Pet Peeves – A Poem by the Folks at ThunderWorks

Your pets may go crazy,
your pets may go nuts. They may shiver all shakey,
or like to sniff butts. They could be scratching or clawing,
or marking and spraying, or constantly pawing the puzzle you're making
JOE-JOE NO! It could be when you leave,
how they whimper and whine. As if to say please,
don't leave me behind. How about when you walk them,
and they pull on their leashes. As they try to devour everything in their
reaches. Some are mature,
but some are quite funny. Some only chew furniture that costs lots of
money. Yes your pet may have problems,
It's sad but its true. So at ThunderWorks we thought,
well what could WE do? So we thought, and we thunk up solutions for
you. See them all, at

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves – A Poem by the Folks at ThunderWorks

  1. Thanks for the "chuckle" It is the season and "Skippah" and the family are not looking forward to the celebration of the New Year with all of the fireworks! The same thing happened last year, so I have "armed" (sorry for the bad pun) Skippah' with a "Thunderworks" shirt which we actually did have an opportunity to try over the July fourth holiday! To our very happy surprise, it took a little while of him getting used to it. After we walked around the house (leash on) for awhile, he settled right in curled in his bed. This never happens, he is usually shaking, and looking for a place to hide! We are "thankful" for the Thunderworks shirt and would recommend it for any other animal that can fit one!

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