People Try To Live Without Black Inventions For 72 Hours

– [Kelsey] Here’s a stop light coming up but instead of going up the stop light, I’m gonna cut through this
little restaurant parking lot and beat the system! (light electronic music) – We’re fucked, you know that right? – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like we lowkey can’t use a street light. – What? Wait, what? – Did you watch any of
the Black History Month specials as a kid? – See, these are the things
that they need to teach us about a little bit harder, a little bit longer, a little bit stronger,
a little bit louder. – Oh, okay. – Cause I feel like I only
know like two black inventors that were talked about
the same way that like Edison and Einstein were talked about. Now I have a feeling you’re
about to drop a list on me of things I didn’t know were
invented by black people. (ding) (hip hop music) I know for sure this was
invented by a black man. (ding) I don’t know why I remember
that, but it makes me happy. – Black guy. – This is a- – A mic. – A microphone. – An old school one. – But more specifically it
looks like something like a sexy jazz singer might sing into. – Oh. Oh girl. – I’m gonna go with… – White guy. (buzz) – No. (ding) Black person, white person. – Black person, black person. This I believe is made
by a white guy. (buzz) – Well, Ford, those were white dudes. – Mm-hm. – I’m gonna go with white dude. (buzz) Um, white man, we established
that, right? (buzz) – Mm-hm. Yeah. – Unless this is a trick. How wrong were we? Shit! – You’re lying! Damn! – Look at what fucking U.S.
history American public school teaches you that Thomas Edison. – Cousin came through. My cousins came through. – Mine did not. My first instinct was to
go straight to my phone. Guess I have to buy a
calendar this weekend too. Okay, so I literally just left the shoot and I’m already breaking the
rules because I need to vlog and I need my phone to vlog
so this is gonna be tough. This is gonna be a little
tougher than I thought. Damn, near fucking everything that’s like necessary for living just
like a basic American life was invented by a black person. – So, essentially I’ve
broken every single rule because everything around me was invented by a black inventor. – The first thing I did
as soon as I left here was I went and I got some
food out of the canteen. Did you guys know potato chips were invented by a black person. See, education. – Wow. – What can I eat then? Healthy shit. Alright, I’m gonna eat
this fucking rabbit food. – I was supposed to meet up with a friend so I went to a coffee shop and
then my friend got mad at me because I didn’t have my laptop. I had my laptop but I
didn’t use my laptop. I totally broke all the rules and I brought my laptop with me. I don’t think I can
live without my laptop. – Immediately went home
and the first thing I did when I walked into my house was I said, ‘Alexa, turn on everything.’ It’s just automatic. ‘Alexa, turn off everything.’ Well, it’s only 6:45
and it is dark in here because I realized that I
had a candle but no matches. So I’m sitting in this Uber
and of course I am running late because my alarm didn’t go off and I have now definitely
become that friend who’s an hour and a half
late because, you know, I didn’t get that text code. – Alright, so I realize
I’m not supposed to drive but I woke up late this morning and I forgot that I had an
appointment to do my taxes. I fucked up. Ah! But I decided to take this
street that is only stop signs instead of going on Sunset
Blvd which is down there with all the street lights.
I’m doing stop signs. – Technically, I’m breaking the rules. So, me being in light
right now, I technically- – We’re gonna start listening to music. – Listen to music and the
microphone on this phone. I’m pretty much breaking
about like five rules. So I’m in the elevator, (buzz) because out to the club and I don’t feel like going
up 10 flights of steps so y’all just gonna have
to fucking deal with it. – For me it was like every
time I got on the stairs or like past a stop light or whatever it became like a fun fact in my head then I would like share it
with whoever I was with. Ian, did you know that stop lights were invented by a black man. – No. I had no idea. – And also- The thing, the like go
around that I learned was that I could use
other people’s things. – Ha. – So like instead of me driving
I made my boyfriend drive. Do you think that counts? Or is that some white people shit? – It’s some white people shit. – Fuck. – Oh wait. It’s in the refrigerator. Really difficult living
without refrigerated items because black people invented everything. – Kate! – Yeah. – If I told microphones
were invented by a black man would you believe me? – Sure. – Did you also know light bulbs
invented by a black person. – Didn’t know that. – But here’s the thing is I figured here’s where I’m doing okay is that normally you would use microphones to record a podcast. – There’s a microphone in our phone. – But we’re gonna use our phone
microphone so it’s not like- – Yeah, it’s still a microphone. – Listen, this is a very hard video, okay! – We can’t do a podcast if
we don’t use a microphone, thank you for inventing it. – Thank you. – [Joyce] Look at you cheating. Black invention, black invention. – The computer, ladies and
gentleman, is a black invention. – [Joyce] Yes. – I’m at work. I have to use
my computer at work, Joyce. – [Joyce] Uh-huh. – So is it what you’re saying that it’s impossible to go as a person- – In the world – [Kate] In society without using things that black people invented. – Okay, so we’re rounding
out day three here. I think the hardest
part of this experience has definitely been the no computer aspect and I now know that I have Dr.
Mark Dean to thank for that and I wish I would’ve
learned that earlier. Gosh imagine how far worse we
would be without these things. You know what I mean, like. – I had takeout for three days. – At first I was like ‘Man, I feel guilty that I
didn’t know all of this shit.’ And it’s not so much that I feel guilty that I didn’t know about this shit, it’s more that I feel guilty
that I still live in a society that doesn’t recognize this kinda stuff as important as white inventors and that’s what made me be like ‘Damn, okay, I have some work to do.’ (upbeat hip hop music)

