Playing Until dawn (Not literary)

let's bow our heads and pray without tire I know my exceeds a save 80 decibels nun say go pave yeah bitch consequence I'll break down her whispering what's going on where's my sister it was just a prank pan first off I gotta say I am super excited to welcome all my pals back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway I really want to spend some quality time with each and every one of you and just share some moments that we'll never forget for the sake of my sister's I need to go find Sam bitch yeah extra Josh it's how we bet Oh butter finally and I feel like this mountain gets bigger every time I climb it yeah same to me I guess that's true my other jacket hey guys get up here okay yeah yo yo yo you get things moving up here what I just meant I know seriously I'm over it I mean I just want us to have a good time there's another way there are a million ways in there's a la it's gonna be like a window around the corner we could get like get open or something waiting are you saying we should break in I don't think it's technically bringing in if you own the place right hey you lead the way Cochise said we don't let go one day thank her yeah what they a little cold time called up by the fire yeah that does sound pretty nice you own underneath or film instead are you Masha Masha mom what they expected look around look at these beautiful mountains do you see any parents I mean can you imagine a more perfect right scenario just dripping with erotic possibilities you perfect gentlemen now you come in for the kill I don't know not know it's like beauty like want to be friends with me anymore if I try something like that I mean where you're just listening you got a buck up bro grope here so how we're planning on breaking into my parents lodge bath sounded like you had a plan for it lovely ladies last time I checked that's not a good way to get laid nobody likes cold I know you're going to talk yeah yeah yeah okay gonna pay more attention in climbing class you mean Jim yeah you know I don't think so here is this not new iron whoa Chris I just got an awesome idea yeah totally what is it okay so I'm pretty sure that I've got some deodorant in one of the bathrooms you could use that with the lighter I don't follow house it has a stick of deodorant gonna help it spray on it too can oh yeah now I gotcha flamethrower just like we do with the lorry dudes yeah ones we melt it just point to spray can in the lighter by five frozen lock bingo all right so you got this I'm gonna go sort something out you have oh my god guide me I am a little avail available and bad couple on the garden all the trolls been in the l1 i1 see in damn another getting so much fun what wasn't anyone judge hard huh let's cool my game I assume I know I Kris very funny none shouldn't you be like getting the lock open or something that was a bit of a bummer your epic and I see i-i-i-i duck duck II love them but below look a live love where I did it by the Morocco Yama Yama new by the miracle Oh Oh I am [Laughter] seriously Sabri sulphate wisdom you what about what the who doesn't know long they were usually my noona so to us no Negara gonna do I loved what was your Ventana many of us you're 900 and did him what I mean a day ago under me baby don't worry buddy do you gotta want a place barely looks any different with all the police that I get it out not a lot of action up here lately what's up party people make yourself at home bro he'll do yeah come on in take a load off or that whatever you want just take whatever you want whoa easy there cowboy are you guys okay Mike stay away from our girlfriend dude what are you talking stay away from Emily Emily why would I want anything to do with Emily right right when I'm with you man forget it I lost my head back yeah well try not to lose it again so are you trying to seriously no one wants in on your territory honey excuse me did you say something oh did you not hear me with your sluttiness too loud sounds like someone's bitter she didn't look cata it's all a big cattle call with that dreamboat that's real deep calling miss homecoming a cow ha they not gonna say hey you're making everyone come Jess tell us much Emily – frigid for you – that's uncool look whatever I don't give a crap I can't think more point Oh bitch on a roll suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job who needs grades when you've got all the natural advantages you can handle you couldn't buy a moldy little bread with your skanky ass oh my gosh they absolutely knew you father stop this is out of hand there's no reason to fight like this yeah and why you picking fights over your ex-boyfriend huh stop it this is not why we came up here this is not helping it's not what I wanted Mike why don't you check up against that right up the trail that's over so Josh get this fire going where's my bath huh my bag the the little bag with the pink pattern the one I got on Rodeo Matt are you are you listening oh my god don't you remember next to the Italian shoe place where I got the stilettos and you knocked over the rack while you were drooling all over that girl at the counter well I mean she was asking about my letter chair right because she gave a shit about your designer leather jacket why do you hate my mat I need my bag oh my god m-maybe you just