Phil Kaye – "The New Apartment"

my father sister and I walk up the stairs to his hastily rented apartment for the first time since my parents separation the inaugural night of dads time my father is quiet there are many flights of stairs we focus on the load we are carrying rented lamps rented sheets rented plates rented silverware my parents break happened over just one night though my sister and I had heard creaking for years so loud it kept us up some nights I would find out later that my father imagined this particular walk up the stairs dozens of times before it happened envisioned every barbed comment my sister and I might offer the punctures they would make in his tired body how he wouldn't be able to sew them back up why are there so many stairs these rooms are so small why is everything so bare where are we gonna go play daddy I want to go home of course all I remember was how quiet it was that evening for the first time which is to say the sound of wind wafting through pipes on some abandoned battlefield the promise that there will be no more fighting the strange relief of blood that has finally begun to dry the way my father recalls it we made it up the stairs and walked through the door flipped on the barren overhead light bulb the walls dull white i sat down the weight that I was holding looked around said cool [Applause]

34 thoughts on “Phil Kaye – "The New Apartment"

  1. That sounded great but to be honest I think I could hear him read the ingredients in fruit roll up and be be like, “wow, that was amazing”.

  2. He has the most soothing voice, even talking about something so vulnerable and personal.

  3. even a simple story being told is 100 times better when Phil does it

  4. Phil and Sarah are the only reasons to watch this channel anymore. The rest is regressive identity politics that is poisoning the mind of the vulnerable.

  5. He Has A "Wise Dad" Vibe About Him, It Adds An Alluring Atmosphere To His Work ✍️✨

  6. I remember that moment. It was like I was allowed to breathe out loud for the first time in years.

  7. Sometimes I think Phil Kaye have some kind of access to my personal life and my memories because he talks about it so damn straight

  8. Damn. I felt this one hit me like a runaway train and I am a snail on the railtrack. My parents never divorced, but there was a time they were about to and this poem made me feel the clatter of sadness as I shut them out and smile.

  9. First Phil Kaye video I've ever given a thumbs down. I found it quite disappointing

  10. I like a lot of the poets in this channel. But Phil is literally the only one that makes me click as soon as I see him.

  11. just another amazing piece of work from phil. i felt this on such a deeper level.

  12. I'm always so excited when I get a notification that Button has posted something by Phil. There's just something about his voice combined the content of each of his poems that make them feel endlessly important. Thank you for writing everything you write Phil.

  13. Hey Button,

    I've been writing a lot of Poetry lately, and I'd like to submit some of it to share with you, but I live in the state of Washington. Is there anything I can do?

  14. I remember me and my brothers first night with our dad after the divorce it was just him and us he acted as if everything was normal and we were kind of asking questions and junk we didn't at the time but we kind of made him upset but now my brothers and me live with my dad and his new wife and it's really good

  15. My absolute favorite poet hands down to see him in person would be the most amazing thing ever ❤️

  16. " the punctures they would make in his tired body and how he wouldn't be able to sew them back up " wow..

  17. I love this. He doesn't need to shout to get his point across. His words are powerful on its own.

  18. My heart💝, how many of us liked the video even before watching.☝️

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