100 thoughts on “Pink or Blue // poem by Hollie McNish // directed by @dypka // @holliepoetry

  1. Thank you for switching things up and making us think harder about gender stereotypes! Powerful video.

  2. Est que qlq peut faire une traduction ? J'ai un peu de mal à tout comprendre

  3. That's an amazing video !
    It's so powerful and instructive
    I'm going to share it as much as I can because everybody needs to see that 💕

  4. Magnifique , même si je ne comprends pas tous , mais le peu que je comprenne je le trouve magnifique , surtout sur la sexualités et le sang , mais j'espère une traduction pour bien comprendre toutes les comparaisons

  5. Incroyable. Je suis captivée par ce petit film que j'écoute en boucle. Je n'ai rien vu ni entendu d'aussi frappant depuis longtemps.C'est surtout du à la voix. Wow. Quelle voix.Brillant. Ce film mérite d'être vu dans toutes les écoles et collèges.

  6. I have never seen a small boy get told off for making a daisy chain – never happened to me as a kid. Tomboy is not even an insult. Couples can do whatever the hell they want in the bedroom, if a man gets called a p**sy for whatever kinky stuff he does, then maybe he shouldn't talk about it – after all, it is private.

  7. J'ai vu plusieurs commentaires demandant une traduction. En voici une que j'ai essayé de soigner, mais il peut y avoir des erreurs (notamment sur les mots d'argot, que j'ai signalés), donc si quelqu'un veut y apporter des modifications, n'hésitez pas.

     Rose ou bleu ?

    Rose ou bleu ?

    Rose ou bleu ?


    Le bébé grandit en bleu avec des robots dessus.Le bébé grandit en rose. Pas de robots dessus.

    Le bébé grandit en rose avec des fleurs dessus.Le bébé grandit en bleu. Pas de fleurs dessus.

    Petite Rose cueille une marguerite. Super.
    Petit Bleu cueille une marguerite. Gay.

    Petit Bleu grimpe à un arbre. Quel garçon fort.
    Petite Rose grimpe à un arbre. Garçon manqué.

    Rose tombe. Rose reçoit plus de câlins, Rose est autorisée à
    Bleu qui pleure doit se conduire comme un homme. Avoir des
    couilles. Devenir plus dur. Ne fais pas la fille, Bleu.

    Maintenant, les cheveux de Bleu sont coupés court.
    Les cheveux de Rose sont laissés longs.

    On donne à Rose des poupées.
    On donne à Bleu des faux pistolets.

    On dit à Rose d’être mignonne.On dit à Bleu d’être plus grand (au sens plus fort).

    Chaussures roses, pas de crampons.
    Chaussures bleues, pas de paillettes.

    Maintenant, les jambes de Bleu commencent à voir pousser des
    poils et les jambes de Rose commencent à voir pousser des poils.

    On dit à Bleu que c’est viril, on dit à Rose qu’il faut les

    Bleu est montré comme le sang, dans les films d’action, le
    combat, la fierté.
    Pink commence à saigner tous les mois. On lui dit que le
    sang : chut, honte, cache.

    Rose découvre le désir. Mal.
    Bleu découvre le désir. Bien.

    Maintenant Bleu est appelé « séducteur » mais Rose
    est appelée « salope ».

    On dit à Rose qu’elle brille mais on dit à Bleu qu’il

    On dit à Bleu qu’il se masturbe, mais on dit à Rose qu’elle

    Bleu est appelé « femmelette », Rose est appelée « traînée »
    (en argot, bitch désigne une fille qui persécute les autres OU une fille qui se plaint tout le temps, une geignarde. Au vu de l'image, je suppose que c'est le premier sens qui est utilisé).

    Maintenant on dit à Rose d’être une jeune femme. Ne crache
    pas, ne jure pas, ne transpire pas (littéralement « ne sens pas mauvais »).
    Maintenant on dit à Bleu d’être un homme. Ne pleure pas, ne
    demande pas d’aide.

    On dit à Bleu d’être plus viril. On dit à Rose de se

    On dit à Bleu de rester fort. On dit à Rose de rester jeune. 

    On dit à Bleu de devenir riche, on dit à Rose de vouloir des

    On dit à Bleu qu’il « mecsplique »*, on dit à Rose
    qu’elle commère.

