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Physical and Chemical Changes. Cold region, desert and forest. In a physical change appearance or form changes, but substance remains same. Ice on melting converts to water. Water on evaporation converts to water vapor. Ice, water and water vapor. All the products formed are still forms of water. Hence, this is a physical change. Plate. These broken pieces are all still parts of a plate. Hence, this is a physical change. When wood burns, chemical reaction takes place. New substance gets formed. This is a chemical change. Here, the substance changes. Look at this car. Over time, chemical reactions have taken place resulting in rusting. This is a chemical change. When we light a matchstick, combustion reaction takes place. This is a chemical change. The End.

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  2. You're a lucky YouTuber because my Science teacher used this as a video to show us physical and chemical change!

  3. I love this video but the spellings of the words are wrong like water vapour thats incorrect

  4. Los elefantes no le temen a los ratones y ademas que cojones hace un elfante con un niño en la naturaleza solos :v
    Edite esto porque habia dichl elefantes a los elefantes :v

  5. this vid is like play and study at the same time, I literally love this vid… I GOT AN A+ IN EXAM

  6. Hi guys!!
    This video is very nice and is indeed very helpful too…..
    Pls watch this video..
    This video can be watched by students studying from Class 6-9…
    Thanks for uploading this video…

  7. I wish, i were a child of present time. These simple and informative videos are perfect for childeren to enjoy learning while watching.


  9. wow! it make me to understand better. Thank you aum sum time 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  10. At 2:52 you spelt “vapor” wrong you spelt it like “vapour”

  11. Thx u I have a one pager and I'm in six grade this helped a lot btw I watched this in class

  12. You are just amazing but my feedback is that if the characters had a voice it would be great. Rest all are just amazing

  13. Thank you so much for making The wonderful video which helps me a lot

  14. I like ur this type of videos . excellent keep going …
    I like ur video in which this kid is there it's knowledgeable video

  15. Brilliant l am fan

  16. let me tell u how i got an a on this!
    1. i focused well

    so i xame home worried bcuz we have an exam on science and this was the hardest lesson for me i cried cuz all the youtube videos were so hard and i clicked on this and it was so fun and so quick to understand after 2 hours of studying on my book i found out all my answers were just correct so i went to school the next day and i was scared and the exam was so easy and after 2 weeks my teacher gave me paper so happily cuz i got an a thanks alot u helped

  17. the first part was clever. tearing the piece of paper was a physical change and the paper burning and turning to ash was a chemical change. got it.

  18. Your videos are very helpful to me ……….thanks and keep posting new videos

  19. thank you for the Physical and Chemical Changes video. i have to do my home work

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