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previously on pioneer one we need an expert in here someone who knows what they're talking about and quietly we help us a doctor my name is Jane here we are because the best you got given these circumstances hell yes media they seem to think that we've got Russell worth to in here you got yourself two weeks they wanted to get off the base for a couple hours a little difficult with the quarantine maybe should do a little more research before you put out a bogus cover story continue now with our special report on the ongoing quarantine in Calgary one week out and there are still more questions than answers many of Canada's citizens are demanding that more information be released to the public joining me now for the Canadian perspective is Simon Montague blogger and political activists mr. Montag you wrote a post on your blog that's been syndicated in the op-ed columns of several national and international newspapers are you saying that you don't believe the official story about the down to satellite from the former Soviet Union by all appearances it seems there's more going on here than we're being told I don't know if it's not a satellite but things aren't adding up we're being kept in the dark and it's almost certainly a result of Americans wanting to keep this secret I'm not an expert on satellites or radiation but the scale of the quarantine seems unwarranted given what we have been told but the point I'm trying to make is that it should be up to Canada to decide not the United States for further perspective joining us now is David Collins speaking to us from Homeland Security Secretary Eric McClellan's office in Washington DC mr. Collins is a senior advisor to the secretary is that correct yes that's right Deirdre thanks for having me on thank you for taking the time I'm sure you're very busy I'm going to just go ahead and assume you disagree with most of what mr. Montag has expressed yes Deirdre I strongly disagree strongly disagree of course mr. Montag is entitled to his opinion but there's a difference between an opinion and an informed opinion oh well of course I get a chance to respond there are radiation concerns and the quarantine is a precautionary measure perhaps overcautious but we'd rather err on the side of Public Safety and sure your viewers would agree mr. Montag I hear a lot of fear-mongering out there about radiation and national emergencies but it's diverting us from the main issues here let me ask you sir why was the debris collected at the inactive calgary base rather than the currently active base in Edmonton where the satellite crashed it couldn't possibly be because of its closer proximity to the United States absolutely not there are safety and logistical considerations quarantine is a joke personnel have been repeatedly spotted going in and out of the quarantine zone I read at least half a dozen accounts that confirm that supplies need to be delivered and waste removed from the site why are they able to tailor to the base sir I quite our medical supplies being delivered to the bay I can't possibly comment witnesses have seen deliveries from Calgary general I can't have no one no one can tell us why sir the station Montana quarantine lasted for 36 hours to mine the only explanation for this quarantine lasting as long as it has is that we're trying to keep secrets from getting on time please give mr. Collins a chance to speak Thank You Deirdre I'd caution you mr. Montag while making dangerous and baseless allegations by mr. Montag zone admission he's not an expert on these issues but that doesn't stop him from speaking as though he is a week and a half ago we were dealing with an emergency situation the size and the details of which were yet to be known and our men and women acted accordingly and properly and within the bounds of the law well because the request made to our Montana office and our agents responded to it the Canadian government is behaving responsibly the way it should when lives are at risk or whether there is an opportunity to stop anti-american sentiment and sell more newspapers or blogs or what-have-you is quite frankly inappropriate and counterproductive when things fall out of the sky mr. Montag they don't care about borders or sovereignty the danger is indiscriminate well man it is precisely because of the relationship between Canada and the United States that we were able to respond as quickly and effectively as we did I can't believe the last word for right now so that we can go to commercial but I do hope you both will stay with us so that we can to new this spirited debate right we did good on that thing but we're still getting our asses kicked in the press yes we are and when we're done here bang some heads together and let's come up with some new talking points those internet assholes are amazing where's the okay how long has he been in there 20 minutes mr. ambassador apologies for the wait I am waiting for secretary Miller you said me I do not know you Eric McClellan I'm one of secretary Miller's deputies deputies that I wish to deal directly with secretary Miller I haven't made the point man in this matter my authority comes directly from secretary Miller and the President of the United States I'm the guy you want to talk to very well so mr. ambassador what isn't your government telling us what are we not telling you something fell out of the sky and spread radiation over my country we believe no we know it was Soviet Hardware what can you tell us about that please mr. secretary you speak to me like I am your enemy the Cold War is over I seem to recall 10 of your spies turning up in New Jersey not too long ago or were we to assume they just didn't get that memo mr. McClelland as your president says let us cut bullshit yes let's we believe no we know that you are holding one or more of our cosmonauts sorry mr. ambassador I may have misunderstood your accent did you say cosmonauts yes that is what I have said and you understand me fine can we agree that story of satellite was a lie I wouldn't characterize it that way forgive me sometimes my English fails me but when you say something that is not truth you call it a lie yes it wasn't a lie the most satellites of people inside of them if you lost cosmonauts why didn't the Russian Space Agency contact us surely you know when you lose people these cosmonauts were lost a long time ago we insist they be