Poem Portraits: Poems generated with machine learning by Es Devlin

the summer party is our annual gala and it's really the gala that generates the most excitement and resource for us to be able to welcome one and a half million visitors a year for free thinking and free art at the Google arts and culture lab we bring artists and tech communities together and this was a great opportunity for us to bring together SD flame with creative technologist Ross Goodwin she was a collaborator of Google Apps and culture I went in for a meeting at a serpentine gallery I just said well what is this party what could it be what is it Pan's Alric replied you could call it a social sculpture we thought it would be wonderful to celebrate some poetry but also think about what could happen collectively so that everybody who comes to the party contributes and at the end you have a kind of a collective brass handle Rick and Janna peal introduced me to Google arts and culture laughs who were able to take some of these ideas forward with me as had conceived the idea for poem portraits but she had a question in terms of how could we automatically generate a poem which evolves throughout the evening and she was interested in exploring machine learning as part of this actually I was shocked that when I asked the question how will we make this machine the immediate answer but we know who's making one right now do you think we should double it the machine learning samithy pair is brought together artists and engineers and I think it's very important poets are still thinking a lot about methods to do poems and I think here with this technology in this collaboration between you know the serpentine and as Devlin and Google it is possible to do this collective poem what I'm hoping we will be left with this evening is a trace of words that people gave and the trace of what this machine I gave you a word you turn my word into a poem you flash that poem on my face then you turned those digital pieces of information into printed matter and you gave me a piece of printer paper usually I thought like this might not immediately come to fruition what I need from technologies is ways to achieve it and ways to take it further this is very fast which is also how I work Arts and Technology have an intrinsic relationship and it's exciting to explore new ways in which artists are working where is she learning I think we need experiments in art and technology we need to be bridges and in a way I also go beyond the fear of pooling knowledge

3 thoughts on “Poem Portraits: Poems generated with machine learning by Es Devlin

  1. Was JP BALPE invited ? Projection of generated poems was his idea, well seems to me …

  2. I would love a portrait poem of the following:

    Cut me down, poison me with lies
    But, STILL I RISE … bigger and stronger
    For I am your medicine, your healer …
    Listen to nature, and lets rise together!

    The above poem is about the medical plant Japanese Knotweed. Sadly, our education system and media does not promote it's true value. Instead tax payers money is wasted on using toxic poisons to destroy this plant, which is bad for our health and environment.

    I hope people will educate themselves with Google to find out the truth about Japanese Knotweed (Trans Resveratrol) and it's many medical patents:


    And it would be refreshing if people came together to think outside the box to create and promote Green Electricity:

    In the UK many people are anti Home Education, because they know nothing about it. I would like to thank Google for Google Classroom and promote it! If we work together as a team we can create a wonderful world. Russia promotes family life, and unlike the UK Government, it is not anti Home Education! Home Ed puts children and family first, now that is a world to be proud of!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-NUHIqmgUI&list=PLu4Zo9fB5MNe8xR8CLRFSQ-urdTjxlqeW

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