forgot it back soon get buried for him okay Oh okay I'm gonna go cuz I'm ready go how far is this anyway this is Josh was flirting with me invite them up with us wait really what's a convict up Oh like we do because it well I am hey Hot Lips all right read my mind oh my god this is perfect we're like the cutest couple damn you should be modeling you keep that camera handy and maybe I'll let you start my portfolio expected to fuck a picture from a bootlegger salad not a lot of TLC for this place anymore Emily says dumbest she looks if she thinks she can cut in on what we got going on maybe if we're lucky she'll try to follow us out here and get eaten by them maybe ease up on her well not my problem my cat not yours either yeah how's it my fault understand what beat it you skank me yeah crack a dictionary bunch of biatch so now here are for Eastern power it's this thing that's juice didn't Josh see there was a generator I'm going Mongolia back I wish you can generate a little excitement about getting that freakin generator to work find the generator or what Oh what's the hole oh yeah what about what couples will explore under stall where y'all going hello home put your food get so fucked up feeling very gang yup your doors I like this you were like see my mama bacteria and this fuck madam mrs. legend in the medicine about the room for your heart it's basic yama niyama newly developing birthday Gregg because her vehicle Sam very good right yeah I bring that he's like yet you know website yet I am so psyched right now sure oh wait YUM I'm not I want a girlfriend oh god I think they'd clean it up well I never closed the investigation hey I'm getting the creeps now it's all such a bar we barely even remember what happened what I remember is that we played a stupid half-baked prank that probably got Hannah invest killed it's not our fault they ran a fish indeed non-vector how did you much thank you much listen already redcon unit hospitals are going to Goulet [Applause] but my belief and nothing but it's a nothing please die but God Cohen the goal let's move boys question are you the nose in the bandages in cages not DC but up there hang on lndu Iona stumbled on the slide big and you should we go in aa okay so because the couple went down oh hang up by repenting up a goddess now a logarithm of beliefs all right Jess there's a cart I think if you can push it you can get my hey hey my name is Troy no one is oh you're mr. Eko Jessica I can in a movie stopping with that was about money you know be a hero and jump down here to assist me and basically by the community by convocation I mean everything no potato Oh no more wrong with ending a map but I Kalani nandito Oh [Laughter] [Applause] now it's legitimate I it's like can turn around star you die ila ASMR for tired is Omaha's powerful item the most personal 70 decibels can save money using hey I love my 70 destiny Mira plan piyo yamada hakurei it's not weight down they send off a double some of the stuff I would classical again stiff Jessica Jessica died I give more thought and I am ohara can induce ed McDevitt qey my EJ go hakuna copy but I love it okay and unikitty while binoculars wait initially you want on it oh I like noggin was a lesson oh this posting says there's some brown bears up here sometimes Michael which what let's go but this is your none of motion no in noe No the typhoon was Sergeant Ashleigh Ashleigh today the family with Jessica Jessica died vulgus a photogenic a cinema and DVD in anastagi – didn't use fuckin euros we can repin and untie you like don't buy funny nah know they added anything they do the new bucket boonies you know we know pero no dialogue nobody no no you know I know but in my eyes yes well yes we're just one more Joshua do you have one in recoupment hello like a broom Hey no stress I'm about that Josh Moorhead this better than what more so more is better a divorce better they're sweet together I wish they'd just freakin get on with it I swear they just like something to bond over you know some sort of traumatic event to send them into each others arms so Josh do you enjoy a get jumbled and you just donut with a Yasha just talking about I just wanted to say really whatever you need whenever both of us I know move on but I'm coming this way vini son don't be afraid as in a window I never disappoint my cocoa thing but don't worry about when they look at your baseball bat Oh I was not scared no no jumped because it wanted to squeeze in some aerobics no no we we we we we we we we and we we we then I went to the solo home what awful community oh c'mon you sleep on my Luna did oh thank goodness yes this I need you I miss you seriously nothing I was like we're being a yes I do miss our you get your thank you you've been doing up in Akita but now and anything is the best policy even if it resulted in an unpleasant outcome or a friend now what about an honest in charity charity support the rated I suppose better to be true to yourself and to help others in need ah [Applause] Thank You Bryce thank you very soon it's your anniversary of the Trenton tragedy of Hanna that's why I'm not twins who are still missing did you say something oh did you not hear me with your sluttiness stop it Mike why don't you check out the guest cabin when I told you yeah

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