Poem Tome: On Life, and the Inability to Endure

On Life, And the inability to endure Mr. Melancholy was a miserable young man So he thought awhile about it and decided on a plan. Twould be better I do think to give myself to numbness for I concede this world contains a little much too muchness If I’m to thrive, or just survive life’s ponderous duration this altogether awful and unfounded fabrication if I’m to be instead of been I fear I must surrender and live aside myself in certain simple stoic splendor How puzzling a stratagem how curious how quaint to simply redesign oneself through nothing but restraint But I suppose the sense of it cannot be simply spoken a solid scheme of separateness to benefit the broken And so to stand in such a way, I see as advantageous Escape both tedium and toil, bereft of heart courageous give thyself to hopelessness and solace in succession Should answer prove impossible then make no further question No longer shall I struggle on enslaved by expectation instead I seek to simplify succumb to sweet stagnation the trouble though and here it is does lie in the solution altering perception often leads to much confusion Fact and fiction start to merge as apathy entwines, but Mr. Melancholy is okay and feeling fine Yes, everything is perfect now, and if you ask you’ll find that Mr. Melancholy’s always absolutely fine

100 thoughts on “Poem Tome: On Life, and the Inability to Endure

  1. You guys like the new Poem Tome look?

    More Poem Tome:

  2. So Mr.Melancholy is no longer hopeful and instead escaped the horrid struggle of existance by not caring. You guys are great at storytelling.

  3. Astoundingly wonderful alliteration throughout the poem! I applaud you, Nevercake! 🙂

  4. Your skills continue to improve upon what is already great.
    When is your next poem out? I can't positively wait.

  5. Goddammit. I need to check out a dictionary from the library and rewatch this. Im not letting this rhythmic beauty go over my head.

  6. He had to numb his thoughts to stop suffering from life and through that change of perspective dude went crazy, he achieved stupor but became insane in the process god damn this is fucked. Love it.

  7. "Should answer prove impossible then make no further question." I loved that line. This was an amazing poem and the visuals were nothing short of stunning. This motivated me as a poet to do better. Well done. Keep dropping these amazing videos.

  8. Hey Nevercake, It's nice to watch you again
    But I am afraid, the meaning of this poem
    Is something that I just cannot comprehend.

    Maybe it's just because I am dumb, or ignorant
    Or maybe because I'm still young, and cannot understand
    These words that flow right out of your mouth
    Are beautiful in its own way
    But to me they are meaningless
    Just like the points
    Of our lives of everyday

    (Trying to keep up with the dark theme here)

  9. From my experience I can guarantee 100% the best channels are the small channels (under 800k-1mil usually) and this is one of them

  10. This poem is an incredible representation of the struggle one endures in order to continue living when faced with suicide. One solution that is also my method of coping is to give in to the hopelessness and nihilism and embrace it. Absurdism and pointlessness are not the cause of depression, but the cure…

  11. watched this like 20 times and i am trying to imitate your voice
    ill tell you if i get it down

  12. “I can’t see
    I don’t feel
    I can’t touch
    I don’t kneel”

    -Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), 1996

    (Pardon the comment spam, I’m just full of band quotes on this topic)

  13. I freaking love this one! I did this when I was younger, by did I do not mean that I ever stopped, hence why I find this so amusing LOLZ!

  14. Very interesting. Have watched it multiple times now and still didn't understand every word 🙂
    May I ask what program you used to make this video? Looks incredible!

  15. why do i feel like this could be the intro for a video game
    a good one at that

  16. i kinda want a Mr. Meloncholy sticker for my car :U
    im digging this channel.

  17. Life is thy which comes again round and round with a bin when you die you go a place just remember to not disgrace.

  18. sorry uhm… I am new here. Nevercake your voice is so awesome. I love it so much. hahahahahha.

  19. I honestly thought this was some famous poem I had never heard of, the words of tortured geniuses of history reaching my ears in a time long after their passing, and listened to it on loop for an eternity. When I realized it was completely original… christ, this was creative, new, atypical, iconic, both historical and current, offering input into the often contemplated question lying within the soul of man. I'm disappointed this isn't in print tbh

  20. i'm french and i do like poetry, but i didn't undesrtand a single sentance so i do feel like a huge piece of garbage comming from inutility uterus itself

  21. I love your voice so much, that I want to voice act as you for Halloween

  22. Nevercake make a tutorial on how to write a poem!!!! Plz plz
    I love ur poems plz share the wisdom

  23. Is this about depression? I think this is about depression guys

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