People Read The Last Texts From Their Exes

I’ll always be here for you no matter what, but if you don’t think having me around is good for you we should cut off all ties. Then after that, I just didn’t reply back to her. I didn’t know what to say Do you have any texts from your exes? Any texts from my -? Let me, let me see. I might have one No, let me, let me type in this one. Alright no. Let me type in this one. No. I don’t think so. I block everyone, that does me wrong…so I actually have a screenshot of the last text he sent me, we hadn’t talked in a while I wasn’t like mad like ah this guy, you know, texted me. I was more like fuck Ah, I was doing great like why do you have to-? he said Hey, hey, hand emoji Just wanted to message and say congrats on the feature in the paper Very proud and happy for you, more blessings are on the horizon and he puts si se puede. My friends were like “don’t reply!” Or like “just say thanks!” and I was like, yeah, yeah Oh, yeah for sure Then of course my ass sends a long brick text like oh, thanks How you been la la la Kinda, of a more pointless text. I got nothing to say But just saying hi, I’m like well, I’ve become a wuss with the weather “How did I once live in a place that had snow?!” And then she’s like, you know, it’s just it’s funny how we adjust That’s – that’s a philosophy on life So if i asked you what was the last text from your ex, you wouldn’t have it? I know what it is offhand. I had said something along the lines of, like, Hey I’d love to grab coffee with you and just talk things out and she had said Um … you don’t get the right to talk to me, one. Two, it’s not my job and Please don’t talk to me again. I was like All right And then I never tried to text her again. I said hey, thank you so much for the poem. It was really beautiful I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and thinking lately and I just don’t think that were a right fit I enjoy your company and I’ve had some really great moments with you I just realized I’m not where I need to be to continue. I don’t want to waste your time and I hope you understand no. So I said My whole mood has changed since we talked she asked me if changed how I Told her that I felt really empty after talking to her again. So I feel like If you talk to someone like that You’re regressing back to your previous life. The last thing she said was you known how I felt since the beginning I’ve always been open about my feelings and even willing to bend over backwards for you I’ll always be here for you. No matter what, but if you don’t think having me around is good for you We should cut off all ties Then after that I just didn’t reply back to her We broke it all off earlier this year. We tried to reconnect as friends. It’s so hard. There’s so much History but it’s okay to let things go in your life because there are better things ahead I’d dated this girl for a while and basically To be blunt. I cheated on her and It was stupid of me first of Oh, good it was uh, her birthday I’d said sorry. I really don’t know how to start this. I really just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and I hope that you had a good day. You don’t need to text me back I completely understand if you don’t want to talk to me, but on the off chance you do Would you want to grab coffee sometime? Just let me explain She responded Stop texting me You’ve recently sent me a couple messages, and I don’t ever want to hear from you again I’ve forgiven you but I do not want to be friends or keep in contact I’m not gonna meet you. So don’t text me, call me or in any way try to contact me again Yeah, I think, I hope she’s doing well Why do you still talk to her? You can still appreciate Somebody’s company. Appreciate just different World perspectives and so and that’s not the case, you know, for all exes But i figured if you can’t be a good partner in a relationship at least be a good ex If I’m gonna move on I need a- It’s very rare that I try to stay friends with someone. I mean if I tried I wouldn’t be able to get over it because I’m a very emotionally attached person sometimes, you know, I care too much it’s the kind of person i am

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  1. “ but it’s okay to let things go, because there are better things ahead” preachhhhh 🙌🏼❤️ I love that

  2. Now mostly people talk in snapchat and can’t see the last text lol .. i think it’s good

  3. First of all who even keeps messages from an ex, i delete all traces of them

  4. My last text from my ex resulting with him blocking me after telling me he cheated on me and he felt awful that he strung me along knowing he never had feelings for me and he’s with his ex again so we need to break up, and that he feels ‘guilty’ so he won’t message me again. Ouch to say the least, especially as he waited to let me know on the night he was aware I had a really good event happening. Trust levels 100+ afterwards

  5. My ex fiance always tries talking to me I told him off a few days ago so much better off without him my boyfriend is the love of my life.

