48 thoughts on “Periphery – Prayer Position (Bass Playthrough)

  1. The original track should've been mixed like this. Heavy on the bass. Sounds so much better that way!

  2. I just listen to this on repeat all day long… (insert "repeat" between youtube and .com)

  3. The major factor about this bass tone is literally the knowledge behind the performer. A lot more happening dynamically that meets the ear I'd say. You could complain that he's using a pick but the attack he's getting is amazing lol. This was a super impressive performance. FUCK YEA!.

  4. I've entered that exact store he was many times before and never knew that this awesome playthrough was done there.

  5. Goddamn that bass tone sounds like a metal grinder with sub human frequencies playing beautiful melodies !! 💵💵💵🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍

  6. That bass tone is so filthy it should have it's own category on pornhub.

  7. Obviously an incredibly talented musician, but…. I'd counter by saying guitarists always play bass like guitar lines. Then again that is very much the style of this type of artist

  8. I need metal mixes to get with the fucking program already and mix the bass this loud and gnarly. It's just better and heavier.

  9. Oh man that bass looks so fun and satisfying to play. 4 strings, multi-scale, drop A tuning, Jesus Chrisss.

  10. I show this vid to my teacher every time she says you have to play bass with your fingers

  11. This is just downright filthy. I need a shower after watching this.

  12. I have watched this video so many times lol. The sound is so amazing

  13. If the Hulk ever gets another movie Nolly needs to be the one who writes the music for it. Tone so thick you wanna go to a baby punching competition

  14. This video is proof that the idiots who berate bassists for playing with a pick couldn't be any less correct. People need to realise that music doesn't have any correct answers, and that this technique can sound AMAZING as it does here

  15. imagine if Animals as leaders took on some singer, it'd ruin the band. when you have music as syncopated and layered as periphery the vocals just get in the way in my opinion. I don't see any loss in releasing both versions of their records, many people like the vocals and many others don't.

  16. sounds so good! I only listen to the instrumental version of their first album because the vocals ruin the others for me. primarily because there is just so much sound happening and its harder to hear all the intricacies. I wish they offered all their music without the singer. I've listened to that first album several thousand times.

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