Poem on Old Best Friend :-)

Hey! Dear Old Best Friend Today I saw someone from the back tall, fair, robust & somewhat fat as you I wanted to utter your name, but the voice cracked! But suddenly the person looked back
& strangely it was you out of the blue!! I wanted to rush towards you
beat you and yell at you “Kahan mar gaya tha tu??” But slowly I walked towards you & very firmly asked
“Hey! How are you?” You know something strange was there… Deep down my heart I wanted to tell you
how much I missed you But I ended up with tears
just giving you a clue Indeed I asked you with a genial that was gone
“So buddy! hows life going on??” And trust me I wanted to give you a hitting
when you falsely claimed,
“Oh! its AWESOME, I’m just chilling!” But I looked at you with a fake smile
& said, “I’m happy for you” in an awkward style You know naa, something strange was there! I wanted to tease you with the name that screw
But wait..
“Do you even remember the party which is still due?” Oh yes, I wanted to tell you the truth
when you asked me if the life was going smooth But surely something strange was there! I wanted to ask you if you remember once we were partners in crime But soon, I realised it was just a matter of time !! FLASHBACK !! Sunday Morning..Friendship Day..Friendship Bands Pinky Promises..Soul Siblings..Slambook Filling Long Calls..Endless Talks..Greedy Gluttons Deadly Devils..Leg Pulling..Pen Fighting Best Buddies..Group Studies..Punishment Partners Crime Partners Shhhh…..STOP
Breathe In…
Breathe Out… Dear Memories,
it was just a past
Now, I think we’ve moved on so much fast Yes, when you asked me with whom
now I feel in state of bliss, I wanted to tell you,
“Still there is someone whom I miss!” But I lied and said,
“Don’t you even know now it’s a trend, to have no one as a best friend!” But honestly, when you said,
“Hey! we’ll meet again soon” “You’re still such a liar said my inner goon!” You know..
Something strange was there! Now when I think, Might be that absurd distance was strange Or
May be that unusual formality was strange Or
May be that heaviness of lie over lie was strange Or
That BYE again for a long time was strange But surely
The change from “is my best friend” to
“my old best friend” was STRANGE But trust me…
Something was strange SOMETHING WAS STRANGE!

13 thoughts on “Poem on Old Best Friend :-)

  1. "Do you even remember the party which is still due?" that line stuck with me for some reason. I loved the way you performed this piece and the energy with which you did. Well done.

  2. superb…… Ritika di. It was just PERFECT. Keep making such more wonderful videos.

  3. When u r uploading the next one??? Can't wait for ur next amazing video…👍✌

  4. Superb i hope when we both write any poem or some emotional words it will be change the minds of people

    My dear old friend #awsome #fantastic I

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