Poem called Body Of …by Jay Koch

He writes… “See the vein beneath the skin, blow it out again. Blue lines beneath the flesh, so pale, condemn it all to hell.
Feel the pink puckered scar tissue, the needle is an issue. Those marks linger as
punctuation marks, and they glow in the dark. Hear the blood as it’s flowing fast,
that heroin was a blast Highways of crimson crossed my heart, this dope has broken me apart. Touch the nerves that have frayed, my smile so
very dismayed. Pain shoots from bottom to top, please God make it stop. Believing that the mind knows it all your brain is the first to take the fall. Memories and thoughts move and flow so the past tends to go. My body has taken a real beating, my destruction keeps repeating. More than just bones can break, so much is at stake…” I believe you are all here today because you realize what’s at stake These are human lives.

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