Pete Irving – The Warrior Poet | London Real

29 thoughts on “Pete Irving – The Warrior Poet | London Real

  1. Great interview, this dude looks just like Jason Statham, just delete the blond hair and the beard

  2. dont know if you will see this but how do i see the bonus footage from videos? i subscribed, got a verification email but no videos??

  3. People that know how to give good interview.Nice.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Joe thanks for having these guys on your podcast, im glad i found these guys.

    The Dutch also like your podcast! Later

  5. why is this show more popular? its good.
    I liked you guys on the Joe Rogan Experience.

  6. A lethal man and yet grounded and honest. @ufc @basruten @tweetmma

  7. Hey Brian – are you going to talk some more about your last Aya Huasca experience? Did I dream it, or did you say a few shows back that you were going to have Graham Hancock on the show? Cos I was looking forward to that one! If I dreamt it then I'm gutted. I've also been wondering how people know who's going to be on a particular show and ask questions in advance?

  8. There are downsides to any career, including fighting. @ufc @renzogracie

  9. Cheers @JoeRogan, it's a date! Consider yourself booked on London Real next time you're in town.

  10. Another really interesting guest. Very different to what I imagined at the outset. Less arrogant, more honest and humble. Not afraid to talk about the downsides as well, which I find is rare when asking someone about what they do. People tend to "big it up" so they don't lose face. Loved the hand shake/assault line. So true.

  11. You guys are doing great shit! I'm honored that my show inspired you. Next time I'm in London I would love to come on.

  12. Every time i watch im baffled that you guys dont have more views.

    such a great podcast

  13. You beat up six guys with tyre irons? Why aren't you fighting in the ufc?

  14. Sizing up other human beings is indeed one of our natural instincts. @fightersonly @joerogan

  15. They based the podcast on Joe Rogan's podcast, they're big fans.

  16. Another great conversation! I love how you get great talks out of people perhaps not often in that role publicly, like Pete Irwing here.

  17. Hehe, some of us, both nice guys and bastards do it. It's more or less instinct. Girl do the same, only they size each other up on other terms and in different ways (mostly related to attractiveness). In modern world these mechanisms still exists under the surface, IMO. I sure do it, get an overview over the place and the guys…

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