  6. “were over. I need you to understand and move on already because I did. Im not gonna be replying anymore. Goodbye. “ this was her last text, i couldn’t reply to her after that. I was just left more confused and more hurt than i was before

  7. what is the bad side effect having much of ex. .Seeing them married one by one and I still single..

  8. The last test from my ex was the new girl he fell for on our anniversary and how he wanted to break things off because he found someone who made him happier and that was the same week Happier by ed sheeran came out and i just cry a lot a did my best to get over him and i remember him sometimes and cry but i believe that i will one day forgot about him and won't have to cry over him

  9. The last text I got from my ex was to break up with my current boyfriend because hes "not a good person" which I responded to but he never texted me back

  10. Well he said " thanks for ruining it " because he lied he was single and then my friend told his gf about it and so he blamed me when in this im the fool who was lied to ….

  11. The last text I sent to my ex was “hi” it was a dare 🤷🏾‍♀️ text before that I had said how I didn’t wanna be friends anymore (due to my feelings getting put in the mix every time) he had simply said “okay”

  12. “Goodbye for now. I ll let you know my decision when I made it” and then we never spoke.

  13. If I don't close my previous chapter, I would never be able to move on. I break all contact. If my ex cheated or lied to me, why should I trust that person as a friend? Loyalty is a #1 for me even if I forgive them after years, I would not keep them as a friend.

  14. Brought tears to my eyes….
    I was dumped a month ago, n the last thing I received from my bf was "I temporarily block u, sorry", n he did.

  15. "Its too late we have feelings for each other now… all this texting has to stop. Im in a relationship now!" 💀💀💀💀. Its been about 8 years and it still hurts, still havent recovered.

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  17. Someone who I had deep connections with (bc it's just a one sided relationship, i guess) stopped talking to me and idk why but the last message i got from him he said sorry for being distant, i replied but he didn't say anything nor read it. I hope others would atleast explain why they do things bc until now I cry every night thinking what went wrong

  18. Here's mine
    (One month later)
    Me: Do you regret it [ending the relationship]?
    Her: No

  19. The short replies hurts a lot. Literally you can tell they’re losing interest in you . They become more meaningless and not care at all

  20. This hits home for me , as my last relationship devastated me to the point where I can’t even look at her picture without being haunted by memories of times past. Over time I gathered the strength to delete our whole text conversations, the pictures , etc . From the very beginning , I’m glad that I was able to grieve properly, instead of jumping to the next person like nothing between us ever happened. Even though I wasn’t able to have the closure that I wanted , I take comfort in knowing that at the very least , it was real for me .

  21. “Shall we take the next steps?” (He meant divorce after 3 kids and 8 years of marriage). He divorced me over text. We are 48. 💔

  22. 5:00
    it was me asking him to leave me alone following a long ass rant
    blocked him right after

  23. i'm 20 and have only been in a long distance relationship when i was 16. we "dated" for a year but one day she told me there was someone at her work that made her feel things she didn't understand, made her smile and laugh and feel good. she kept apologizing and then pretended it never happened. we were supposed to meet that summer but i broke up with her just before my birthday because i lost all feelings. a lot of bad things have happened to me since then and now i stay inside my house more often than not. no friends, no job, no nothing. my self esteem is so low. it's amazing looking back and seeing how much confidence i had knowing someone wanted my awkward, insecure self. i really wish i had someone understanding of my situation to be by my side again to help me find myself, whether it be a romantic or friendly relationship. i'm just…lost.

  24. My ex told me that she was going to block me then proceeded to call me a psychopath. 11 days later she texted ‘I miss our sex’, I didn’t reply. 2 weeks after that she tried to get me to meet with her. I asked her if she was doing okay. After she said yes I blocked her.

  25. I’m in a relationship that causes me a lot of pain rn. My partner has never done anything to intentionally hurt me, but they take me for granted and have let me down in many ways. It’s both of our first relationships, so it’s been a great learning experience overall. I want to take a break, but I don’t know what good that will do. I love them so much. What do you do when the person you love most brings you the most pain?