    On dit à Bleu qu’il est le patron, on dit à Rose qu’elle est

    Bleu reçoit des dépressions, Rose reçoit du Botox.

    Le cunnilingus est censuré. Plus que des scènes de viol ou
    des fellations.

    On dit à Bleu : ça fait un homme.On dit à Rose : ça fait une femme.

    Les bébés naissent avec seulement leur chair nue.Bienvenue dans le monde.

    *Mansplaining est une contraction de man (homme) et explain (expliquer).
    Ca s’applique lorsqu’un homme (souvent) veut expliquer à une femme (souvent)
    quelque chose qu’elle connaît mieux que lui (sur des questions
    comme le féminisme, par exemple discerner si une situation dite de séduction
    relève ou non de harcèlement). Une autre signification bien moins utilisée
    décrit le mansplaining tout simplement comme le fait de « parler entre hommes » : pas forcément de choses sérieuses, juste discuter, mais
    exclusivement avec des hommes.

  8. J'adore c'est vraiment bien! J'adore le rythme et c'est assez facile à comprendre , et tellement vrai! C'est original je la regarde souvent

  9. Beautiful video! Can someone tell me what is the name of the music used? Thanks

  10. hmm why so few downvotes … i have searched for this clip after i ve seen it on a website where you could not vote so i came here to specifically downvote this special snowfleaks video ahaha … what the fuck its not clear for you ? men are blue and girls are pink . men have different interest than girls ps: i suport gay mariage if the girls are pretty .

  11. Beautiful, well executed. This video has a special feeling, it brings an eerie ambiance. I don't know if anyone else feels this way but I feel as if I have been shown this video before I was born.
    The message, the background music, the feelings it brings, wow! I keep watching it over and over again, well done!

  12. Wow! Cette vidéo donne des frissons! Si tous les parents donnent une éducation d’égalité et non pas de différence à leurs enfants le monde serait bien meilleur! Plus de rose pour les filles, plus de bleu pour les garçons ,tous égaux ! Plus de différence ! Vive l’EGALITÉ!
    (Je me suis un peu emportée à la fin🤐)

  13. Dear Hollie, please tell me if there's a book you published this Poem in? Sincerely yours, David

  14. Someone posted on Facebook and is having A LOT of views. I think this video should be translated in every language!

  15. This is exceptional. Thank you for putting this in the world, your words and images are powerful.

  16. this is one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen, somehow just watched maybe 20 of your videos and proud to say just purchased nobody told me :))

  17. This video is SO IMPORTANT. And I love to see this comment section is so full of support to the message :') <3

  18. A Brazilian initiative translated your video to Portuguese (citation included). I'd suggest getting their subtitles, so that more people can see this and understand its impact. Congrats! Perfectly illustrative.

  19. For my entire life I was largely ignorant of the effects of sexual hegemony (both male and female ) on my mental health and my relationships. Now I'm aware I still don't really know where to start undoing a lifetime of cultural conditioning. The expectations of me by girlfriends and society are so out of touch with how I feel and what I experience as a male human. Surely we need to move forwards. It seems we are more unique as individuals, not gender. But as unique as we are as individuals, I feel we're all fundamentally the same irrespective of gender.

  20. I'll be honest, I disagree with the majority of the topics you listed in this poem, but I respect the fact that you're were fair enough to discuss the problems of both sides instead of focusing on just one group. Feels good to see a feminist who actually focuses on the true objective of the movement: bringing equality to BOTH sides. Good job 🙂

  21. This is my favourite video of the world. I'll try my English teacher to show it in Class if you agree, that would be so great !

  22. I think this should be show in every school and every place in everh city of every country of the world.
    I'm crying, I'm so happy.
    I'm non-binary and happy for this, for the informations that give this video.

  23. The only way boys and girls will be judged by the same standards are if boys and girls are attracted to each other by the exact same qualities.
    Parents start these stereotypes, they push their kids in the direction that they think will lead their kids to have families of their own. Now if the parents had experienced that boys and girls are attracted to the EXACT same things then the push to their child will be exactly the same.

  24. I wanted to translate it but it's not allowed, too bad I want everyone to see this and understand it <3

  25. The topics discussed in this video are one of the reasons I love the subculture of metalheads. While it does have its unsavoury types, the vast majority of people I've met within that subculture do not care what you look like. Most dress in black, grow our hair long, some wear corpse paint (like me, but I only do it for Halloween), and the genre of heavy metal has grown so vast and varied that I reckon there's something for everyone.

