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gonna read my original poem entitled, TULSI. Regal / eagle feathers / tucked into
humble halo of hibiscus / golden-yellow (xanthous) radiance /and composed volcano of
valor / ready to erupt (judiciously) / her intentional flow–strength and hope for
All / …steel magnolia for the Oval Office flowering rootbloom of Truth / in the
quest / for positive change and transformative progress…comes full
circle. **ICON of Integrity!** … Icon of Integrity / THIS is the triumph of Tulsi. Thanks for listening, everyone! Check out
my other videos, connect with me on social media, and Until Next Time:
Poetry Blooms Eternal 🙂

29 thoughts on “POEM.TULSI:HerTorchBurnsBright.Gloria Wimberley #WhyTulsi #SheServes #TULSI2020 #IconOfIntegrity

  1. YASSSSSSS! Get it gurl. This poem about Tulsi is tight! True Dat. She's truly a no-BS candidate to believe in. Beauty =In=The='Burgh, Umbra <3

  2. Oustanding poem. Appealing video. The content of this literary device-laced poem is oh-so-true…Tulsi is a breath of fresh air in the political arena, hence her being noticed more and more as time goes by. The persuasive 'Tulsi Torches Kamala…' video has surpassed 1 Million Views; quite an accomplishment! All the best to her in the coming months.

  3. La verdad es verdad! [[ truth is truth]] gran trabajo hoy [[great job today]]

  4. damn straight!! as a soldier myself i sure do hear what Tulsi is sayin loud and clear little lady. hell yeah this vid KICKS ASS!

  5. OMG i am shook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this message is so LIT Tulsi is legit the Real Deal ****awesome vid

  6. ~~~Wow, thanks, everyone for the amazingly kind comments and likes!! I strongly believe in Tulsi, and hope that my humble vid contributes to spreading the word about her; she is genuinely an Icon of Integrity that our beleaguered country needs. Now. ~~All the best 2 u all 🙂

  7. ~~~A short time ago, I subscribed to Tulsi's YouTube channel ( after the First Debate) when she only had 47,000 subscribers…she now has 81,000+ subscribers!! Countless others believer in her message of integrity also, apparently. Yessssssssssssssssssssss! 🙂

  8. ~~~On a diff. subject, my current jam is "Run the Road" by SANTIGOLD—from the EUPHORIA soundtrack!! **Euphoria…adore Zendaya & Hunter Schafer
    🙂 …I put this song into my Liked Videos Playlist several times, so I could listen to the song for at least 20 minutes straight…
    Yes, Euphoria brought me here 🙂 <3 <3 🙂

  9. Superb artistry! Your precise wording, clever symbolism to capture the many admirable character traits of Tulsi Gabbard, and tone in this well-crafted poem are sincere, and pulsing with positivity. Kudos and smiles to you on another worthwhile vid!

  10. THISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! This vid is *C O O L AF & im here for it!!

  11. Dear, this is such a beautiful poem! Filled with powerful symbols and images. U R soooooo talented! It's not fair how much writing talent you have. Visceral vid that is such a perfect tribute to Tulsi and her noble goals. Wow, hope she makes the 3rd debate! And hope she is not screwed over by alleged "low polls."

  12. Also, I LOVE the stunning and eye-catching thumbnail pic to this vid!! I recognize it from LinkedIn, lady…so pretty & u have a smile of mystery on your face 🙂

  13. Awesomeness on your unique channel again!! A gazillion thumbs up for this vid 🙂

  14. Petition to the DNC to get Tulsi in the next round of debates .

    We the voters ask that you include polls from the Economist, Emerson and Suffolk for the September and October DNC debates. Since the end of the July debates, only a handful of polls have been released, far fewer than what was previously being released. We ask that these polls be included so Secretary Julian Castro and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard be included in the debates. https://www.change.org/p/democratic-national-committee-include-economist-emerson-suffolk-polls-for-dnc-debates?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_17263088_en-US%3Av1&recruiter=648368141&recruited_by_id=2dbad660-bc00-11e6-b6f5-6db04aeab32e&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_message&utm_term=share_petition&share_bandit_exp=message-17263088-en-US&share_bandit_var=v3

  15. Perfect poem to praise Tulsi! Your literary devices are powerful and so accurate…and the yellow hibiscus for Hawaii's state flower–NICE! Gorgeous imagery throughout. Kudos, Lady! <3

  16. Oh wow, I just noticed the one downvote…no worries though. Politics seems to bring out the worst in people. Regardless, this vid is a victory, anyway…for all the right reasons! #TULSI2020 🙂

  17. ~~~Woohoooo!! 400 views of this video as of today, 8.19.19!!!!!!!!!! 😀 and 🙂 and 🙂

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