PERSONIFICATION IN POEM | कवितेतील चेतना – अभिव्यक्ती

Now, we have to do an experiment. I will pass on this basket to you You have to pick up a chit,
Then you have to open the chit And whichever word comes on it,
You have to think about the word And you have to imagine yourself as that thing only
and think about how you feel being that thing What will make you happy and
what will make you sad, think about it. Have you thought about it? Come tell. – I am a bowl.
– When you use me in a good way, I feel very happy. – But when you throw me here and there,
I feel very sad. Does anyone feel anything other than this? – When you put some eatables in me and eat,
I feel very nice – but when you keep me somewhere else and bring a new bowl, I feel sad In this chapter students find and learn
the lines of personification And how they beautify poems when they are used. Now we all gave a thought to this topic. Yes or no?
We saw what makes us happy and sad Now, we will see in a poem when did
an umbrella feel happy or sad. My umbrella is beautiful
– My umbrella is beautiful But she is afraid
– But she is afraid Now tell me which words indicated
the appearance of the umbrella? – Umbrella is beautiful
Umbrella is beautiful and? – She is afraid
– Gets wet in the rain. This refers to the umbrella getting drenched…
Yes or no? – She used to leak drop by drop.
– She is dripping tears from her eyes. Good. She is dripping tears from her eyes. Beautiful, wet, leaked drop by drop, crying.
In this, the word beautiful shows us the appearance,
Yes or no? And according to what you say, appearance
can be seen even though it was wet.
You saw the wet appearance of her. She used to cry drop by drop,
even this shows her appearance. And what does the word crying show? Yes, tell.
– An action verb. In the same way, this has verbs also.
Getting wet is a verb.
Dripping is a verb. But will the umbrella feel all this on her own? Because how is the umbrella?
– Non-living Then what did the poet imagine?
That the umbrella is living. The poet imagined what will she feel
and has presented it in the poem The beautiful umbrella is extremely afraid.
Here, fear and sadness means feelings. You have got a poem, right? A nice poem
is written on the cardboard. Read the poem, and you have to tell me their
description as falls within these three points. Feelings, appearances and verb. In the beginning, I take the example of a poem. Here, I ask the students questions on
the words that are personified And draw the student’s attention to
the appearance, feelings and verb. Did you finish discussing?
– Yes.
Did you find the verbs we were looking for? – Yes.
First you have to tell the name of the poet and then read out the poem. – Scale, scale
– I am stubborn
– I will stop talking, if u break me. What do you think?
– Feelings – Stubborn, discipline, stop talking. – Verb
– To break, to take – Appearance
– Discipline Is discipline an appearance?
She stands in discipline. Do you think of any other line which
can be used for appearance? Tell…
– It’s short and long You explained the appearance, now tell the verb
– Taking a round And
– Dancing When we read a poem, we concentrate only on
the meaning of the words. But to make the meaning of the poem more effective,
the poet uses various elements of language such as personification. In today’s chapter, the students gave deep thought And learned about these elements of language.

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