  26. the last thing i sent my ex was an apology for the way i acted at the time of the breakup because even though i was hurt, it was wrong of me to say hurtful things back. the last thing he said was "it's alright." but yeah i mean i did what had to be done. no contact really sucks for me because i'm the kind of person that just wants to fix everything asap but he wants space so there's nothing i can do anymore except leave him be

  27. Its okay to let things go in your life, there are better things coming your way- sometimes the good things are the ones you are letting go.. Be careful you don't end up in the trap of there is always better, because you might end up searching for the rest of your life.

  28. Why y’all never post the names of people or social media of the people in your videos 🙄😭

  29. Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing…. La la la

  30. My ex's last text was… Its good for both that we separate.. I love u and someday I might be back *and blocked me "

  31. So much broken soul. It is way better that your ex doesn't send anything at all. A little hint of existent just reminds how betrayal, pain and disappointment come in surface where it has been old forgotten.

  32. If you can't be a good partner atleast be a good ex. That's some real shyt…

  33. "if you can't be a good partner in a relationship, atleast be a good ex." 💯💯

  34. I’m crying… I still talk to my ex. I can’t let go. I’m still in love.

  35. this has nothing to do with the video but the background kinda reminds me of the sims 4 cas

  36. Much RESPECT to the woman who actually left when her herboyfriebd cheated. So many women forgive AND take guys back while guys hardly ever do if the scenario was reversed

  37. Dont send paragraphs to people who hurt you. They don't care. Take your dignity and move on.

  38. Not my ex but, I have always been so afraid to tell someone what I feel and finally I did it I told this person that I’m feeling something for him and I’m getting this feeling that we could something more then friends and it’s been a week. Haven’t heard from him again. Rejections seem to be following me.

  39. It's hard to move on but not impossible.
    Let go & hold on to only things that'll make you a happier person.

  40. The last text from both of my exes are literally just the word "ok" But things were definitely not ok

  41. The last text I got from my ex was when we broke up over text. I told her I felt neglected, and she told me she was being an adult, that I should respect that. I told her how I felt, and I told her we needed to talk in person. I said, "We really need to talk. Would you like to plan that now or later?"
    And she responded with, "I need time. Thanks."
    And that was the last thing I heard from her. It's been almost a year since we met.

  42. I still talk to almost every single one of my exes :,3 I’m as he said… “A pretty great ex” and in a good relationship. If I let you into my life, i did it for a reason.

  43. I’m so happy that me and my ex were able to heal. I can call him at anytime and he’ll be there for me. We still tell each other we love each other .. but I feel like I have to let him go. Just because we love each other doesn’t mean we have to be in each other’s lives .

  44. My last texts from my ex are him saying he’s better than me, and that I’m to immature because I had a baby at 17.

  45. Those guys and the cheater
    1. "Their company" aka for sex
    2. You cheated, you deserve nothing and no one good in your life again(he was smirking) it's whatever to men so they know what they did but try to make themselves the "nice guy" it gets old😑

  46. Oh i have a new girlfriend NOW and she wanted me tell you that so i'm telling you this for her

  47. My relation is crazy we love each other so much he’s an amazing guy and well loved by everyone and am great person 2 .. but when we are together .. it’s so toxic.. we are both super jealous we both have a temper.. any small thing make us blowup … we both know this relation going to no where but we still living it.. he’s the love of my life and am his.. I guess I cried to hear those texts because am sure some time soon we will exchange them .. 9 years going to 10 it’s toooooo damn late to pick up my feeling and leave… 💔

  48. im heterosexual, so dislike for all the homosexual people in the video. Didnt like it.

  49. The last text from my ex- 💔
    "You were smothering me. Which I told you repeatedly. I gave you more chances than I’ve ever given anyone. It’s always been easy for me to walk away from a relationship. I guess I’m searching for the woman who makes me not want to walk away."

