PewDiePie – Motivational video

[Music playing: “Leaving Shelter”/Motivational/Emotional/Inspiring music] *Video source: 2500 SUBS, 100th VIDEO THANK YOU + SHOWING MA GAMING RIG*
2011 PewDiePie: I never really been like a… *Only the same music plays in this video, just letting you know* [Music]
I don’t really care for numbers that much, [Music]
what I care more about is… [Music]
the support for… [Music]
that I get from all you guys. [Music] [Music]
That means so much more than just a random number, but, [Music] [Music]
I just thought I’d drop by, [PewDiePie giggling… and also music] [Music]
say hello, and, uh… [Music]
really say thank you, um… [Music]
it means a lot to me. [Music]
I love making tho- these videos, [Music]
and, um… [Music]
you guys are my main motivation of wanting to make these videos, um… [Music]
so yeah, thanks again. [Music]
This is just a quick thank you video. [Music] [Music]
PewDiePie: I… hope you have a nice evening, day, [Music]
uh… [Music] [Music]
morning, or whatever, and this is Pewdiepie signing off. [Music]
Peeewdiepieee. [Music] *Video source: Lets Talk About Money.*
2015 PewDiePie: When I started doing YouTube, [Music]
I was in college, [Music]
I was on a student loan, [Music]
I couldn’t even afford a proper computer that I could record gameplay on. [Music] [Music]
Shortly after, I quit college, [Music]
and so I had to get a job, [Music]
and I took whatever job I could get, [Music]
which was to work in a hot dog stand. [More of the same music] [Music]
I was the happiest I was at that time, [Music]
because I was finally for the first time in many, many years, [Music]
doing what I wanted to do. [Music] [Music]
And the fact that I could make videos, [Music]
was so much more important to me that I had to spend a few hours a day [Music]
PewDiePie: doing a job that wasn’t that prestigious. [Music] [Music]
I really think that money doesn’t make you happy. [Music]
I am just as happy as I am now, [Music]
as I was five years ago. [Music] [Music]
I think that’s what’s cool about YouTube, [Music]
I- that anyone could technically do it, right? [Music] [Music]
I do want to finish off, [Music]
by just saying thank you so much to all of you, [Music]
who watch my videos, [Music]
enjoy them, [Music]
and support what I do. [Music]
It really does mean a lot. [Music]
And, i’m just happy doing this, I would be doing it even if I was still… [Music] [Music]
uh… [Music]
not as big as I am. [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] *Video source: Call of Duty: Black Ops: Wager Match: Gun Game*
2010 PewDiePie: And yeah, today we’re going to celebrate, because I’ve got one hundred/100 subscribers. [Music] [Music]
To a lot of people one hundred/100 subscribers is probably an insignificant- insignificant number, [Music]
but, to me- to me it means a lot. [Music]
So, I just want to thank you guys so much. [Music] [Music]
Like, for all your support. [Music]
It doesn’t matter, if you’re… [Music]
I don’t know, a new subscriber or being here… [Music]
I don’t know how long this… [Music]
one and a half months, maybe? [Music]
uh… [Music]
I just want to thank you guys. [Music]
I love you all equally. [Music] [Music]
uh… [Music]
Thank you so much for… commenting on my videos, [Music]
and rating them, [Music]
subscribing, [Music]
and participating in any way, [Music]
it just makes me happy. [Music] [Silence] [Music continues] [Music]
And I don’t do this because I want to be famous. [Music]
That’s the… main thing I wanted to say, [Music]
the only reason why I do this is because it’s fun. [Music]
And, you guys are the biggest part of that, like, it’s because of you guys that this actually is fun. [Music]
And, that’s why I make videos, [Music]
and that’s why I’m going to keep making videos. [Music]
So, thank you guys again so much. [Music] [Music ends]

100 thoughts on “PewDiePie – Motivational video

  1. | THE VIDEO IS NOW OUT | enjoy.

    We are currently working on a 100M Pewdiepie video, we plan to make it about 30 minutes long. We are not too sure which direction to take with it yet but it will be more a thank you for everything he's done for us creators and veiwers.

    If you have any suggestions then please feel free to comment. As long as it doesn't go against the rules of YouTube or include copyrighted material we will try edit into the video some way.
    This video is really old and we have progressed as editors so the new one should hopefully be better.

    Thank you.

  2. time travel : ahh im hungry,,and heyy thats a hotdog stand
    felix : Hi good morning mr
    time travel : what,,pewds what are you doing here ??

  3. If every youtuber would be like this…youtube would be a better place but people like jake paul ricecunt and tana mongeu are just ruining this website

  4. Pewdiepie in 2010 – lets celebrate 100 subscribers
    Pewdiepie in 2019 – 100 million subscribers….wait what?!

  5. I have 250 subscribers, I hope I'm gonna reach my dreams and succeed with my channel and continue doing what I like to do, I hope

  6. Let’s grow together.i’l do the same within one hour.(no cheating)😊👍do and reply here.dont comments guys who planning to unsub after get done ur work.😁😁.

  7. 100 to 100,000,000 subscribers
    I don’t know about you but…

    That motivates me

  8. Then: "I have 100 subscribers"
    Now: "I have 100 million subscribers"

    Feeling old yet?

  9. Hi if your reading this

    Hope You will be succesful
    someday (small youtuber here)

  10. Doesn’t care for numbers , gets most subscribers on YouTube. That’s liife

  11. And now this living legend has got over 100 million subscribers.

    Edit: Has followed him since 2 million

  12. 2months ago, i had 90 subs. I felt like quitting because nobody knew me. Then a sub told me to keep grinding what I love. Now i have over 400. It's not that big but it means so much to me

  13. You motivate me ….i m also going to get 100subscriber soon
    And yes i am also happy for 100subscriber and here i get a great platfrom where i found my self happly….got motivated

  14. i wanna cry.. he has 100subs and now 100.000.000subs.. i really wanna cry, he's my inspiration..

  15. When i reatched 100 subs i was so happy now im heading for 200 subs so please help to make my dreams come true by subing me

  16. I think pewdiepie is a inspiration to all of us creators I’m glad he’s stuck around as long as he has and has endured through some of the roughest times which most creators break in and give up . Time to start a job at a hotdog stand . Keep it up pewds don’t give up .

  17. Man congratulations!!!!! Hope my channel gets this big!!!! 😔😭😢

  18. I know you’ll read past this but , I watch this video everyday I’ve always felt inspired by pewdiepie, I understand the struggles my pc runs in 30 frames and I can’t even record a game , but I love doing this , editing, posting, reading comments, pewdiepie went through everything , but I post every week or so but I just see me growing slowly ima keep grinding , ima keep my head up idk but I have 1 goal and it’s to be BIG

  19. I guess all you think that pewdiepie is just grabbing money in a tree and boom famous. Pewdiepie worked hard for it. Pewdiepie used to be in a lot of shit. But he overcame that obstacle and look at him today.

  20. He reached 100M now i'm not crying you are

    sobs uncontrolably

  21. 3 years ago he knew he's gonna reach 100 subs. Respect this guy, he deserved this

  22. Youtube is recommending this to us after Our King has reached 100 mill

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