Perpetual Pizza! — DONG

Vsauce, I’m Jake and I love pizza. Especially
when it’s perpetual dot pizza. Which you should bring to a translation party. Type
in a phrase and then it’ll translate it back and forth from English to Japanese until
you get a something deep and meaningful like Pizza or Tacos, all lives in the world. Wow,
that changes my perspective on life. Well while I contemplate existence here are some
DONGs … things you can Do Online Now, Guys. If you’ve ever wondered what the 26 biggest
turning points in Earth’s History were, well spoiler alert the first is Nicolas Cage
Roulette, a site that randomly picks a Nic Cage movie for you to stream over Netflix.
For the other 25, the BBC created a handy guide that starts 4 and a half billion years
ago with the birth of our planet. It goes through the timeline with other incredible
events like the Cambrian Explosion and the Triassic Extinction…but life uhhh finds
a way so if you miss the dinosaurs you can visit Jurassic World. The site does a pretty
convincing job of seeming real. There are park cams so you can check out the T Rex Paddock,
look how long the line at the Gyrosphere or just check out the map to plan your trip. Once you’re ready to go on your dino adventure,
Click to Enter. And then click to enter, and then click to enter, and then click to enter
and again and again and again and again . Pizza or Tacos, all lives in the world. Who said
that? Why is everything spinning? Oh, it’s just Spiral Art Generator. Adjust the number
of lines, width, speed and rotation amount to create something unique. You can even share
your code once you’ve perfected it. Then throw on some Jake Chudnow music and sit back
for a trippy experience… If your brain hasn’t completely melted learn
a language for free with Live Mocha. The more you practice the more points you earn which
can be used to unlock additional lessons. I’m currently trying my hand at Japanese.
Or become fluent in the dragon language from Elder Scrolls using Thu’um (thoo-um). There
is a handy translator, dictionary and pronunciation guide. After all that learnin’ relax with some
Iron Maiden songs done entirely in chiptune and load up a video with the Particle YouTube
player. Change the parameters so that it is to your particular liking and then discover
new videos to watch with 5by that curates content depending on your interests. Try not
to lose track of time with Binge Clock. A very handy tool that tells you how much of
your life you’d need to dedicate to binge watch an entire TV series. If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea, like
for example making a wallet shaped like a taco, share it on Idea Swap. Once you swap
it, you’ll get a random persons idea in return. “Start a band”. What a great idea!
I’ll use Daft Punkonsole to create my ultimate cover band and maybe throw in some Simple
Stitch to recreate the samples from popular songs. But now I need a band name…hm…ah
this hipster band name generator should work. Moon Youth, perfect! For cover art be really
deep and use a solid coolor. Coolor generates an assortment of random colors for you to
fine tune and pick. Or for something truly hip, you can’t go wrong with Emoji Painter.
Look at it – It’s a Doorable, a short but clever game that reveals a hidden message
once you finish. For another small game there is a playable Bayonetta mini game on the 404
page of the developer’s website. But lets Fear Less. Fear Less is a really cool endless
runner where the objective is to outrun Death. As you venture deeper into the forest you
battle it’s wild inhabitants and avoid obstacles. All the while gaining coins to upgrade and
become stronger. Not to mention it has a pretty killer soundtrack… For a more puzzling game, there’s Hextris.
An interesting interpretation of tetris where you rotate a hexagon to get 3 matching colors
together to clear a row or column. Let’s continue to get mathematical with the Inspirograph.
A digital take on the ol’ geometric drawing toy the Spirograph. Once finished, you can
download and share your creations. My friend Joe Hanson showed me this DONG on twitter. Speaking of twitter, why not use your tweets
to create poetry with Poetweet. Choose the poem format you desire and become the next
Dickinson…. Seduction mode engaged.
Stronger. I could crush diamonds. My life has been changed.
Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Keep looking better and better!
And I’m addicted to pumpkin spice. Happy birthday to your sister!
It’s wonderful lighting. Vsauffice. See you sooooon!!
Friendsgiving lamb feast? Is I’m probably going to die soon.
You a glass! You can have my toast. Like if mankind lived on the moon. Truly a masterpiece and gives us a lot to
think about. And while we think why not listen to some JAMs? a Playlist of Just Awesome Music
that I made over on WEsauce so you can discover some new music while you discover some DONGs.
And as always, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Perpetual Pizza! — DONG

  1. I typed in "what is love, baby don't hurt me no more" on translation party and got to "love without hurt, but that love hurts"

  2. I put the entirety of the lyrics of Cancer by MCR into Translation Party. It said it would likely never reach equilibrium, but this is the last thing it translated to:

    Will be soon. Otherwise, ' you can get a glass of water and my lips. She gathers all of my aunt Marie's favorite color. Still, I kiss my sisters and my brother.

  3. Original:
    There are three views of a conflict. Person A's view, Person B's view, and the truth.

    3 view the conflicts. B the guy look at a real person.

  4. from 'pizza parties all around the world but no one knows about it, except through tacos and other perpetual pizza who talk to cows.' to 'All the world and persistent Pizza Pizza Party beef tacos and everyone knows something.'

  5. Wow! This site is awesome! It changes from English to Japanese to English to Japanese to English to Japanese to English to Japanese to English to Japanese to English to Japanese until it finds a result! to Wow-! this site is great! changing Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan English English English English English results found!

  6. Original: But wait! There's more! We'll send you another tub of oxi clean absolutely free!
    Equilibrium: But, wait! There are many more! We will send you another tab of your clean oxy absolutely you free!

