Poem I am more – Micaela Gonzalez

I am more I am more than just what people see of me I can think and I can plan for the future I can change the world just like you but not I’m different unique special full of ideas visions and abilities I’m more than what I wear where I live what I eat I’m more than my past I’m my present what I do and don’t do I can see you but I don’t know you just like you don’t know me Let me tell you I am more than today so are you we walk the same we breath the same we hear the same we blink the same but yet, we’re not the same we’re from parallel worlds you’re there I’m here I’m more than just my words I’m more than my books I feel I perceive I analize I test I approve, I disapprove I smile I laugh each second in my world counts but sometimes I’m not here I’m more than the clouds in the sky when they’re there I’m full of surprises just like them I have different angles just like them I’m a play but without an audience I’m the drama and the comedy I’m the inspiration not knowing who’s being inspired I’m more than the music I’m the dance I’m the movement the jump the slide the end while in the mirror and while out of the mirror I’m more than the questions I’m the answers the relief when a problem is solved sometimes I am the problem but you don’t know you don’t need to know because my own light solves everything at the end I have many ends and many beginnings you can talk to me but never find me I never stay in one place I travel in the wind and sometimes in your eyes I’m more than the clock because it doesn’t tell my actual time I’m far from it in time and in dreams I’m more than just sleeping I’m the resting I leave I go where no one is and then I return but you don’t know there’s so many things that I want to tell you but there’s so many points of view and so many views that don’t make any point and I’m more than the conversation so I’m the silence I’m the invisible that yells for space but you don’t listen because I don’t say I don’t speak and here we are combining our worlds I see you you smile I smile but you don’t know me I am more

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