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Few individuals have influenced the world
and many of today’s thinkers like Plato. One 20th century philosopher
even went so far as to describe all of Western philosophy
as a series of footnotes to Plato. He created the first Western university and was teacher to Ancient Greece’s
greatest minds, including Aristotle. But even one of the founders of philosophy
wasn’t perfect. Along with his great ideas, Plato had a few that haven’t
exactly stood the test of time. So here are brief rundowns
of a few of his best and worst ideas. Plato argued that beyond
our imperfect world was a perfect unchanging world of Forms. Forms are the ideal versions of the things
and concepts we see around us. They serve as a sort of instruction
manual to our own world. Floating around the world of Forms
is the ideal tree, and the ideal YouTube channel, and even the ideal justice, or ideal love. Our own reality is comprised of imperfect
copies of ideal Forms. Plato argued that philosophers
should strive to contemplate and understand these perfect Forms so that they may better navigate
our misleading reality. While it may seem silly, the disconnect between the world
as it appears and the greater truth behind it is one of philosophy’s
most vexing problems. It’s been the subject of thousands
of pages by theologians, philosophers, and screenwriters alike. It raises questions like should we trust
our senses to come to the truth or our own reason? For Plato, the answer is reason. It alone provides us with at least
the potential to contemplate the Forms. But reason didn’t always pan out
for Plato himself. When he sought to situate humankind
amongst the animals, he lumped us in with birds. “Featherless bipeds”
was his official designation. Diogenes the Cynic,
annoyed by this definition, stormed into Plato’s class
with a plucked chicken, announcing, “Behold. Plato’s man.” But back to a few good ideas. Plato is one of the earliest
political theorists on record, and with Aristotle, is seen as one
of the founders of political science. He reasoned that being a ruler
was no different than any other craft, whether a potter or doctor, and that only those who had mastered
the craft were fit to lead. Ruling was the craft
of contemplating the Forms. In his Republic, Plato imagined a utopia
where justice is the ultimate goal. Plato’s ideal city seeks a harmonious
balance between its individual parts and should be lead by a philosopher king. Millennia before his time, Plato also reasoned that women were
equally able to rule in this model city. Unfortunately, Plato was inconsistent
with women, elsewhere likening them to children. He also believed that a woman’s
womb was a live animal that could wander around in her body
and cause illness. This bad idea, also espoused by other
contemporaries of Plato, was sadly influential for hundreds
of years in European medicine. Furthermore, he thought that society
should be divided into three groups: producers, the military, and the rulers, and that a great noble lie should convince
everyone to follow this structure. The noble lie he proposed was that we’re all born with gold,
silver, or a mixture of brass and iron in our souls, which determine our roles in life. Some thinkers have gone on
to credit the idea of the noble lie as a prototype for 20th century
propaganda, and the philosopher king as inspiration
for the dictators that used them. Should a few bad ideas tarnish Plato’s status as one
of the greatest philosophers in history? No! Plato gave the leaders and thinkers who
came after him a place to start. Through the centuries, we’ve had the chance to test those ideas
through writing and experience, and have accepted some
while rejecting others. We are continuing to refine,
amend, and edit his ideas which have become foundations
of the modern world.

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  1. Plato didn't create filosophy, this existed really before he

  2. I the Sam Onella academy has a better explanation of the fatherless biped

  3. I can just see him studying afterbirth and the womb of a childbirth victim and thinking it an octapus.
    Metal still plays on our phsyci….tems in society, culture, slang and film….Golden boy, silver tongue…hard as steel, blood and iron….."iron born"….etc, will always exist.

  4. I have an urge to run around outside and eat grain without using my hands.

  5. I'm not sure if Plato believed there was a literal world of ideal forms in another dimension. Also I think "noble lie" is a mistranslation of "magnificent myth" which is also not meant to be taken literally. Plato had an enormous impact on western philosophy but almost none in actual political practice. Our leaders are more educated than the rest of us but not more enlightened.

  6. The idea that the womb wanders wasn't completely bad for women. The vibrator was invented to help "cure" this problem.

  7. Please talk about thiruvalluvar the author of tirukural – the book translated in many world languages

  8. Plato also believed that democracy would lead to a society run by money-hungry oligarchs pandering to the lowest common denominator to gain power. Thank god he was wrong about that.

  9. In the ancient time, they believe that hysteria is caused by the female womb wandering around the body hahaha so silly

  10. This summary of Plato's ideal state appears to miss that he wanted tyranny. It was another of his bad ideas. In fact most of Plato's ideas were bad. He was easily Socrates's and Pythagoras's worst student.

  11. Fed up foreigners teaching Greek philosophy. Plato was Socrates student and a bad one. Stay in your beloved cave, live your illusion, if have any questions ask a Greek man. Ha,ha,ha.

