Performance Poem The Moon

She is vast And she is cold And she is cratered where life
Kissed her a little too hard She avoids her sister Her brighter sister Her vision of a sister The lady The goddess The image of perfection Painted in gold glitter
And draped in blue satin Clear and light and loved So unlike our hero Our sinner Our beauty edged in silver Who is fickle Always trying to draw you in Never quite lighting your way
Teasing that she might One day If you sit with her long enough If you touch her gently enough If you swear you won’t ignore her Or reject her Or marvel at her prettiness like Its something to behold
Rather than a fact of life She can show you things Like how fingertips can call an ocean or Summer leaves can become monsters or Or the bottom of your garden can be the edge of the world Do not demand that she show you things That’s not what she’s for She is for waxing lyrical Arpeggios falling off her tongue Tunelessly Beautifully With all the feeling of Feral cats and nightingales She is for touching the world with magic Spinning sunlight into a shroud
Broad enough to adorn Her roundness Her pitted sharpness Her all too visible expanses The moon doesn’t have a dark side Just the bits people care to ignore Or the parts she doesn’t care to show you She does not have to show you But oh How she wants to show you Let her show you But do not make her show you She needs you to open your eyes When she shines When she stands in her fullness She needs to smile like you mean it Smile because you mean it Smile because her silver
Quickens your heart And her width is giving you room to grow And her eyes Hold the quiet and mystery and peace
Of the witching hour She is half the sky after all Though she would never tell you that Why should she?

2 thoughts on “Performance Poem The Moon

  1. Wonderful!"The Moon doesn't have a dark side – just what you choose to ignore."Blimey, that's awesome!

  2. "Do not demand that she show you things." I loved that line. This was an amazing piece and the way you performed it was on point as well. Well done.

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