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On trial about to be life sentenced…but
you cried out “no!” Let me serve her time, let me bear her blows. Couldn’t change my ways, too blind to see I even should but you
wanted me when no one else did fighting for me like no one else could. Justifying me with your own perfect blood
drinking God’s rightful wrath against my sin, no glory be to us but all glory
be to him To Him who loved us, and has freed us from our sins by his blood To Him who was, and is, and is to come,
His words are sharp two-edged sword, He died and yet behold He is alive forevermore.
He’s the first and the last the living One, whose face shines like
the strength of the Sun and what He shuts no one can open, the
very beginning, firstborn over all Creation. The Amen, the bright and Morning Star, He who searches the mind and the heart.
His eyes are flames of fire his feet burning bronze, and on Him rest the seven
spirits of God. The Faithful Witness, the firstborn from the dead, the ruler of the kings of the earth, the beginning and the end The Son of God, the Lamb that has been slain, the holy and true one, Jesus is His name. Jesus, the man with no lust, no pride, who judges not by what He sees with His eyes, and deceit was never found in his mouth yet
He’s the one we’re still talking about and Jesus being God didn’t soak up His
wealth, He took up a cross and emptied Himself He said come to me if you want true life,
that He alone can satisfy, He said He’s living water, True Bread, the
only Source, he said I died, yet behold…I am alive
forevermore! Thank you guys so much for watchin, I
hope you liked the poem and yeah I just got inspired when I was reading
revelation all the names of Jesus you know names are so powerful and in
Revelation Jesus is called so many things and so I was like I always want
to write them all down and put it together so hope you like the poem and
hope you like and subscribe thank you so much okay yeah there’s only one found
word there’s only one took in the break its seals and open it I mean right quick
getting down used to be fun

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  1. What you said at the end reminded me of this song:

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