100 thoughts on “People Try To Live Without Black Inventions For 72 Hours

  1. What these claims prove, and which you are not smart enough to understand is that:
    1. How uneducated you are, because the people who make these silly claims just don't have the basic brain power to know that is NOT how science, or the world in general works, and
    2. Just how much you hate and envy all the hard working and educated people that actually DO invent these things.
    The world is laughing at you. The white people who told you to say these things, i.e., the folks at the NAACP/ACLU both founded and funded by whites, are also laughing at you (they also understand how science works, i.e., you cannot just make a claim about something without proof, you just don't understand that it take proof to make an ordinary person to believe you.
    Further, the argument itself, i.e., we did know but we don't know now, or we were smart but we admit we are not smart now… To the rest of the world, it's as if you said I can make myself invisible, even when everyone can still see me. There is zero (zero being a way of saying nothing or placeholder) truth in it because everyone already understands that science is progressive (sorry about the fancy words), i.e., if you want to send an electric signal down a copper wire you hook things up to see how they work–you don't claim that: a.) you can send electricity down a piece of string because nothing will happen then tell people you use to know how to do it so it DID work… But, you forgot. That is a silly kind of 10-year-old comment–but that's OK because there are some 10-year-olds someplace who will believe it (there is always one) but the adults will continue to laugh until you show some PROOF, instead of whine and complain and hold your breath, just like a 10-year-old would, until you get what you want. And, you always want SOMETHING (a refrigerator the TV from the guy next door)…and the greed goes on.
    Here's the point, in case you haven't figured it out for yourselves; the world is laughing at your own stupidity, and to the world, you appear to be foolish enough to be the Emporer without your clothes. Completely unaware, and extremely foolish looking, and how childish you are by simply not looking to see if you are dressed or not. Pathetic is how you look and that goes for every time you make a simple lie into something the rest of us with common sense and a decent education already understand, and a problem in the old brainpan. Worse you'd rather play the victim than do anything at all about your lack of understanding of things so simple most of the rest of the world just don't have time to explain to you.

  2. The reason blacks haven’t invented anything decent since the 60s, is because Government Assistance programs has pushed Fathers out of the household.

  3. Lmao, so because someone played a 1% role of the creation of something they some how invented it?

  4. White comments lies why are they lies white people answer because their black white people just hate seeing black people get credit for things that they did to better society notice all these inventions were to just better society and not destroy it

  5. If white society hasn't created a system id racism to blot out the achievements of P.O.C then we wouldn't be having channels like this one .Black History is American history .Carter G Woodson Started Black History week in order to educate Blaxks about the accomplishments that werw done by our people to build a sense of ethnic pride and later it was extended to a month .

  6. Sadly, black people invented everything except guns. And guns was the way white folks rose to prominence in the hierarchy of the races on Earth.

  7. Black people invented gravity so props for that although black people are hardly grounded or down to earth.

  8. Dr. Mark Dean was a scientist. A black man with tremendous knowledge of computers. He invented the PC because he was a genius, not because he was black.

