#Pipwheatley-What Is Courage? Courage Poem (Part 2)

hi there guys it’s pip here today I just
wanted to do a short post about courage so you can live the life of your highest
potential hopefully you’ll find this inspiring and she moved forwards on your
path so this poem is by anonymous nobody knows who wrote it this is what it says
courage is strength stand-up and it’s easier to fall down and these hold it’s
the conviction to explore new horizons and it’s easier to me what we’re told
courage is the desire to maintain our integrity and it’s easier to look the
other way it is feeling happy in a life and moving forward when it’s easier to
feel sorry for ourselves and stagg courage is our will to shape our world
and it’s easier to let someone do it for us it’s a recognition but none of us are
perfect it’s easier to criticize others and for courage it’s a power to step
forward and lead and it’s easier to follow the crowd it is the spirit that
places you on top of the mountain and it’s easy yet let’s never leave the
ground foundation of courage is solid it’s a rock that doesn’t roll courage is
the freedom of our mind body and soul

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