POEM.(Christmas Vibes) ATwinkleofPensiveonFrogspringPath. #Poem #SpokenWord #PerformanceArt

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support! …And now…at this holly-jolly time of year—-a sugarplum of a poem for you: “A
Twinkle Of Pensive on Frogspring Path” Seated high on a snowy log / high-on-a-log /
so high that underneath it / a jolly gnome a jog… / Nearby / grow holly / berries– ripe and
bursting / with red / while their brethren (autumn leaves) / lay withered; quite dead…/
Sitting high / on a gnarled branch– / perched high on a pauper’s log / so high that
underneath it / A gnome / could / holly-jolly / jog ################# ~~Thanks so much for listening,
everyone! Check out my other videos and please feel free to connect with me on
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20 thoughts on “POEM.(Christmas Vibes) ATwinkleofPensiveonFrogspringPath. #Poem #SpokenWord #PerformanceArt

  1. Wow, so elf-tastic for the holidays! You look adorable, Gloria. Enjoyed the whimsical gnome jogging in nature in this subtle-poem-of-meaning. I remember you saying that you had planned to upload a Xmas-themed vid. So glad you did, dear 🙂

  2. Love the poem and the all the cheery red in your poetry reading! As you can tell, I love the color red 🙂

  3. Beautiful background of the peppermint candy & a lovely poem that makes the reader/viewer think. Great work on this video!

  4. OMG, sooooooo Christmassy, G. Hollyberries and gnomes. Love this so much! Effective rhyme in the poem that isn't heavy-handed or cloying; yessssssssssssss. Also, where did you get that cool glitter necklace on the jingle bell choker?! That is so LIT…like a Christmas tree (ha ha, couldn't resist a holiday pun). I need funky, bold jewelry like this for the Christmas party I was invited to around Dec. 22nd I think, gotta check my dayplanner…can't wait. Should be fun 😀 Catchyalater, Lady 😀

  5. 🙂 Friendly note: FrogSpring Path is an actual place in heavily-wooded Blackberry Heaven, my special nature-place…from childhood until now. The poem is based on my creative imaginings, musings, and sweet sprinkle of whimsy while sitting in the dead of winter, after a beautful snowfall on a high, large gnarled branch (covered with fluffy snow) near a vibrant red hollyberry shrub on my beloved FrogSpring Path 🙂 ~~~Enjoy!

  6. Yassssssssssss. Loving yr fab holiday look and the mystery elements of this poem. Oh, and I got yr pretty Xmas photocard today, Gloria!!! U and the Fam. look sooooooooo good. Hugz & snapz 2 u! Beauty==In==The==Burg, Umbra <3

  7. Got a pleasant surprise in the mail today! Your Christmas photocard! OMG, such a beautiful family & genuine joy on your faces. Love it, Lady <3

  8. AWESOMEness perfect for xmastime yr jingle bells & sparkly swirl necklace rock!!

  9. It's the HoHoHolidays! And I received your gorgeously radiant holiday photocard; thank you! U and the Fam. look wonderful–and so happy. That's the way it should be. Season's Best to you, Dear 🙂

  10. Also, the entire set-up in this vid is perfect–outfit, background (love peppermint candy), jewelry, and. of course, content! Showed it to Miranda & Corinne; they love it too 🙂

  11. Lastly, I wanna say that the Thumbnail Pic for this Xmas Vibes vid is warm & inviting 🙂

  12. Feliz Navidad! Glad to see u are doing well and still creating fine poetry videos that keep the attention. Enjoyed this festive video very much 🙂

  13. Lovely work, Gloria! 🙂 Such a merry look, and an enigmatic poem with a touch of magical realism, to me anyway. A well-done niche channel to be proud of.

  14. how did i miss this! duh sorry. well i cheked it out now in 2019. dead brethren and the mysterious gnome very COOL! my kinda poem any time of year really

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