Poem by Mihai Eminescu (Romanian)

Hello everyone, how are you? Today I would
like to share with you one of Mihai Eminescu’s poems. I have a book that is a bilingual Romanian
and English edition. From this edition I’d like to read for you a poem called Singurătate.
In my room with lowered curtains, at my rugged desk I sit, and the glow of dying embers,
brings on me a thinking fit. Swarms and flocks of sweet illusions cross my mind. Above them
all memories like grigs are chirping, in some cracked and darkened wall; Or fall heavily
through sooting, crushing sadly on my mood, like the tapers slowly dripping, at the feet
of Jesus’ Rood. In the corner of my chamber, cobwebs are my only wealth, and among the
piles of volumes, mice run to and fro by stealth. In the sweetness of this quiet, To the lamp
I raise my looks, and I listen to their gnawing, at the covers of my books. Oh, how often have
I wanted, from my lute away to break: Thus the poetry enchanted, and the wasteland to
foresake; Then however, mice and crickets, lightly stepping all the time, bring me back
my melancholy, which soon changes into rhyme. When at moments, none too often, while the
candle says it’s late, my expectant heart is startled, if some hand unbolts the gate.
It is SHE. The empty cottage, all at once seems full and bright; In my life’s dark window
framing, she’s an icon of pure light. And I only rue that minutes, ruthlessly are flying
past, when I sit with my love cooing, hands and mouths pressed close and fast. So, that’s
all for the moment. I hope you liked the poem. We’ll see each other soon, right? Until next

20 thoughts on “Poem by Mihai Eminescu (Romanian)

  1. de verdad ! que increible ,
    me gustaria hacerte muchas preguntas ……
    simplemente impresionante 😀

  2. Felicidades unete a el grupo MENSA europe donde todos hablams al menos 7 lenguas.,, En que rabajas a que te dedicas ?
    Te podriamosd invitar este verano a europa a viajar un poco.

  3. Felicitari pt efort!
    Si eu m-am apucat o data sa invat spaniola dar neavand cu cine sa exersez nu am reusit

  4. I just am so amazed by you!! If you learned Serbian I would have to marry you! I am American born, my family language is Serbian & Polish but my passion is Spanish, with particular interest in the Mexican culture, following with Cuban culture. We would be a perfect match! I love you!

  5. Olá! Eu também gosto muito das línguas românicas! Me gustaría si podíamos conocernos uno al otro. Je crois que nous pouvons practiquer et parler de notre amour pour les langues romaines. Eu nu vorbesc limba catalană, dar pot să vorbesc în alte limbi. Penso che potremmo essere amici. И если ты хочешь, мы также можем практиковать русский язык 🙂 спасибо!

  6. Salut maxicanule ! Sunt un român și studiez limba spaniolă, hai să ne conectăm prin skype, eu te ajut să înveți limba română dar tu pe mine spaniola, ok ? 😉

  7. Hola! Soy rumano y estudio el español, querrías conectarnos por skype, eu te ayudo aprender el rumano pero tú español ? Ok ? 😉

  8. Que chido, lo pronuncias bastante bien :O Me puedes mandar un mensaje si quieres practicar mas 😉

  9. Bravo! Me encanta que sabes hablar romanian y que te gusta nuesta lengua. Tengo decir que soy de Romania y me gusta mucho espanol. Te deseo mucha suerte en vida. Good luck in all!

  10. Bravo ,pronunți foarte bine ! (Am si eu carte exact ca a ta) ține-o tot așa 😉👌👍

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