Phonemic Poem 6: /ʤ/

Hello! This is Chris on Learn British English
Free. This lesson is Phonemic Poem 6. The sound in this poem looks strange. We have /ʤ/ – something like that – together. The sound is /ʤ/, like ‘joke’. There are two important things before I read
the poem; please take care. ‘Joke’ – we use the voice for this sound – /ʤ/ There is another sound, which is very similar: ‘ch’ ‘j’ – ‘joke or ‘ch’ – ‘choke’. Two different sounds. Please take care. The other thing is that Americans and British
people speak differently in some ways. For example: ‘The train is due (d-u-e).’ Americans say ‘due’ like the verb d-o (‘do’), but we would use this sound: ‘due’ /ʤ/ ‘due’
– d-u-e: ‘due’. Please listen carefully to other examples
like that in this poem and repeat them yourself. Good luck. Here’s Phonemic Poem 6: The jury budged the jokey judge. Jolly Julie made us fudge. Jest and joke; jump to your ledge. Juicy dew drenches the hedge. Gentle legends due to age; dubious duties induce rage. Jumping genies jive unhinged. Duly produce this poem you’ve binged. That was not easy. Please practise hard and
take care with those two rules I told you at the beginning. Good luck. Please join me on YouTube: Learn British English
Free on Facebook: the British English Page and the website: You can also find me on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram… please look below, under the poem, and I hope
to see you there. Everyone is welcome. Thank you very much. Take care.

10 thoughts on “Phonemic Poem 6: /ʤ/

  1. Thank you, Chris! I have some problems to recognise the words from the poem containing the sound.

  2. Thank you so much teacher Chris. Please, a small video about the pronunciation of where and were.

  3. Thank you so much chris. I want to ask you about the video, did the pronounciation of dew and due same? Or i heard it wrong? I am from indonesia, sorry if my grammar is wrong ☺

  4. Good one … can offer to add subtitles … for use in my classes … hope I have your consent … will of course share the video with you .. Thanks in anticipation

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