Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Semifinals: Joven Olvido – Vape Tricks

If he made us laughed so hard with his act and vape tricks before, what did he prepare for us tonight? With more than 19 million views and counting on Youtube, all the TODA in the Philippines most especially there in Sta. Cruz, Laguna Let’s make some noise for Joven Olvido! Good evening, Resorts World! Good evening, Judges. Good evening. too. Idol, Mr. Robin Padilla. Idol, Mr. Robin Padilla. Idol, Mr. Robin Padilla. Good evening. You’re better than the evening. You’re better than the evening. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Ma’am Angel, good evening. Good evening to you. You still haven’t changed, Ma’am. You’re still You’re still very, very beautiful. Ma’am, just like me Ma’am, just like me I also still haven’t changed I also still haven’t changed I am still crazy. Yeah, I agree Hello, Ma’am Vice. Hello, Ma’am Vice. Good evening. Did you miss me? Is that funny? Huh? Is that funny? I missed you. You’re actually the reason why I came here tonight. why I came here tonight. I also missed you, Ma’am. Did you know? I am always waiting and keep looking for ladies who are walking in the sidewalk (Robin: Not in the middle anymore) And also remember what I’ve told you that you should not wait in the middle of the road. that you should not wait in the middle of the road. Ahhm yes, Ma’am. It’s also because we might get hit there Ma’am, did you also know that I have a little hurt feeling Because I got to watch the Judges Cull and I saw you hiding under the table And so? What’s wrong about it? there’s somehow a pain But, Ma’am I can promise to you now if you’re able to watch my performance it’s me, who you’ll always gonna look for You know, Joven even if you’ll not say that it’s you who I always look for at this time, that a lot of crime incidents are happening at this time, that a lot of crime incidents are happening in our society you’re the only one that I can point out that’s why I am now happy to see you And you’re even in white? you’re still alive, yet you already look like a ghost I’m just letting you feel now, Ma’am that when I’m gone, I will really visit you If you’ll visit me, how will you let me feel your presence? If you’ll visit me, how will you let me feel your presence? I will start with you feet what will you gonna do with my feet? I will tickle you with a chicken’s feather a feather of? a chicken’s feather a chicken’s feather after my feet, what will you tickle next? It’s going up, Ma’am going up to your ears of all the parts of my body why did you choose my ears? So that I can whisper to you how much I love you… I like that. Do you know that my ears have been waiting for you so long? Because my earwax is looking for you That’s not a problem, Ma’am. I can clean your ears for you. That’s how much I love you. I’ll do anything just to make you happy. A lot of people have told me that already I just hope you can keep your words Just watch me now, this is for you. How can we watch you if you’ll keep on talking there? Instead of performing, you keep on talking to me. It’s just because I’ve missed you so much, Ma’am. My apologies. I love you, Joven. You have combined all the performances. Come here You have combined all the performances of our recent grand finalists here in PGT. From Aeon Flex, to Kristel Nocturnal Dance Company… all of them. But now we’ll see what will our… oh can you see there? our audiences are all standing as if Celine Dion sung for us Okay. Judge Robin, What can you say on what you’ve just watched? He combined everything Just like them, I had the same reaction. He just laughed. Even Bardilleranz… Joven, we’re all looking forward to you and I believe that you even got the attention of Boss FMG with your talent. Thank you. Would you like to drink water? Are you okay? You’re a happy person. And you also made us so happy. [Thank you, Sir. Thank you.] Even if we’re going through a lot these days You made us forget all of our problems. Thank you, Sir. Judge Angel You know what, Joven? Your advantage is that no one who’s in sane mind can predict what will you do next that’s why we’re very surprised here that all of us will have gastritis from laughing at you and this is just the only time that I will ask a favor to all PGT fans I am asking a favor to please vote for Joven. So that… (Thank you, Ma’am) So that the other contestants will get a chance to get a revenge to him when they see him in the grand finals. Kidding aside, Joven I am very happy that we fight for you Thank you. Because even at start I already saw in the spark of your eyes that this Joven will become popular because he has a talent and he makes everybody happy. Congratulations. [Thank you, Ma’am.] Thank you, Ma’am Angel. Judge Vice Was that funny? Huh? Was that funny? Huh? Was that funny? You, crazy Parody. Parody of all the performances. Okay. You know, what you did was actually the trend now that even you know that you’re being fooled, you’re still happy Is it just like love? Yeah, right? even if you know you’re being fooled, yet you’re still enjoying it Also, I liked it when you copied all most especially the one who did SHABA… (Shaba or Saba is a term for triploid hybrid banana cultivar originating from the Philippines) What suits you more is Shabu… (shabu is an illegal drug in the Philippines) Shabu ang dahilan… (Shabu is the reason…) Just kidding. Joven is normal. He has no vices. That’s why he is smart. He may look like an addict, but he has no vices. I am actually glad that I’ve met you. That we found you here. Because this time that I am not well, I am sad and I always pray that I need to be well because I cannot leave yet because I haven’t seen someone Now that I’ve seen you, I want to mentor you. It’s because you think so fast. You’re not the comedy type who tends to be ugly. Sometimes there are comedians who makes them look ugly to be funny But you, it’s your mouth. And I can see myself to you. But you, it’s your mouth. And I can see myself to you. It’s your words that is funny. Aside from your actions. I want to mentor you so that just in case I already need to rest, someone will take over the world needs more funny people and that is the very reason why we allowed you to enter the semi-finals. Those other people, who think they know a lot, who keep on asking why did you enter the semi-finals are you guys crazy? Comedy act is a very difficult art and work and it is an amazing form of talent Your minds are just limited and if you don’t like him, we’re not forcing you But we like him. We’re the judges. We’re the ones who will decide. We don’t oblige you to like him you can like whoever you want to like But we also like him. We love, Joven. Joven, you have your own tricycle right? No, I don’t have. Who owns it? Your cousin? Yes, Ma’am. You made me happy. I will buy you your own tricycle. Thank you for making all of us happy tonight You’re much like a winner tonight From Judge Angel’s campaign, Judge Robin is very fond of you And now, Judge Vice will buy you a tricycle! Thank you very much, Judges!

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