returned to us did we miss ambassador I I don't understand what were these cost when it's doing where do they come from and why did they crash in my backyard they have come from faraway place and what faraway place would that be sir bastard as your president says no bullshit here we are this little blue one right here once you already know what that looks like as you've seen it from far away you pick out home Mars on the map that of the three answers don't touch my answers don't don't touch though it's my home sir she's made a real connection with him I think he only talks to her what's he saying now he's not making much sense I keep hearing one word though home this has to happen faster I'm not getting anywhere enough with the bedtime sorry I don't think this is the kind of thing you can enforce um are you all right hmm are you all right tired one more week did you see that he couldn't even bring himself to say it it's so goddamn absurd how do they know we're holding a suspect they don't they don't know what we got they think we got multiple guys but we only have that one what do you think he's holding back they don't want us to think that they're not in control of their own military they know as well as we do that they've been hemorrhaging hardware and uranium since 91 the thing that don't understand is why they're still giving us this Morris crap well he never actually said anything about Mars because he doesn't want to sound like an idiot but that's the game we're playing I can't believe I'm gonna say this but suppose this guy actually did come back from Mars how do we cover ourselves hypothetically he might not technically be a Russian citizen he speaks what do you mean well if he came from Mars what country is that he'd literally be from another planet but it's a Soviet spacecraft that Soviet territory but there is no Soviet Union word Soviet citizens living in Russia granted Russian citizenship I'm sure there's some technicality we can exploit I mean we don't even know anything about his parents that's true so he's a non-person is that what we're saying that works for now look into Russian natural Louis but don't spend too much time on it yes sir I'll update Miller's office yeah you do that no wait brief Jacob's first then Miller Jacobs at the White House I believe that's where he works yes you know we're gonna catch six kinds of hell from Miller's people for going around them but not from Miller himself I've got a hunch just do it yeah yes sir oh and put in a call to Taylor and our friends up north I want to know if that kids been saying anything yet thank you no that's not very good sorry we haven't been able to get time off the base you're a lot of ladies go figure right now I understand you don't seem to mind very much I guess I'm enjoying the work it's nice to feel like I'm making a difference for somebody you care about I do what's gonna happen to him in the quarantine is over that's part of why I want to fuck you today you're doing great so far he's really responding to you being there but we're not moving fast enough fast enough so anything you've noticed that's not in the transcripts anything I'm not sure what you mean they need workable information well there have been a few times when I've spoken to him in English and he responded like he understood me he understands English I'm pretty sure yeah but he always speaks to you in Russia well just cuz he understands English doesn't mean he can speak it where he doesn't want to why wouldn't you want to depending on what he's been told he may think he's behind enemy lines may have been given instructions not to speak or he's just scared I'd rather hear that from him well I don't know what else I can do I need to be able to talk to him I need him to answer questions I don't know if that's realistic right now must be some way to take advantage of the relationship in that way I don't think I'm comfortable with that the more information we have the better off we'll be you mean the better off you'll be don't you the better off he'll be I'm sorry I just care about her it's all my job is about finding out the truth and as long as you're in this building you work for me I know good see me you can get from looking although he can't yeah what can I come in yeah well you got for me can I sit yeah there's this wacko on the outside making a lot of noise a dr. Richard Hadfield he's some kind of conspiracy nut kid and I think it's called up every report I can think of trying to get somebody's attention he thinks we've got the Andromeda Strain in here I think he's got a book coming out is anyone taking him seriously no just let you get a kick out of that you have to close the door to tell me that no can you tell me why I really hear that this is a rather uncomfortable situation for me but I had to ask what insanity is it possible that you and Captain Benton could have been seen leaving the base like there's a report floating around that a witness saw two men matching your descriptions in a car trailing one of the supply trucks when was this I don't know a few days ago is it true it's an urgent matter it required my attention that's all you need to know when something like this comes up I do need to know her I can't do my job we have to at least appear like we're taking this quarantine seriously no that handle I am was there something else we've got a problem this program has received exclusive information that one of the people brought into the quarantine zone is this man dr. Zachary Walzer adjunct professor at the University of Washington and an outspoken advocate for human Mars exploration joining us in studio is dr. Avery Frank former colleague of dr. Walser's to discuss what this may mean thank you for taking the time doctor glad to be here can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with dr. Walzer and why a man with his credentials might be brought in to consult in this investigation sure I worked with Zachary for about four years in the 80s when we were both at JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena yes just outside Pasadena in California we were working on the development of a new propulsion system to be used in unmanned probes eventually with manned spacecraft that would be used to explore the solar system dr. Walter has a background in nuclear engineering and I imagine that's why he's involved in this situation yeah I'd like to talk a little bit about his advocacy for