  9. I'd rather not have a black friend. They over-analyze every word you say. And EVERYTHING is racist to them.

  10. if a black guy discovered that a slightly different kind of brush was maybe better for painting, they would say that a black guy did sistine chapel

  11. Those black people were probably all killed to steal their inventions except the super soaker.

  12. the internet would not exist if it was not for a black inventor. it was a black woman that invented the touchtone phone, caller id, call waiting and so on. the digital cell phone that you are using came from a black inventor. hell, we wouldn't have landed on the moon if it wasn't for 3
    black women. the gas mask that saves many people's life during ww2 was invented by blacks.

  13. Black people invented the spear. It's a tool that is primarily used for chucking.

  14. Have you seen the videos on youtube of blacks in Africa trying to make an airplane. lmao

  15. You know why they haven’t made a video about white inventions?

    The camera wouldn’t be here to film

  16. Damn the hate is real on this video. History so whitewashed that people can’t think that any other race besides the white can create anything and it’s sad. I guarantee you that some inventions were stolen from people of other races besides the whites and taken credit for. But hey people will believe everything they are told.

  17. Tesla is rolling in his grave. All those "black inventions" btw could not be possible without a Serb, who is white.

  18. A sign that you made nothing is when you make desperate claims that you made everything.
    Afterall fantasy is the last bastion for those who find reality hard to deal with.

    There's reason why you won't find Chinese and Japanese people making lame videos like this. They don't have to prove anything to anyone.

    Anyway, I came here from a video where a black man is saying why he prefers white chicks over black bitches…(his words)
    Lol. Hardly the inspiration needed to build life changing inventions.
    Case closed.

  19. Didn't white people bring the wheel to Africa and they still had trouble reverse engineering it? Hahahaha

  20. This white woman should check her privilege. They say white man are evil, but at least most of them have some sense of self-reflection. In reality, its the white women who bring harm upon humanity with their unbelievable amount of narcissm and self-righteousness. Like the specimen in the video.

  21. Black Inventors List

    Philip Emeagwali The Internet, and at the time the worlds fastest supercomputer.

    Henry T. Sampson Cell Phone

    Mark Dean, Ph.D holds three of IBM’s original nine PC patents and currently holds more than 20 total patents

    Granville T. Woods Train-to-station communication system

    , received 35 patents for inventions that contributed to the development of the transportation and communication industries. In 1885 he invented a system called telegraphony, which allowed telegraph lines to carry voice signals.

    Ellijah McCoy lubricating cup

    Joseph Hunger Dickenson record player arm

    L.R. Johnson bicycle frame

    George T. Sampson clothes dryer

    Samuel Scottron curtain rod

    G. Cook auto fishing devise

    Marie Van Brittan Brown Home security CCTV System

    Frederick Jones air conditioning unit

    W. Burwell Boot, Shoe

    J. Standard refrigerator

    Alice Parker black woman who created the gas heating furnace changed the way people warm their homes

    Lewis Latimer – Inventor of the Carbon Filament Light Bulb, Todays Modern Light,

    Latimer’s abilities in electric lighting became well known and soon he was sought after to continue to improve on incandescent lighting as well as arc lighting. Eventually, as more major cities began wiring their streets for electric lighting, Latimer was dispatched to lead the planning team. He helped to install the first electric plants in Philadelphia, New York City and Montreal and oversaw the installation of lighting in railroad stations, government building and major thoroughfares in Canada, New England and London. Helping bring electricity to the world.

    Thomas Edison made the light bulb, but it'd be nothing without the black man who created the carbon filament

    Gerald A. Lawson The Modern Home-Video Gaming Console

    Why It’s Important: Anyone who owns a Playstation, Wii or Xbox should know Lawson’s name. He created the first home video game system that used interchangeable cartridges, offering gamers a chance to play a variety of games and giving video game makers a way to earn profits by selling individual games, a business model that still exists today.

    James E. West The Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone.

    Why It’s Important: Without James West, rappers wouldn’t be able to rock the mic. West, along with Gerhard M. Sessler, helped develop the electroacoustic transducer electret microphone, for which they received a patent in 1962. Their invention was acoustically accurate, lightweight and cost effective. Ninety percent of microphones in use today — including those in telephones, tape recorders and camcorders — are based on their original concept.

