Photo + Poem – Wild Life and Freedom

Poem – Wild Life and Freedom
Written by xtremekoool A mountain patrolman of the large forest reserve Rescued a thin, dying baby tiger in a rushing river He waited for a long time but didn’t see it’s mother So quickly sent it to the wildlife clinic for further care Just after listening to the news Everyone in the office was relieved But the intern of the team asked What this baby tiger will be after this Everyone’s exciting was suddenly cooled Because the baby tiger Still in the stage of milk drinking Has to be nursed by human’s feeding If this baby used to human’s intimate caring It will become less afraid human beings And has dependence on eating Tiger’s preys are mostly wild animals Which usually live in wild country Without the leadership of adult tigers It’s ability of hunt independently should be low Although it can grow up healthily The chance of back to wild should very tiny After few months of the tiger has been placed In a the wooden space of the national zoo care area This baby was found shyly nestled in a corner With neatly laid hay and soft towels lying on Even plush toys beside as companion It could be reached slowly then touched With reactions no different from domestic kitten Looking at it’s beautiful And comfortable environment It won’t be back to wild can be confirmed The tiger baby will be isolated From original habitat in the future That’s why originally supposed to be excited Become full of bitterness and helplessness Because It won’t know how to get food In the harsh natural environment And how to compete for it’s own site By patrols and markings day by day Or how to find a place in the vast forest That’s suitable for it’s next generation It passively gave out the cost of freedom In exchange for a comfort lifetime No longer need to experience the nature selects Which most wild animals are feared But it also loses the link between the wildness And the natural environment in its genes When there are wild animals injured or lost homes, Most expectation of conservationists is to “save it” On the premise of possibility of wildly released failure A conservationists’ judgment Can determined them continue be “wild” Which will be naturally eliminated by nature Or having a life of free from outside harm By living in provided limited space Which choice is what they want Which choice is correct After losing the freedom of life Are they still their own Conservationists expect to protect wilds But don’t want to deprive their right of freedom How to choose between this problems Not yet an absolute correct answer chosen But must be recognized that The rescue of wild animals Can only be a choice of assistance The core of conservation Is still the habitat protection Only intact and undisturbed ecological habitats Can provide them a life which true and complete

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