  12. Should’ve put a picture of Susan wasniak to be imperfect YouTube.

  13. Aristole: im the smartest man in greece,

    Plato: hold my ancient beer

  14. The fact that ted-Ed thinks they can determine what of his ideas are good vs. bad is hilarious to me

  15. That dude comes from more than a thousand years ago of course he said some freaky stuff

  16. Would be such a great plot twist if Plato turns out to be right with his "bad" ideas.

  17. Oh so he started wondering womb theory. That's my favourite ridiculous medical myth. Haha

  18. on the timeline Nietzsche is listed, ironic because Nietzsche despised Plato and western philosophy

  19. 1:05
    An ideal YouTube channel? Pretty sure it exists, and I’m watching a video made by them right now.

  20. Should we trust our human instinct of course we should should we trust anybody else that's taught us anything as an innocent child no we shouldn't you should trust your human instinct

  21. The noble lie to me would be like I guess reverse psychology in that time

  22. It's human instinct to be who you are on the inside in your mind you have this vision of Who You Are or who you want to become some people say it's a fantasy in Fantasy is not real so when that person becomes what they always quote fantasized about how is that not reality or the real world if you don't dedicate your life to truly what you want to do in life your human instinct is dead I don't know how I know this I was just thinking

  23. A cyinacist storms into a school and yells at a teacher. What else has changed

  24. 3:34 this isn't inherently terrible and would create much less instability

  25. Plato's "noble lie" was ancient parlance for fake news. Plato was right in one aspect, he was like a bird in full flight with a bird brain. If Plato believed that women had a mobile womb, where was his mum's womb located when Plato was born? Prince Philip says more sensible things than Plato. Then again Prince Philip is all Greek to me also….

  26. The Republic is a metaphor. It's not primarily about statesmanship. I will give you a D-.

  27. Friends, Gentle You tube users "I come here not to praise Plato but bury him"

  28. 4 minute video of Plato's sayings lol needs to be 40 hour's at the minimum

  29. Ted-Ed -Should a few bad ideas like these tarnish Plato's status as one of the greatest philosophers?
    Me- yes
    Ted-Ed – No!
    Me- Okay then.

  30. I don't believe the noble lie is really a lie at all.
    what comes out of the mouth dwelt in the mans heart.
    where your treasure is your heart there is also.
    biblically speaking I think this is gold and silver.

    But where baby's come from is utter jibberish lol

  31. Oh!Now After Watching, I'm Going To Check Which Is The Most Liked Comment Here!…

  32. Gotta be honest when I saw his beard I thought it was his teeth.

  33. Well, you should have planned to have a NDE or near death experience, then you would know the dimension that you are constantly being created from. Then you would read books like me. Try the Seth books written by Jane Roberts. Or try the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Take classes in OBEs. Open your minds.

  34. "Plato deliberately made those outright bad ideas just so to prove his point that he is an imperfect replication of a perfect philosopher"

  35. Artist missed their opportunity to change perfect youtube channel to a minecraft let's play channel

  36. This video misses the irony of the Socratic dialogues, as many often do, because the whole point of the Republic was not to create a perfect system of government, but to get Socrates' interlocutors to question their own opinions about these ideas and what they think they know. Glaucon, upon realizing the philosopher king would have to return to the cave, exclaims that he is beginning to think the city is unjust.

  37. Whoever made this video should change the title to "Plato's Worst ideas", as that is all that was spoken about xvx

  38. There is no such thing as “Western Philosophy”. It’s just philosophy. So called western ideals are based on eastern thought, they are built on each other.

  39. women=children is not exactly a far off idea given the mass-hysteria of modern feminism.

  40. Surprise! The 'Republic' is spurious and entirely rewritten for the Eastern and Catholic Churches. The core is Socrates, a sophist and
    master of distortion, the art of false syllogism. He da man. Plato, an authentic scientific genius, was born 47 years before Socrates.
    Plato was strictly Monotheistic. His books have been obliterated; but there are large remnants in Euclid, Aristarchus and Archimedes.

    Remember the Roman Emperors conquered Greece. They were envious and rewrote the Agenda for western philosophy and religion.

  41. He actually said in the Timæus that men who live unjust and cruel lives are reincarnated as women…

  42. Till this day I cant take his name seriously

    It means plate if translated in Filipino

  43. Did "Marcus Aurelius" completed his thought of "The Philosopher King"?

    I wonder, sigh

  44. You didn't mention that in his republic, he wanted children to be separated from their parents and raised by the state, divided by classes, and educated according to caste, with the higher classes getting the most education so that they could 'support' the needy. And then he said that talent, or intelligence is present equally in all individuals. Gee, how AWESOME!

  45. We are living the "Noble Lie" here in America.
    But it doesnt feel so Noble.

  46. Philosophy isn't meant to be 'right or wrong', and yet here you are, trying to dictate what's wrong and right because it's whats politically correct

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