit of this trick since high school in situations where people told me to put out my cigarette. With a bit of practice and in the right circumstances, you'll fool people pretty easily with it – and it's not that hard to pull off. Never occurred to me to park that cigarette in my ear, though.. 😀

  11. He takes a new cig, puts a lmalready lightened next to it, and takes the new one away.. so you get the illusion of always new cigs

  12. 2:05 that chick on the right is SOAKING WET at Teller's slight of hand

  13. Can we please talk about the fact that the lit end of a cigarette is about 400 degrees Celsius(752 F) while not puffing

  14. Fun fact:
    They did this same trick on their first public television performance in 1987

  15. This has nothing to do with the magic but Teller’s smile at the end is so adorable

  16. @1:00 puts right hand into right pocket to grab “red ball” @1:15 (play at slowest playback setting) you can see the ball in hand right before the smoke.

  17. Fate magic I caught her red bal in shirt vest video look careful 1:26 look careful hand

  18. I don't get it. what's the trick? he swaps the cigarette for a pencil but we don't notice? okay.

  19. 1:19 My God. That's incredible. His hand is the literal focus of the shot and I'm bewildered he makes the palm look that good.

  20. Even before the sleight of hand was explained, I didn't… see any odd things being done in the initial sketch? Like, it never looked like he was pulling objects out of nowhere, it just seemed to be a normal situation.

  21. Shame how you can actually see how the tricks work if you slow it down on youtube. The misdirection ball thing was so obvious in slow motion that I think parts of it could have been seen in normal speed.

  22. He had a fake thumb!!!! Lmao. So simple. I never noticed yet I have watched this plenty of times.

  23. Is Penn improvising here? Either way, I'm super impressed that he can play and give a monologue both flawlessly.

  24. Penn and Teller are great exponents of the art, but what makes them the greatest is the attitude, the packaging. They lift magic from the anodyne to something genuinely and deeply enjoyable.

  25. The smoke coming from the second cigarette from the first attempt gave it away for me

  26. All that to put a pencil in your mouth?
    Ffs just do it nobody would care

  27. He threw the lemon behind a mirror. The demarcation line is easy to see, a thick black horizontal line on the left hand side about waist high. On the right hand side you can see its different.

  28. I still think this is one of the most beautiful pieces of illusion in history.

  29. I quit smoking 25years ago and this is magic. This makes me look at misdirection?

  30. That’s just amazing, but I just hope Teller doesn’t get an addiction after this!

  31. Idk why but this is my favorite Penn and Teller trick besides Lift Off of Love. It’s just soooo mesmerizing

  32. This does the total opposite of ruining a trick for me. The amount of skill and coordination and improvisation when something goes wrong you have to have to pull this stuff off… incredible. Magic is super cool

  33. Что этот старый маразматик делает? Все же видно

  34. It’s just amazing how they make us go WOOOAHHHH!!! amazed and mesmerised even whEN they are revealing the trick

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