    Elijah McCoy Railroad Lubrication Machine

    Why It’s Important: McCoy, who was from Canada, invented a lubrication device to make railroad operation more efficient. After studying the inefficiencies inherent in the existing system of oiling axles, McCoy invented a lubricating cup that distributed oil evenly over the engine’s moving parts. He obtained a patent for this invention in 1872, which allowed trains to run continuously for long periods of time without pausing for maintenance. This is where the saying "The Real McCoy Comes From

    George Crum Potato Chips

    Dr. Mark Dean Computer systems gigahertz computer processor chip

    F. J. Loudin key chain

    O. Dorsey door stop

    Granville T. Woods – auto cut-off switch

    J. Thomas White lemon squeezer

    Benjamin Banneker almanac

    Otis Boykin Artificial Heart Pacemaker Control Unit

    Joseph Winters fire escape ladder

    Thomas W. Stewart mop

    Alexander Miles Elevator Brakes and The Modern-Day Elevator Design

    J. L. Love pencil sharpener

    John W. Reed rolling pin

    Richard Spikes automatic gear shift

    T. Elkins chamber commode

    Paul L. Downing mail box

    G. T. Sampson clothes dryer

    Albert Richardson insect-destroyer gun

    Alexander Miles elevator doors and braking safty system

    Sarah Boone black women inventor – ironing board

  22. Hockey, handball, gymnastics, fishing, javelin throw, boxing, weightlifting,swimming, rowing, archery, high jump, marathon, tug of hoop, tug of war, equilibrium and rhythmic gymnastics were all created by black people in Ancient Egypt

  23. Again i forgot a few. Martial Arts, Illusion Transmitter used in Movie Projection, Fiber Optics, Chess, hair comb and brush, cell phone. door knob. The Wheel, come on guys The list goes on and on

  24. they are filtering and deleting my comments wow. they don't want white people to know the real truth

  25. Why people always wanna steal my works and inventions, starting with Edison and finishing with these liars?? I'm offended 😥

  26. Where's the link to the video where this was exposed by a youtuber and it was found out that only like 3 of these were true even if that cus they were pretty much all patents

  27. we need some black invented potato chips for all this salt in the comment section. LOL DAMN y yall so mad ??

  28. Now do one where black people live without white inventions. No wheels, two story buildings, written language.

  29. Yes some black may contribute to few part of those item but no one can claim they invent the whole thing. Smartphone for example, have hundreds of different components each of them invented by different person. Lithium ion battery alone have at least 6 scientists (might be more) that deserve credit, 3 white (John Goodlenogh, Robert Huggins, Stanley Whittingham), 2 Japanese (Akira Yoshino, Yoshio Nishi) and Arab (Rachid Yazami).

  30. The first car was invented by Karl Benz in 1885…a white German man.
    The first programable computer was invented by Charles Babbage, a white British man, between 1833 and 1871. Before him 'computers' were actually people.
    The light bulb was invented by, British inventor, Humphrey Davy in 1802. There was a problem with the filament which Thomas Eddison TRIED to take credit for solving in 1879. The problem was actually solved by a British chemist called Warren de la Rue, 40 years previously. Thomas Eddison had absolutely NOTHING to do with the invention of the light bulb!
    The refrigerator was invented by William Cullen in 1748, a white British man from Scotland.

  31. The west is so far gone, whites are trying so hard to be nice to blacks we allow lies to permeate and delusional bitches like this get a voice. History is being rewritten and lied about right in front of our eyes.

  32. Someone else would have invented it. I would be happy in a world without any ignorant blacks.

  33. Hey buzzfeed, you need to just delete this bs liar video & your account. Stop lying to people. I feel like this is purposely done by the republicans so ppl who are left will see how crazy some people are and become a republican. Nobody can truly be this ignorant. Or can they?

  34. These are not original inventions only took inventions from other ppl not an original thought.

  35. I've been waiting for the day, used to be a joke… "Haha, people will start claiming black people invented everything"

    Now we have to ask ourselves, should these people really be allowed to vote?
    These idiot clowns. Its why the US is a republic.

  36. Black person invents resister. Attributes this to invention of Apple computer.
    Steve Jobs would not be pleased.

  37. Why are you spreading misinformation on purpose? Computers were most definitely NOT invented in '81 but way, way earlier. The timeline changes depending on your perception of what constitutes a computer but we can probably go AT LEAST as far as 1822 when Charles Babbage first conceptualized it and began actual development for piece of machinery with calculating power. What is the purpose of this video?

  38. Anyone who researches this stuff will realize none of these inventions were made by blacks lol

  39. Next up: Black people or "POC" try to live without white man's inventions, oh wait that's the Senegalese tribe.

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