  7. Why did you have to talk about pizza so much in a wrestler in wrestling season 😭

  8. I asked someone their opinion on pizza. NOT ME!! They said, "Pizza is the best but I also like cheese and onion rolls."

    Pizza, asked for my opinion. Not me!! They said, ' best pizza, cheese, onion and roll ".

  9. Find equilibrium or crash someone else's party

    Pizza will bring death to all.




    Pizza brings everything to death.




    All pizza brings death.




    All pizza, visit death.




    All pizza's, visit death.




    All the death of pizza visits.




    Visit the death of all of the pizza.




    See all the death of pizza.




    See all the death of pizza.

  10. I may not outsmart people, but people also do not outsmart me.
    Translation: To write the man with the soles of my feet.

  11. sees pizza… "damn, i'm hungry for pizza" *remembers that there's pizza in the fridge* *RUSHES OUT TO THE KITCHEN*

  12. Original: "We are the middle children of history. Born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space."

    Translation: "Children in the middle of history. Further exploration, explore the Earth, and the universe was born just in the second half."

  13. Mine was :
    I am now in my grave forgotten and unloved, but one still loves and remembers me, there was a fine light between you and me and it was the first time I saw you, Now is the last.
    And became this:
    First, remember the small, light edge, love, love, my grave.

  14. I used TranslationParty, and did Jacksepticeye's intro, and got this gem.

    Click the boss thanks to YouTube button punch in the face! around the high touch!: thanks for the photos of all the videos!
    Jack, take notes!

  15. I would love to be able to live on pizza only.
    The pizza will live as long as possible.

  16. Just a warning. The Chip-tunes Iron Maiden one gave me a phishing attempt.

  17. He should add links to the websites in the description, cuz some i can't find.

  18. The music at end is Yastayım Kimse Bilmiyor from Ferhat Göçer

  19. Jake could whisper in my ears all day long. Choosing to watch this with headphones on was the best decision I've ever made.

  20. Input: Do what you want cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate
    Output: Boost your free pirate

    Input:All your feelings are mine
    Output: All emotions are mine

  21. I said: I am not in danger, I am the DANGER!
    Equilibrium found! That's deep, man.

  22. B'Ibbb. J I N. u. D. T. No' Matter?.o I just woke up and I typed that with my but when I slept lol

  23. Me: I love life. It's just perfect, but it gets even better when you're around.
    Equilibrium: Life is love. It is just about right.

  24. start: exclusivity is an exeptional topic especially because avocado's are not equal to swiss army knive

    End: It's the same topic knife Switzerland Federal Republic Federal Republic of Switzerland Federal Republic Federal Republic of Switzerland Federal Republic Federal Republic Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Switzerland avocado Switzerland Federal Republic Switzerland Federal co

    I'm not kidding, it's on the website


  26. vsauce 3 should not be linked to vsauce and vsauce2. I've never enjoyed a jake vid. ever.


    Toy drive I previously mentioned
    Review went up last night: Seems…
    2x orders from Bricklink opened
    Here are more of the summer items

    Shop & laser tag arena update
    And… wait for it… LEGOLAND
    LEGO minifig displays: (affiliate…
    Did you fail to understand?"

    Connecting multiple Knighton Riders
    My biggest haul, yes, EVER
    It's opened to actual passengers

    Custom vendor trailer
    Recovery with nothing lingering.
    HRMHT "Hermit" material-handler

  28. Translation party input: you are the most tasty potato

    Output: and you're related to the family how?

    Truly amazing

  29. The outro song is from "Ferhat göcer – Yastayim " instrumental or karoke ^^ you are welcome 😉

  30. or you could pick a random movie from the list of movies when you choose an actors name on netflix

  31. Here is Humpty Do's leekspin song translated…

    (Hurts hurts hurts hurts.)

    また、痛い痛い痛いだけ Ah く痛
    (Also, hurts hurts hurts just Ah painl)

    (All scars repeat pain repeatedly.)*

    (Self-destruction, insist on opportunities for pain.)

    (Mary I am not suffering from a very reasonable friend.)

    (- 脊柱を設定します。目立つふりをして、口頭での虐待の印象を残さないでください!)
    (- Set the spinal column. Pretend to stand out and do not leave the impression of verbal abuse!)

    また、痛い痛い痛いだけ Ah く痛
    (Also, hurts hurts hurts just Ah painl)

    (All scars repeat pain repeatedly.)*

    他の人ではありません。hilihilizukizukibilibili 痛みは、彼女の男です。
    (Others are not. hilihilizukizukibilibili pain is her man.)

    (I have not been told I'm still crying, so I do not know unless I do not know if boots are silent.)

    (You can also continue to send signs of tiredness to the plane.)

    (How to delay the brain God completely in the throes of pleasure.)*

    (It hurts, it hurts, it is not impossible to hide.)

    最後石頻繁ハイフォン終了しない今、knowns の多く。
    (Last stone often Phong do not end now, a lot of knowns.)

    (Nowhere nowhere again pain pain than many of his)

    (If there is something you feel any pain. All the pain that can feel pain.)

    (Another hard, hard, yet somehow waiting for happiness, because it is hard.)

    その 1 つがまだ痛い以上非常に痛みを伴う胸の痛み痛み
    (That one still hurts more than very painful chest pain pain)

    (Hurts hurts hurts hurts.)

  32. Since we are on the subject of checking out DONGS, check out this epic rash I got on mine. Should I see a doctor?!?

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