Poem on Patriotism (We’re Indians 1st) English poem recitation ‘For Republic day – Independence day”

Hi everyone, today I’m going to present a
poem of my favorite genre that is patriotism the title of the poem is “we
all are Indians first” by dr. Prashant Bhatt for the lyrics of the poem, you can
check the i button or the description down below. so here goes the poem… History is our witness, and martyrs are the gods we are disciples of gurus,
this land is saints’ abode compassion is our heritage, in humanity do we trust neither Hindu nor Muslim, we all are Indians first diversity is our culture
and unity is our strength we strive for peace of world, but are cautious of defense challenger of our sovereignty, for sure would bite the dust neither Kannad nor Oriya,
we all are Indians first perseverance is our ethos, and diligence
is our means we pledge to usher in dawn, our ancestors saw in dreams we ain’t shy of hard work, for us rest is rust neither Tamil nor Sindhi, we all are Indians
first we all are Indians first I hope you liked the video, and if you really
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