Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) for Achalasia (Links to Full Procedure)

That’s right about whatever this mark is – let’s
say we’re right – that’s it right there. Yeah I did. So that’s 60 55 53.5 basically. Let’s go down a little bit here. Okay. Keep moving me. Deflect down, just deflect down – and go up. Okay, yep. It’s going to be 2 cm to you. Okay. Keep going, advance – let’s get this thing
right down here next. This is holding us. It’s close to mucosa though. A little bit more – we got a few more fibers
right here that have to go. Oh, that’s empty space there, right? That’s perineum. Yeah. So we’re good there. Okay, alright fine. Pull back. Pull back – pull back – pull back – pull back
– that’s myotomy – that’s myotomy – that’s myotomy – go a little bit more up here.

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