Poem for the Rooftops of Iran: "Where is this Place" – June 19th, 2009

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35 thoughts on “Poem for the Rooftops of Iran: "Where is this Place" – June 19th, 2009

  1. no war with Iran. I wont fight in it. my relavites wont fight in it. FUCK YOU FOR MAKING US FIGHT IN IT.  you rightwing NSA bastards.

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  4. @seanlaca

    Lol, just saw this after 2 years. I voted for Obama. I gotta say, I'm not happy to see your predictions coming true.

  5. @rockWHORE – Please stop making shit up to get attention, she's alive and well, check the post "Still Chanting in Iran" on the Daily Dish, they spoke with her the other day.

  6. @rockWHORE – Please stop making shit up to get attention, she's alive and well, check the post "Still Chanting in Iran" on the Daily Dish, they spoke with her the other day.

  7. my friends in iran have said that they found this girl. and executed her .

  8. @nimrooo And people like you who think they know but are simply ignorant are no better

  9. @anandshah80 They've got it downloaded in their ipod and always listen to it more than their own language, blieve it or not. But I have to agree with you about the dance, I don't like it either, but you can't argue on our culture since we're from an ancient country with culture and history.
    It's good to learn how to respect your brothers and sisters, since we're all from one parents.

  10. @anandshah80 I feel sooo sorry for you, coz you see culture in music and dance?!!!! u're such a strange individual! and by the way, I'm persian byt I don't have even 1 iranian friend; they're all foreigners and trust me, all of them except my best friend LOVE persian music.

  11. "Faith" is what you have in things that don't exist. . There are only two kinds of religious people; THE DECEIVER and THE DECEIVED! Stop praying and do something about it.

  12. I too stand with these people as a Christian. I don't believe God intended for people to live under tyranny.

  13. this looks like a fake mossad/cia tape to me. where is the evidence???
    stop talking about god show evidence.

  14. @bryanguy1 thanks for supporting our movement for freedom, i think at this moment it is the real fight of a country for its freedom, thank you again

  15. Ok so what your basically saying is that Allah hears all the cries, sees all the beatings, rappings and killings, knows all the pain we're going through and yet dose nothing. I'm sorry but you can keep your promises of the afterlife paradise and hell are right here on earth and it's funny how most Muslim countries and more like hell

  16. This place is I ran and this place is America and this place is Africa and this place is Earth. This place is the World we are creating where we, the children of God live lost In our own nightmare. Hope to you sister my prayers and my love go to you. You are not alone.

  17. For all the abuses that this sites freedom of information and expression can fall prey to, and for all the sad celebrity culture that it encourages this, finally, is why YouTube must exist. A frightened human can talk to the world and be heard. She may be in Iran today but who knows? Maybe tomorrow it will be an American hiding in the night as their country goes mad. I cant do much to help this woman other than listen, and I think thats all she wants us to do.

  18. I heard this weeks ago, and thought I would never heard it again. I did not understand but understood the power and emotion behind the words. May god protect you.

  19. God bless you lady! We are with you every step of the way. We can not come to you physically but feel our spirit!!!!!

  20. I do not speak for them I blame them for what is done in there name
    9/11 mumbai madrid and many more
    there silence shows the support

  21. First of all who are you to speak on behalf of the nation of Islam. Those countries have tyrant leaders who have stolen the voice of the masses, just like Iran. Second, What is your point? Even if all of there is no support for Iran from Islamic countries, what does that say?

  22. Calling to God is good but where are your
    1.4 billion brothers and sisters in Islam.

    Why is most of the support protest from ouside of Islamic states.

    it pains me to tell you you brothers and sisters in Islam support the Twrant

  23. that was an amazing a beautiful poem. I pray you and your people may become a place where the crys of Allah are of praise and peace and your doors may be open always. 😀 I pray your stuggle goes as quickly and bloodlessly as possible. Hang in there!!!!!!! the Freedom is worth it!!!

  24. If the road to freedom is made difficult through silent marches alone, then these brave warrior people of the land of lovers and poets will achieve it through love and poetry…

    May the "Sea of Green" prevail over this dark web of tyranny!!!

  25. The intelligentsia from Iran (in our universities and think tanks) as well as the few protestors who have been able to speak to Western media from the streets of Tehran all agree that President Obama speaking out forcefully would add to their problems.

    So the question is: why do you all have a problem with it? Is is because he is trying something new and that frightens you or is it because of the pigment of his skin?

  26. This is why I did not vote for Obama, He is not a leader of the free world!

  27. Im so pissed at Obama for siding with Tyranny and not helping promote freedom. He has done nothing to send a distinct message. He will lend no hand. So worried about appeasing the dictators. Hear this girl Obama? She is telling you that the people want to be free, the people are rising, now is the time to bring liberty to these people who will fight by your side. Instead you watch them die in the streets. These people are weaponless and you allow them to be picked off like flies.

  28. USA and Obama are with you! do not let the comments from those who use your plight as a way to fuel their own politics in US.

  29. We are hearing your voices in Holland and pray for safety and justice for all people in Iran!

  30. The difference is no one died in 2000 in US because of the election. We are talking apples and oranges.

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