  26. The irony that this video is labeled as inappropriate.

    They say if you want to change the world you must start from yourself but the world is actually controlled by giant companies run by mega rich people who are only 1 percent of the world population.

  27. é urgente dissociar objectos, coisas a gênero e expressao de género entre um outra cor, milhões de universos.

  28. I would really appreciate it if babies weren't shown naked in videos. There are creeps out there who are going to jerk of to those naked babies and indulge their odd fantasies.

  29. :3 Doesn't adding the French translation kind of ruin the whole concept of "restriction"?

  30. I am 100% heterosexual, yet i'm not a girly girl, i like to do "guy" things like play football, go hiking, have a well paid job, watch star wars, i don't like wearing heels, i wear mostly pants and sneakers and sometimes I think i make an unattractive girl because of this, because i was raised like this, i was raised by my mother to wear dresses and smile all the time, to be nice, to hide my emotions. I wish this would stop, i wish mothers would start raising their child as a human being, not as a gender, so that there will no longer be girls like me who won't buy that pair of pants they really like because she needs dresses more..

  31. It doesn’t matter if we are either blue or pink, first of all we are human beings trying to survive as better as we can!

  32. I love it so much. Heads up to any teachers thinking of using it in their classrooms, this lesson plan from DO… would work perfectly with it http://www.dosreforschools.com/media/1181/lesson-plan-2.pdf

  33. Emotional, really.
    I hardly hold back my tears, obviously not for sadness.

  34. Absolutely loved this video, but i has an age-restriction which i think is complete nonsense?

  35. Lovely poem… as a man, thanks… I know so much people of my gender that be afraid or angry with feminism, and they judge wrong, because this is the way, and not the man hatefulness that some people decide to represent…

    We are togheter on this…


  36. Wow boys and girls are different! And they have different expectations and roles in society!? WhOooAaaHh

  37. it make me see the world change…. truly change
    gender just define what role you have to do to preserve your species
    not define what you can or cannot do ,be ,like or love
    p.s. sorry for my english i really want to share my thought

  38. Pink or Blue
    Pink or Blue
    Pink or Blue
    Baby grows for Blue with robots on
    Baby grows for Pink – no robots on
    Baby grows for Pink with flowers on
    Baby grows for Blue – no flowers on
    Little Pink picks a daisy chain
    – Great!
    Little Blue picks a daisy chain
    – Gay
    Little Blue climbs a tree
    Strong boy!
    Little Pink climbs a tree
    Pink falls down
    Pink is given more hugs
    Pink tears allowed
    Blue tears must 'man up'
    Grow some bollocks!
    Toughen up!
    Don't be such a girl, Blue!
    Now Blue hair is cut short
    Pink hair is let long
    Pink is given toy dolls
    Blue is given toy guns
    Pink is told to be cute
    Blue is told to be bigger
    Pink shoes – no grip
    Blue shoes – no glitter
    Now blue legs start growing hair and Pink legs start growing hair
    Blue is told it's manly, Pink is told to shave theirs
    Blue is shown as blood
    In action films, fight, pride
    Pink starts bleeding every month
    Told blood shhh, shame, hide
    Pink discovers lust – wrong
    Blue discovers lust – nice
    Now Blue is called a player but Pink is called a sket
    Pink is told they glow but Blue is told they sweat
    Blue is told they wank, Pink is told they sin or
    Blue is called a pussy and Pink is called a bitch
    Now Pink is told to be a 'lady'
    Do not spit, swear, smell
    Blue is told to be a 'man'
    Do not cry or ask for help
    Blue is told to man up
    Pink is told to make up
    Blue is told to stay strong
    Pink is told to stay young
    Blue is told to get rich
    Pink is told to want kids
    Blue is told they 'mansplain' – Pink is told they 'gossip'
    Blue is told they're bosses
    Pink is told they're bossy
    Blue is given breakdowns
    Pink is given Botox
    Cunnilingus is censored more than rape scenes or blowjobs
    Blue is told: this makes a man
    Pink is told: this makes a girl
    Babies born in naked flesh
    Welcome to the world

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