  50. I should have had a relationship at some point of my life to have an ex

  51. Brian tapped into my wife's phone, i now listen to her calls and view her texts on my phone, so I get to see when she cheats or is about to cheat, you can text him on 267578.486 2

  52. Cheating dude got roasted daaaammmnn – she said don’t contact me again

  53. "if you can't be a good partner in a relationship, at least be a good ex" i'll do that but let me find a boyfriend first LMAO

  54. How do these unattractive woman even had boyfriends wtf Americans are wierd have some standards man

  55. I'm at this point in my relationship where we both hurt each other, by I guess, not calling each other, or texting each other or not understanding each other. It's hard, I keep waiting subconsciously, it's painful.

  56. Even though I was the one who broke it off, I still care for him and wish him the best.
    The last text he sent me:
    Can I just ask you one question

    I replied late so I replied with:
    Yeah sorry I was busy

    He replied:
    Never mind sorry for wasting your time.

    That last sentence hit me hard and ever since I’ve felt guilty.

  57. me: going through the same thing with an ex I was trying to work things out with that ended up going her own way
    this video: exits
    me: watches it anyways

  58. My last text to my ex was "I cant force you to see my worth or to love me the way I love you. I cant firce you to trust that I got you like I say I do. I wish you the best but dont ever text me again." It really is crazy how you can go from loving someone unconditionally to never wanting to see their name pop up in your phone. (Btw I had already tried to tell her that she could still text me and she said to cut all ties completely.) If I could give any advice, dont stay, dont work things out again for the 60th time. Dont. Just block their #, block then on social media and keep it pushing. If y'all were meant to be, it'll all work out and yall will be. If y'all never end up speaking again, you know where y'all stand and you can take your L and keep it pushing. It is easier said than done, but you'll lose yourself trying to fix something that isn't meant to be and once you're deep into losing yourself, it's even harder than heartbreak. Focus on bettering yourself, so you attract better. Who knows, you could see them in the grocery store one day and maybe then yall will both be in a healthy state to try things again, but remember it is okay to walk away from things that aren't bettering you. Dont put up a filter and try to block out who someone really is. Notice the red flags and take control, you'll regret it if you don't.

  59. If u read me n my ex last text it’ll take a year cause that’s how long we’ve been in the process of breaking up lol

  60. "I actually block everyone.. That does me wrong" that's so me😂

  61. My x left me a bad message and I did noting wrong broke my heart and I think she dont care 🙁

  62. Last text from my ex was “I don’t wanna talk to you. Stop contacting me”….haven’t spoken to her since

  63. All my ex's live in Texas
    And Texas is the place I'd dearly love to be
    But all my ex's live in Texas
    And that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee…

  64. I feel the first guys pain. It hurts when the person you want doesn’t want you the same way you want them

  65. He text me said "u take me wrong". "I will explain everything" but he never does. What he do he block me from socmed and all the chatting app we used.

  66. Well, not like it matters but here is my experience. My last text to her was a deep message trying to just see where I went wrong and what I could have done to be better and I got back

    "I dont have time to read all of that, I broke up with you because I wanted to"

    Yup. That's what I got after 6 years.

    Luckily I have sense found someone who actually enjoys my company and spending time with me so that's good.

  67. Last one i got was "i love you" but she's not an ex but a late girlfriend i found her dead 4 hours later

  68. I messed up my relationship. I wanted to work things out (we were taking a “break”) but she’s already dating someone else. I want to move on, but it’s so hard when you have a child together. I just want my family back…

  69. someone please respond… so i have been friends with this girl for SO long, we ended up dating, worst decision. Our relationship ruined everything and our friendship will never be the same, i want to be friends but i don't think it's possible, someone give me advice 🙁

    also my friends are all really close with her too, so i can't just cut her off and forget about her….

  70. I had an online boyfriend that I loved. His last texts was,
    My phone isn’t working rn. I’m writing this from cousins phone. If I don’t get online for a long time don’t be worried. I won’t leave you 😚😚😚

    And I kept waiting and waiting for weeks.He never came back.

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