Mars exploration is it fair to say that he has achieved notoriety within the scientific community for his work on the subject yes definitely from time to time I've heard him referred to us reverently of course the man from Mars do you feel that his Mars work has overshadowed his other accomplishments I wouldn't say overshadowed but certainly that's the direction he's moved in since I knew him sure but he's known as a Mars expert the Mars expert I'm sure some of his colleagues would take issue with that but I'm afraid that he would be the nuclear engineer called in to consult in this matter do you agree I can't say surely there are other scientists perhaps even someone the payroll of the United States government who are just as qualified in nuclear engineering I would think so so it stands to reason that it's his Mars expertise that distinguishes them from the rest I'm not sure I understand where you're going with this what I'm trying to get at here is why would a Mars expert be brought in to investigate the crash of a Soviet satellite which as far as we've been told has nothing to do with Mars I'm not in a position to speculate an ageless design prompted by some of the most modern technology in the field and for the first time available to you the Pioneer one t-shirt support the show by getting it another fine merchandise at pioneer 1zv made possible by hacker threads the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 no celestial body may be subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty by means of use or occupation in other words the YouTube the Soviets had been there they couldn't claim it as their territory the rescue agreement elaborating on the provisions of article 5 of said treaty any state that is a party to the agreement must provide all possible assistance to rescue the personnel of a spacecraft who have landed within that state's territory the state where the object lands is required upon request of the launching authority to recover the object and returning this is all sudden that makes sense to me now if they say they lost the spacecraft and a cosmonaut we are bound by international law to turn him over so it sounds like if we maintain our position that we're holding a terrorist suspect in his weapon of mass destruction we should be ok I still don't understand this Mars stuff though couldn't they come up with something more believable turn the page the registration convention the convention requires that every nation furnish notice and details regarding every orbiting space object so by saying it's for Mars we can't catch them on that huh unbelievable what about a citizenship thing well the parents citizenship would have turned over in 91 and he'd have citizenship by birth we don't want anything for sure about the parents so I think we're ok so where do you think we are on this I think it's pretty thin but I think we have enough cover if that's the story they're giving us maybe assuming I can keep a straight face in there yes sir no really I don't want any more talk of Mars in this office come in he's waiting for you sir I'll be right there yep good job on this by the way thank you sir what'd you get all this Wikipedia okay next time I'd rather you make something up yes mr. secretary and the Canadian foreign secretary is still trying to get a few minutes with you one pain in the ass at a time I assure you mr. ambassador we are not holding any citizen of the Russian or former Soviet governments and this is the official position of United States government it is but you are holding someone yes this is an investigation of a possible terrorist act we are holding a suspect but considering him an enemy combatant unless you're telling me he's a Russian citizen I am NOT a fool do not talk to me like one if you have caught a terrorist then why is foremost expert on subject of space travel to planet Mars assisting in your investigation I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean no we see same news you do CNN makes it even to Moscow don't believe everything you see on television then you deny this we'll have to get back to you either you brought a civilian in on this without telling me I believe I do have that authority but I told you not to pursue this particular line of inquiry at the time I thought it was prudent not to discount anything well your prudence just made me look like a fool with the Russian ambassador it's somebody leaked this from your end we're looking into it what are the Russians saying they've given us the same story but I don't think even they believe it why would they do that they are obviously complicit in this either they were involved with a nova was the Mars story is their cover and it started to stick as hard as that is to believe the bigger the lie as they say so you're not prepared to consider tomorrow's story at all I think I've made myself very clear haven't we've been through this once before I have to ask I have no idea how anybody knows I'm here what does it matter your background well people are starting to put the pieces together that's a bad thing it's gonna get out sooner or later we can't control the flow of information and may affect our diplomatic efforts with the Russians we're talking to the Russians what are they saying can't get into details why does everything have to be such a big secret with you people if we could just share what we know we'd be so much further along do you even have any idea how long it's been since I've used a microscope I barely know what I'm doing here what are you doing here exactly well this is water from the recycling system in Yuri's capsule I'm checking to see if it contains any trace elements that might suggest it came from the Martian permafrost or somewhere else on the surface a crew of three or more couldn't survive for long in the surface without finding a new water source how's it going well considering it's been about a hundred years since I took a chemistry lab not that good if I could just consult with some of my colleagues bring to a doctor I'm in enough trouble for bringing you here in the first place Warren teen is the only reason you're not on a plane back home well it's nice to know I'm welcome anything well all I can tell you for sure is that wasn't me I just talked to Walter he says he hasn't told anybody one of the protesters are recognizing when we first brought him in I doubted people didn't start showing up till after the