Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/

Hello. My name is Chris; this is Learn British
English Free on YouTube. This lesson is about Phonemic Poem 2 in my
new pronunciation series. In this lesson and poem, I’m going to compare
two sounds which are really important to make different. They are: /I/ (a short sound) ‘i’ and /i:/
(a long sound) ‘eee’. /ɪ/ or /i:/ ‘ship’, ‘sheep’ – two different
words. We must get this sound right to avoid confusing
people. Please read with me – you can use captions,
subtitles, the description and the link to the poem document where I have the /ɪ/ sounds in bold and /i:/
sounds underlined so you can understand it more clearly. Let’s start: Bitch or beach? Hit or heat? All he likes is eating meat. TV in bits – see or miss? It’s not easy saying these or this. Six chicken pieces please. Fill up, feel full with chips in cheese. Clean misty windows; seat, sit. Glean it with ease. In a bit! That was Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/ ship or sheep (short and long). It was by me, Chris. I hope you liked it. Number two in this new pronunciation series. Please leave a comment with your feedback
– I would love to read it. More of these poems will be coming soon; please subscribe on Learn British English
Free on YouTube, join us on the British English Page on Facebook and come to my website: everything is free and everyone is welcome. Thanks again for your time; I will see you
for the next one. Bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/

  1. I'm sure that this video will help my sister alot, because she has those ' i or eee' problems.
    Cool video as always.
    Only the best,

  2. Can you please glean lots of vocabularies that we may intend to learn and use everyday in our daily conversation and how do they pronounce with gently tone, flowing rhythm and so much more in your accent?

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