100 thoughts on “PLANET EARTH poem by MICHAEL JACKSON (SWG Video Arrangement)

  1. I posted a dedication for ya at The Michael Jackson Archives and the longer version is now playing in my Facebook Story. Truly fantastic, amazing work ! Keep up the passion, the love message alive. The Legacy of Michael Jackson is those who truly understand it and live it ! Best to Ya !

  2. I don't have words , that was incredible and so precious
    I miss michael
    Merry christmas for everyone and happy new year

  3. Q buen mensaje nos dejó Michael Jackson pero parece q no le hagamos caso pues nos estamos quedando sin nada y llegará un día q no habrá animales sino ponemos remedio pues los animales no tienen ninguna culpa pero nosotros si pues por donde pasamos destruimos en vez de cuidarlo los mares están cubiertos de plástico q se comen los peces y toda clase de especies cuando nos quedemos sin nada lloraremos pues todo es naturaleza esa es mi opinión

  4. I never thought I needed a Michael Jackson nature documentary until now. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Only the best. The MJ estate should be in your hands. Much Love Brother.

  5. Our home is a husk a hiding place hollowed out from which to pear at another place God knows we're here can't we stay so we don't need to carelessly walk away

    From place
    From earth
    From our creators
    From our gods

  6. Planet earth does have Beauty but unfortunately we are destroying her so severely and she is in pain 😔

  7. My name is Isac Alves Silva I live in Brazil in the Northeast region of large northern river. I mean Michael Jackson is alive he didn't die. He had his reasons for disappearing from the media that made him suffer. I want to thank the channel manager for keeping the big and more alive than ever Michael Jackson's extraordinary work. You all know that Michael Jackson's great desire is to help people who are hungry and struggling in the world.The United Nations was supposed to do that, but they have to admit that Michael Jackson has always surpassed the United Nations in what it says.helping and lifting innocent children out of poverty. I love Michael Jackson with my family. A big hug to everyone.

  8. Merry Christmas SWG, all the best! Keep it going in 2020. Big fan of the way you polish MJ’s work and make it sound fresh again. ✌️

  9. Michael has such a smooth and calming voice, I think he could have done voiceover for a documentary.

  10. What you do is amazing. Sometimes, listening to your remixes, I think Michael Jackson is alive and he still creates it. I know this is stupid, but I wish it was so. Congratulations! Merry Christmas.
    Please Dirty Diana

  11. SWG you leave me speechless again. Thank you for capturing not only the beauty of this planet but the beauty of Michael's poetry too. If only more people knew and understood his heart💗

  12. Merry christmas !!🎄🎅

  13. Oh my God SWG this is so beautiful – I have tears as I write this. I miss Michael so much. Thank you for another beautiful gem of a video. Merry Christmas to you and all Michael's fans. Wish you all a new year of peace and happiness. God bless you Michael for giving us your love and message. Rest in peace our King of Pop forever. 🙂 🙂

  14. Reminder that for Leaving Neverland to be true, Michael Jackson would need a time machine.
    You would have to believe the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump has Nicola Tesla's prototype time machine and that he leant it to Michael Jackson.

  15. Michael is the nature 🙏❤️ Merry Christmas Michael 🎄✨ Forever Our King 👑

  16. Wow i just heard an angel in my ears Michael is just Beautiful i love you marry Christmas to the world(💜🔥

  17. Genius my friend!!!
    Happy Holidays to all over the world!
    Guns down and problems aside for just one day is all we can wish

  18. "ПланетаЗемля "- вот это видео!От одного голоса можно умереть.А вид из космоса – это вообще потрясающе!Лавина сходит,как в " Ледниковом периоде", только по- настоящему! Супер,супер!

  19. That was very beautiful, touching Christmas Present! Thank you ver much! Love you Michael!

  20. Me Too Michael Jackson [♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♥]

  21. You did it very good like the other Earth song mix with the planet earth bridge it was amazing !!

  22. I heart Michael Jackson with all my heart! My eyes are in tears of miss MJ and a great joy listening to a rare masterpiece of musical art. Earth Song is the most beautiful poem , song I have ever heard! God, when I hear his voice, I simply feel the magic of MJs pure, great-hearted soul that he emanates..! It's Magic! Merry Christmas to you my king of music – Michael Jackson! Blessed Merry Christmas to all! Thank you SWG! Keep MJs great, immortal legacy lively! Love you all my MJ's beautiful family!

  23. Можно бесконечно смотреть это видео!Красота!

  24. OMG, this was so beautiful!!! What is this? I mean… why did I, a former fan, never hear of this poem before?… I wonder…

  25. Майкл Джексон на Все Века. Я Люблю тебя моё Сокровище Майкл Джексон

  26. The 6 people that disliked this don’t appreciate good music, long live the king 🤴 he was always trying to warn us about the planet tho.

  27. This video is very very beautiful and emotionally, the voice of Michael is a benediction, love you Michael Jackson ❣️

  28. This is beautiful. How can we download the video you created? The torrent doesn't seem to have the latest mixes and videos.

    Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year.

    Peace and Blessings!

  29. Oh my… what a beautiful combination. Fantastic, thank you once again SWG.

  30. WOW!!! Really Beautiful Contribution!
    Thanks a Lot.

  31. No te equivocaste y la tierra está debilitada, muriendo inocentes criaturas que debíamos cuidar más😭🙏👑✨

  32. Wow…ceci est une vidéo fantastique ! Le poème de MJ, est merveilleux, mais les photos disent encore plus …elles sont extraordinaires d'une beauté rare et inestimable…, ! On peut dire que la terre est belle, magnifique et incroyable !

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