press conference and even if he was seen do you think he'd be recognized no probably not I just got off the phone with McLellan he's not happy should we have walls or make a statement or something no we looked like we got spooked if we respond directly any other ideas we could shine a light on it we got something in mind maybe good go do what you do hey let's go in Vernon listen I've got a guy that I think might be a good fit for your show now the earth is 70% over 70% water and we're supposed to believe this was an accident we are under attack here folks see see this is what happens when you put a Democrat in the White House we are not safe here folks the sky is literally falling on top of us and that's mr. dicks taking a page out of the chicken little playbook apparently using this crash to justifiably foment to mass hysteria among the electorate and I do believe that this would put mr. dicks in the title role of Chicken Little himself which is a particularly interesting strategy considering that nothing ever fell down when his guy was in office what they liked that one in records but the big news of the day is the revelation that dr. Zachary Walzer the outspoken Mars expert was secretly brought in to investigate the satellite crash in Canada this has brought about wild speculation in the media and now joining us with more wild speculation is dr. Richard head pool now your doctor what exactly astrobiology which is a study of life outside of the earth the life outside the earth so uh little green men is that what we're talking about here more like little green germs what sir there's a guy on TV I think you can see now you've heard about them bringing this Mars guy that's expert dr. Walter yeah yeah the Mars guy now I'm what do you make an answer I think it's obvious to anyone who's been paying attention get me Calgary on the line yeah well let's use our imagination let's pretend for a second that I have not been paying attention what have I Joe Sixpack John Q citizen what have I missed you the pieces are there if you look for them why bring an expert in on Mars unless you're dealing with something that had come from Mars something that had come from Mars yes so what do you think anything that they've right that would be ridiculous to follow the evidence most people don't do that what pieces you have to breathe from a crash satellite that wreckage has been quarantined by eyewitnesses and an expert on Mars consulting on these investigations space aliens yeah we know there is no such thing does this guy actually know something because he sounds like you might know something how many leaks this his fucking ship hat no no no no maybe you haven't been paying attention to the pieces that the regular people like me you I believe a probe sentient planet Mars has brought back some kind of contaminant some form of microbial life perhaps even a bacteria or a virus been exposing it to our biosphere which could unleash a Martian plague and wipe out the entire human race dude that's fucking crazy never mind damn that was good now somebody here has anybody talked about Mars now think of this wacko you've earned your paycheck for the week I was worried for a second there yeah me too bye ready to lay on each other scooch is bang a but a knock at the govt yet today they are Deva yes Danny Adi I'm here with you but they need you to start talking they have questions lots of questions and they need you to tell them things I want to stay with you but they won't let me if you don't answer their questions do you understand I'll go away they'll make me go away do you want me to stay did you hear the news yeah Mirinda good with that Hadfield I'm talking about what no secretary Miller has stepped down really yeah was already homeless one guess I think he was angling for this all exactly that's Nicole it has been confirmed that secretary Miller has stepped down there is speculation due to sharp criticism from the right concerning an ongoing situation in Calgary but the White House denies any connection assistant secretary Eric McClellan has been chosen to replace mr. Miller as the head of Homeland Security again it has been confirmed that did you tell anyone I was here it's all over the news I haven't told anyone else it doesn't matter now but you can't call me here if I need anything else I'll call you yes it was very helpful thank you but listen to what I'm saying you can't call I'll call you if I need anything I will that's not a good idea no that's not a good idea right now okay bye so you just watched episode 4 pioneer 1 and as you can see things are heating up in the next upcoming episodes there are a lot of changes there's a dramatic change that happens in my character Tom Taylor suddenly things become more important than just being right when I read 5 it was like a kick in the head lots of cool stuff happens in the next couple of episodes I was like a horse rearing up and giving me a swift kick with all four hooves the whole thing takes a really crazy turn I don't think a horse could do that episode 6 is a complete shift the opportunity to be more ballsy than Network series you get the sense at the end of the last episode that this whole incident in Calgary is just the first part of a much bigger story I think you're gonna really like them Lockleys in episode 6 wait until you did – episode 6 just wait you

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  1. Nice series it may seem awkward but writing is good and original I'll keep watching all

  2. hi i'm doing a survey for some uni and it requires fans of sci fi to answer some questions. it'll take you like 3 minutes i appreciate that people are busy living their lives or whatever but yeah grateful to anyone that can take the time.


  3. If you want more and best crowdfounding, the minimun requirements is take the trouble to everyone can understand the tv serial.
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  9. Cool. That kid has literally become an "alien" on his own planet. This is a pretty brilliant piece of writing.

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    It's a really minor thing though, so who cares.

  14. I know you're probably aware of this already, but the on-screen titles appearing multiple times during the interview starting around 15:45 repeatedly read "colleage" instead of "colleague".

    That said, great job as always.

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